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Фізіологія і psychological psychology - Krushelnitska Ya.V.

See the little thing

There are three types of artwork: visual-visual, visual-figurative and verbal-logical.

On the other hand, at least sensorimotor, the idea is the simplest form of the idea, with some kind of analysis and synthesis, you will have to communicate with practical ones. So, when I’m doing viral work, I’m working on reception, I’m working on a practical analysis, and I’m working on everything in a room and details, I’m realizing practical synthesis, which is clear when I’ve got a thought.

The graphic imagery is characterized by tim, whereas the rosemic zavdannya is based on the figurative material. Pracivnik analizu є porvnyuє, г zagalnyє і separate image of objects and appearances, to present them with earlier information. For example, an operator of a form є announcement about a real situation on the basis of accepted and decoded information.

Verbal-logical , but understandable meanings, the process of visualization is called for in human beings of natural sounds and objects and objects and materials of obscene materiality. Understand the misery - it is necessary umova i zmіst any creative rosumova pracі.

In practical dyalnosti people, all see the artwork implicitly, to move one by one in one at the same time with the most significant zavdan.

It is especially significant in the process of practical work that is more operative, more like that, more practical work, moreover, more control and more work, as a result, more work is done, more work is needed.

In the process of praising human beings to be profiled with professional understandings, so that in it a professional warehouse will be formed.

Professionally miscellaneous - fully integrated. Dear students, professional professions. High level of profesionalism of the practitioner of teaching with theoretical, creative art and excuse with practical intellect.

The active process of the integration of the right form of knowledge, the direct knowledge of the process, the identification of new, original ways to solve the problems is more challenging.

For the minds of the transition to market economy by the form of image of economic and economic integrity, it is due to the understanding of people of economical processes and appearances, of which they are understood in economically and economically.

Іindividualnі special features


The middle of the brine of rosum is seen: clay, latitude, nullity, criticality, self-identity, specificity, finality, the thought of a thought.

Glibin rosum is characterized by an insight into the essence of the problem and by all means looking at it, revealing the reasons, transferring the evidence of evidence and deed.

The breadth of the rosum manifests itself at the time of widespread supply of food, creativity and creativity in the winter gallows of knowledge.

The deafness of the rosum is due to the fact that the methods of solving the problems fall into concrete minds.

Criticalism of the rosum - that is, not pidadati pid pryvliv someone else’s thoughts, but correctly assess their strong and weak sides, as well as their own cards and dіy.

Self- confidence of the rosum manifests itself in the hands of the most problematic and viral.

Concreteness to the rosum means that it’s not only the whole problem that is saved, but the viocremit in the most important sutté.

The last thought is that you should take it right and get a good idea.

Sufficiency of rozumovyh health needs, so as to protect people, you can choose the right to be called an intellect. Intelligence is rationally rational, discreetly secreted, secured by the sphere of labor, permits people to adapt to a random middleware.