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Фізіологія і psychological psychology - Krushelnitska Ya.V.

Rozdil 6 Psychological powers and special features, their development and manifestation At work

6.1. Features and structure

Basic theory and theory

Rinkovka re-imagining in Ukraine is actively associated with activating the activities, improving the skin and people’s own peculiarities, formulating them with such labor concepts, and providing them with a better opportunity. Increased knowledge, professional qualifications, professional mobility, development of special features with important minds of economic and social progress of suspension.

Particularity of the property - as a whole, as a whole, a separate building and a wide collection of all specific conditions. In the process of realizing the zavdan, there is a need to develop healthy people, to build up creative potential and to be able to staging and develop new zavdan. The Constitution provides for the protection of human rights and freedoms, economic re-creation in Ukraine, and factors in the formation of a new type of specialty, interest in progressive development of suspension, the results of their active work, and active livelihood. Organizations of labor activities on a regular basis are guilty of basing on the responsibility not of the higher authorities of the public, but of the general structure of their particularities.

Particularity is a folding phenomenon, which is simpler to show the appearance of a great number of signs of understanding and even greater specificity. The main attributes of particularity are to become involved in rice, meat, power and form of behavior. At my own house, behavioral patterns are manifested in relation to the internal sub-active-psychological authorities of particularities and external factors - social relations, special situations, in particular interruptions. Such a piddid to particularities of implementation in interactive theories. In view of them, psychodynamic theories explain the behavior of particular psychological characteristics, and social dynamics - the main determinant of behavior to engage in situations.

There are also dynamic and structural theories. The basis of dynamic theories is to establish the principle of wintering, development of particularities, and structural theories to describe the specificity of the look of the newly-formed internal psychological authorities.

Psychodynamic and interactive theories developed in line with humanistic psychology. Representatives of the boolean American psychologists G. Allport, W. Meishel, C. Rogers, A. Maslow and In. Zokrem, G. Allport on the cob of the twentieth century, calling the foundation of the theory of specialties, the title “theory of rice”, and the procedure of experimental vivchenny factors, abo rice, especially the quality of R. Kettell (16 - Factor contagion for the recognition of 16 factors in particular, which characterize the structure).

It is evident from G. Olport’s signatures that specialty is indivisibly unique; the psychophysiological systems are more special; rice is peculiar; G. Allport respecting the specialty of the system, the development of some kind of interaction with the last people, and the specialty of the form of special features.

U. Meishel having broken down the concept, apparently with some special factors, I can immediately recognize the behavior of people, є:

  • health self-reliably independent situation;
  • cognitive strategies - ways to learn and assess the situation, the vibration of the forms of behavior in it;
  • ochukuvannya - an assessment of the most possible quiet deeds of a given situation;
  • values ​​- those that are important for people and sense;
  • plan for behavior and methods of subregional regulation.

C. Rogers, having come out of the fact that he has skin and skin before self-examination and maximum health. Vaughn herself is the visitor of the life and values ​​of life, the prospect of a lush development; on the basis of a formed I-Concept for assessing the behavior of people and spirits of their people.

The main characteristic feature of A. Maslow is that he praises himself to self-actualization , self- expression, self-thoroughness. For people I need self-actualization, at first thought, the characteristics included in the work, the help is the right to realize the most valuable values, so that I can live my life with important needs. Self-actualization of the transfer of support in power, manifestation in the individuality of independent and independent thoughts of the main life problems. Self-actualization looks like a process of constant development and practical realization of special abilities, first of all, in the sphere of labor activity.

Humanistic theories of particularities are intertwined with theoretical concepts of specialties, fragmented by such visible considerations as Yak L. S. Vigotsky, O. M. Leontyev, S. L. Rubinstein, B. G. Ananyev, G. S. Kostyuk, K. K. Platonov that іn. [22].

So, L. S. Vigotsky has been divided into cultural and historical theory of developing psychics of people and formulating the law of developing special features. The basis of special features L. S. Vigotsky having respected self-development and the special character of psychological processes.

S. L. Rubinstein, having examined the specialty on the basis of the principles of maturity and individuality and sociality. Vlasna special powers of the world, having honored you, mean that you mean meaningful behavior and humanity. The main ones are и motives and zavdannya, how to put ludin, and also draw character and health, which can zoom in on the image of the suspension of cinnamon dyalnost. To the thought of L. S. Rubinstein, specialty is a real individ, alive, dude lyudin, yak є noseіm suspension іdnіsin.

In the theory of O. M. Leontyev’s specialties, it’s special to characterize people’s mental processes and to understand how they work.

To the thought of B. G. Anan'ev, specialty is the whole suspension, the object and sub-process of historical process, the product of the lively people’s hat. In the structure of special features, there is a mutual interplay between social, social and psychological and psychophysical characteristics.

It is based on the concept of the Ukrainian psychologist G. S. Kostyuk, an indi vidual suspension, especially on the basis of the fact that it is shaped by a person’s independence, a system of mental powers, a functioning function, The social and social day of life is realized by sub-active mental illnesses. Psychological powers and specialties are interrupted by folding deposits and interconnections due to customs duties. Yakostі singularities in the process of learning to recognize and become components of the structure of specialties, that is, the dynamic and dynamic system of mental power.

From now on, understanding "specialty" includes a characteristic of people with a position of сусп сусп пров сусп сусп д д д я ост і і тих тих тих тих пров пров мотив мотив мотив мотив мотив у у у у у у.

Specialty - all human beings, such as submission, experience, experience, and active re-creation of self-interest. The essence of the special features is to identify the shutters up to the private suite, suspension boot, the last people and oneself. By the way of the special features of the development, and the fact that the number of employees is an important factor is the entire development. Tse means, especially specialty manifested and developed in dyalnostі.

A specialty is seen as the integral value of biogenic, social and psychogenic elements. Water time specialty рис ив ив ив ив с рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис,,,, к рис рис рис рис рис стиль стиль стиль стиль стиль стиль стиль рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис, рис нд нд нд стиль стиль стиль стиль стиль рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис нд рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис рис нд рис рис рис рис рис рис.

The basis of the special features lies in the structure - sound and interconnection of the component components (side). The form of the special features is the way the rozgortannya is the whole organic system, on the same is the skin side of the transmission є the main thing is the zoom and the whole system. The result is shaped by the special type of systemic all-round all-round psychological and organizational features. However, the structure of particularities of harmony is not based on proportional development of all of the parties, but as a result of maximum development of health, in order to fix the dominance of people in business.

In the form of special features, there is a greater number of advantages and methods in which I can quickly achieve the goal of using the social system of singing social values, personal observation, conception of life, social and psychological strengths. Particularity is formed by the subjects of subjective activity and spiritual interaction with people. That social day is the main attribute.

The nature of nature is characteristic of the characteristic characteristic features of the society. The need for spontaneous vistupa is like a singing psychologic assertion, like a sign of an internal sub-active identity. Entering the consumer system, it has become an internal factor of activity and the development of people. Consumption needs, the nature of the requirements overlap the beatings on the form of the most important structures of the psychological organization of specialties, the most important forms of communication.

Specialty: Dynamic Functional System

The peculiarity of the people who look like a folding dynamic system is functional. In the structure of K.K. Platonov viokremrev chotiri groups, but at the same time the structure, the power, you have to interrupt the songwriting and depository and take into account the peculiarities and ways of formulating.

Lower Rivne - biologically zoomed in power, as represented by temperament, inclinations, power of nervous processes and pathological power of the mind. The authorities, being given to nature, serve as the basis for developing health and cognitive processes, formulating the character and communal features.

To another group of authorities of particularities, to assert the psychological processes as the form of the image and the recognition of the holy light. They don’t stink out of the blue, they’re developing in the process of active and indivisibility, and of indivisible special features.

The higher level of authority is given to special features of social security and representations by knowledge, skills, and knowledge. The group of powers is developing on the basis of recognized processes with the goal of navigation.

The fourth group of authorities of particularities, which characterize the third level of society, is represented by socially envisioned authorities (interests, ideas, lights, valuable, rejuvenating skinny). The elements of the structure of special features are formed in the process of whirling.

In order to assess the special features of a folding system. So, you can see the natural power of the individual, the power of the subdivision and the power of the individual.

To the natural authorities to follow: biochemically special organisms and peculiarities and endocrine-humoral regulation; neurodynamic characteristics (dominance of the nervous system, threshold values ​​of sensory functions lean). Lyudin’s sub character of characterization is characterized by individual special features of psychic regulation of various organs, new special features, special characteristics, respect, understanding, and intellect. Prior to the third category of authorities, the emotional characteristics and the so-called structural singularities (consume, interest, motives, attitude, attitude, self-esteem) are introduced.

In addition, the potential is relevant, but rather, it is realizable in the sphere of specialty; basal and programmed power; Psychodynamic and special features of power. Among these are the powers of the government, the psychological organization of features, the psychological mechanism of formality, functionality and development of special features of the individual. In the process of the most important important social determinations - cognitive, valuable, moral, social, social - there’s a permanent development of the system.

A characteristic peculiarity of the development of one's incompleteness, which is almost the same as the internal minds of continuous development of particularity. Yakіsnі re-creation of one and quiet authorities themselves in particular in the process of development is called etapami. On the skin new etapi early functional functions to enter up to more folding mechanisms, knowing the suture of reincarnation. On the other hand, the psychological organization of specialties is achieved by one, the other is, the weather is more specific and psycho-dynamic, programmed and basic characteristics of the individual.

The specialty of skin people is characterized by a less powerful dominion of rice and specialties, which is the sign of indivisibility.

INDIVIDUALITY is the basis of the psychological characteristics of people who are able to develop their own identity and their identity as a person. Wonderfulness of temperament, character, intercourse interests, fierce processes, health, indiviual styles, motivations.

The main component of the structure of specialties, which is most important in labor, is the system of strong motives, domestic needs, interest, intercourse, social awareness, and social awareness. Hidden through positive dominance motivation polіpshuє psychic camp pracіvnika, activiziogo pіznavalny processes and labor dії.

For rozvineno specialties characteristic є high level of self-sustainability. Self-esteem - the process of self-disclosure of people to themselves, in order to form on the basis of self-knowledge, to be supervised by experiences of personal emotions and visualization of oneself. On the basis of updated knowledge about myself with singing shutters to myself, a winery of self-esteem of special features.

It is global, but non-differentiated, self-esteem of special features and part, if more and more power is required, but also parties to the public.

Self-esteem of special features as a manifestation of people about themselves can be adequate or inadequate. Inadequacy manifests itself in envied and underestimated self-esteem, which is like an etalon, with a certain specialty for himself. Adequate self-esteem, almost self-reliance, the optimal level of domaganism of a great-looking person to understand the function of self-regulation in the process of praxis. Such self-regulating health system is special system, as it is called "I". Self-regulation in the process of practice is due to the extent of reduced activity, self-control and corrective action, plans for activities, economic expenses, and the cost of living expenses.

Depends on employment, form the shutter to the precedent, who will give you the first time for high self-esteem. I have my own house, style, adequate self-esteem є the basis for formulating such special features, like being more self-respecting, almost respectable.

The peculiarity of people is characterized by how to achieve a certainty, which is manifested in the last and first behavior. At the same time, it’s great to adapt to the varied social minds of the future at the most important organizations, attitudes, interests, motives, which are more adequate to the recognition of the regular laws of suspension development. The very same peculiarities of the people need to be insured for the first hour of economic reforms, technological transformation of the legal system, management, organizational activities, planning for the staff and so on.

The indi vidual draws of the priest can be manifested in temperament, character, health and motives, recognition and management of specific tasks, ability to create opportunities for effective organization.