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Фізіологія і psychological psychology - Krushelnitska Ya.V.


2.1. Zagalnі vіdomostі about budova nervous system and people

Physiological system. Put the physiological systems

Usi funktsii human organizmu - rukhova dyalnist, robot internal organs, tissue processes are regulated by the nervous system. The result of physiological brain activity is mental psychology, rozumova robot.

Nervous system (yak i sertsevo-sudinna, m'yazova, dichalnaya i. T. Іn.) Є physiological system. The physical system is the basis for the complete organization of the management of living structures and elements, which are characterized by singing powers and functions, which are visible in their structures and elements. Functionality of the system is characterized by the outbreaks of the main functional authorities of Russia, which are specific reactions.

Budova nervous system and people

The nervous system of people is a more complex assertion and a vikon of rіznomanіtnі functions. There are two great vіddіlіv out of stock:

  • central nervous system (CNS), including the head and spinal cord;
  • of the peripheral nervous system, which can be stored from the nerve fibers, which can be seen in the brain and spinal cord. Climbing bunches of pulmonary combs, nerve fibers, uproot nerves, like sounding the brain and spinal cord with all organs and organ systems.

The central nervous system regulates all processes, which are obligatory in organisms, more securely indivisible when you preoccupy them until they become more intelligent; spraymaє infusion on the organism of the rare teasers, health analysis and synthesis and form of the nervous nervous impulses to the working organs; viznacha behavior of people, її interaction with a permanent zmіnyuvanim zovnіshnіm sulfur-davische.

For the functions of the nervous system, it is somatic and vegetative. The nervous system is somatic, the supporting-rukhovy apparatus and all organisms are sensitive, and the nervous system is regulating the process of exchanging speech and the work of all internal organs (heart, nirok, legin and ing.).

The spinal cord of venom in the spinal canal. I have to distribute serovychu novyu, yakіy transpose nerves klіtini ryznogo rozmіru that form, і bіlu speach, approved by neuron nevіvvinu 1 m and more. From the spinal cord to enter 31 pairs of small nerves, with their thin thin stitches to cover all parts of the body.

The cerebrum is unoccupied with the empty skull and avenging the cerebral stubbour at the warehouse of the medulla oblongata, middle, middle cerebral moth, and the anterior, but great, cerebrum, divided into two parts.

Stovbur to the brain above the top of the pokritiy with a white rechina, and the silver reverb all the time I’ll assimilate the nucleus, I can see 12 pairs of cranial nerves. In the case of the serovy cerebral stovbur, dichyles, hearts, foreskin-centrei are located, as well as centric, yaki regulate the speed of m'yaz_v, exchange of rechovin, perspiration. The cerebellum of the functions of the coordination, regulation of the speed of the internal organs. In the central part of the stovbur, the brain has a reticular shape; the formation of the forensic eye is often approved, so it is called nonspecific. Appointment Ії - for the additional impulse to regulate the excitability of the central nervous system (pіdvishchuvati abo prignichuvati).

Great brain volume also develops from a wide range of speech. Bіla rechovina is covered with nerve fibers and is all-encompassed. Syra rechina is stored from the nerves of the neck and the head, it is seen from above and the cortex of the brain. The measles fellow is 2-3 mm, with 15-18 billion nerve clits, 140 billion of minor elements and 1000 billion of neurons.

Glossy - for the benefit of clarity, in order to support the nervous clits, to enjoy the function of living and to preserve the reserve energetic speech. Periodically, enter the із depot and go up to the nervous clitin.

Nervous clits of measles of the brain for the benefit of the second call of marriage are those of nervous clits that are seen in the open hands of the body.

The cerebral cortex ищ we look for the central nervous system and the function of the lower nervous system. I won’t forget about the organization and the middle way, regulate and control all the functions of the organization.

The centers of regulation of functional functions are localized in the singing zones of measles. Sensory, motor and asocial zones. Sensory zones are the brain of the organs of the organs of the organs of chuttiv (zoraic, auditory, painful, etc.). The motorized measles zones control the ruins.

Sensory and motor zones occupy a small part of the surface measles. The main part of the country is an associative zone, which is one of the most important spheres of measles. The activity of the associative zones lies at the base of the other mental functions - memory, logical logic, reality, goal.