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Фізіологія і psychological psychology - Krushelnitska Ya.V.

4.3. Law of function of the dichalic system of people in the process of practice

Dyhannya that yogo main indicators

Pіdtrimannya in the organism of optimal rivia of oxidatively-vіdnovlyuvalnyh processes to be secured by the system of dihana. The essence of the dysfunction of polyagine is in the permanent onion gas storage of blood and the biological oxidation in tissues.

Dyhannya - the whole cost of folding processes, which is due to the fact that the organisms are kisnyu and kind of carbonic gas. Razrіznyayut zovnіshnє that internal (fabric) dyhannya. Zovnіshnє dykhannya - the whole exchange is repeated between the middle ages and the legeneve alveoli. Internal breathing - a coexistence of klitsinu kisnyu and seeing them in carbonic gas.

I’m satisfied that you consume the right amount of energy for the sake of the day and night for the energetic exchange of hours and the extra charge for taking into account the complete system.

Zbіlshennya gazobomіnu we can help you zadryadnya such indicators in the robots of the dichalon system, such as the frequency and the glybin of the dichyllus ruchiv, legeneva ventsіya, oddity victorina kisnyu.

Legenevka ventilation - all of which is repeated, in order to pass through the legends for one hour (one hvilin). Vaughn to lie down in the form of a frequency of dikhan and one volume of one breath (the strength is repeated, the yak lyudin is breathless).

The dichalnoe volume at the station will calm me to become 300-500 ml, and the frequency of dikhan is 12-18 for one twig. Thus, legeneva ventilating, but the chivalrous volume of dyhannya, dorіvnyuє 5-8 liters repeat. For an hour, the robots of the most vivid volume of the sound are for the frequency of the frequency and the volume of the vocal volume. Ongoing to take care of the junk of backup reserve for two, so that as much as possible, I can breathe quietly for some rest. The reserve volume of breath is to become 1500-2000 ml.

It is possible to lay down the dichalous about to lie in the form of life. Remaining characterized by the maximum number of times, the yaku can see them with maximum breath. Zhittva єmkіst legen for young people to become 3.5-4.8 liters, for women - 3-5-3 liters. In trenovanih people tsi indicators significantly higher - 5-7 liters. At the hour of myalobiality, the glybin of the dihany, as a rule, I do not overwhelm 30-40% of the life capacity.

With significant tongue-and-groove strains, the frequency of dying can reach 50 and more for hvilin, and about one and a half - 2–2.5 liters. Otzhe, chvilinny ob'єm dyhannya zrostaє up to 120-160 liters. Proteas in most people at half hour of the robots of legenev ventilation do not overwhelm 100 l / hv. The previous physicologists Bulo installed, scho mzhzh middle middle clay Dyhan and the energy of the vitality of the holy age. Behind the frequency indicator of the spirit of a practitioner in the process of practice, it is possible to calculate the vitrati energy for hvilin, kcal [4]:

E = 0.198 ng - 3.06,

de ng - frequency dyhan for hvilin.

For an hour of intensive meat-working robots, the number of days is up to 4–8% versus 3–4% at the station I’m calm. With local robots there is no reason to stand up. Depends on the importance of the robot, the live acidity can be up to 1-3 l / hv against 150-300 ml / hv at the station.

May you also keep the rhythm of the breath in the process. So, the maximum short-term zusilla will go around for the eclipses of dyhan. When there are light lungs, you can’t stand up for the win-win, as long as the robot is especially accurate, it’s foldable and ideal. The analogous processes are encouraged to work with the vicarious rosum robots, as well as full respect.

As a robot, it’s important for people, then you can find a rookie at the dyhanny, a kind of sub'ktivnuyu to yam like a bastard, the broken rhythm of the dykhalnykh rukhіv. As a rule, such appearances can be encouraged by people with a low level of respect, who should take into account the need for professional interviews for such robots for indicators of strength and vitality.

Falling into place with the right ventilation and reserving the sour for one hvilya in the process of prazіti see the sixth group of work for the most important importance (table. 4.2).

Table 4.2


Riven important robots

Legeneva ventilation, l / hv

Kisnyu living, l / hv

Energy costs, kcal / hv


10 ... 20

0.5 ... 1.0

2,5 ... 5


20 ... 35

1,0 ... 1,5

5 ... 7.5


35 ... 50

1,5 ... 2,0

7.5 ... 10

Dooh Vazhka

50 ... 65

2.0 ... 2.5

10 ... 12.5

Supernaturally important

65 ... 85

2.5 ... 3.0

12.5 ... 15.0


Ponad 85

Ponad 3.0

Ponad 15.0