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Фізіологія і psychological psychology - Krushelnitska Ya.V.

7.4. Dynamics of independence and characteristic of the phases

Curve of independence and phase

On the basis of virologic, physiological, psychological indicators, signs for the skin of a year of work, there will be curves of prazdatnostnosti. I call the curve of prejudice a graph of the number of virological and psychophysiological indicators with the length of a working day, finish, tizhnya, rock. Curves of prejudice will be yak for the skin okremim indicator, so for the integral.

The curve of prazdatatnostnosti people is broadened by a stretch of a working day, I called “classic curves” and characterized by distinctly bent phases.

Phases of prazdatnostnosti are called zmіni funktsionalnogo will become the organism of people in the process of duty. By stretching the working space in the dynamism of precedence, the decile of phases is seen.

Dear worker, abo phase of mobile energy reserves, increased tone of the central nervous system before the work of the robot. All the transition period between the camp and the camp, which was called by O. O. Ukhtomsky as operational peace. Win is characterized by two labileness and threshold of nervousness of nervous centers and is not a lack of activity, but a special act of separation. Verification of foregone infringement and trial period of operational peace of mind to lay down the following factors: real estate and motivation, intensive robots, individual and typological special features. Meaning, in quiet falls, since Ludin doesn’t think about the robot, don’t know about it, automatically without emotional worries, you can set the “clean calm” camp without installing it on the robot. An operative peace of mind is even more important for the next year’s robots, a fragment of the optimal form of the functional function of the practical body.

Tipova curve of prejudice with a broach of a working serpent

Fig. 7.2. Typical curve of prazdatatnost with a broach of a working serpent:

a - in private; b - style prazdatatnіst; c - low indulgence; d - emotion

The phase in vain, but at the stage of growing prostitution, is that by extending some kind of transition, I will become operational promptly I will calm down to the working one. Vaughn is characterized by the transition of functions to a new, higher level of intensity. Sokrema, in organisms we can exchange the processes, the robot of organ systems. However, the strength of the various functions is heterochronous (ambiguous) in nature. We would like to reassign the dyalnost of a ruh apparatus, and on the other hand, vegetative organs. The strength of functions is uneven. Immediately after the cob the robots start to sprint intensively, the functions are stronger, and then they can rest. Energy saving on the cob robots are more than an anaerobic nobility, anonymously aerobim (almost a dumb great sour borg). Otzhe, you can talk about two phases in full - twiddling and power.

As a result, adaptation of the organism of the worker before work is completed, organization of the system is ruled and interchange between organs and systems.

The coordination between the nervous centers and the working organs is to be considered a form of domination and mastery of rhythm. On the cob of the price phase, the performance of the physiological functions and the number of non-viral indicators of the robot are spoken. The reason for this will be because I can handle the factories, and the funcional system to get the loan loan. The main functional system did not become dominant or neurophysiological conflict, they appeared in the inaccuracy of labor rules, manifestations of vacations and pardons. With the overcoming of neurophysiological conflict as a result of coordinated function of the brain, human beings become more active, they become less robotic, and the labor act becomes a dominant reaction. The triviality of the phase in vprazyuvannya mozhe but reznoyu, scraps to lie down in the bagatokh chinnikiv. So, chim intensive robot, tim shvidsha end phase in full. On important hand-held robots, the period in the warehouse is 20–25 hv; in the case of vicarious lungs of precise precision - 1–1.5 years, and in case of rosum pratsi — 1.5–2.5 years.

On the triviality of the phase in vprasyuvannya vplyv_k pracіvnik. For young people, there’s a shorter time, lower for middle and older, for they have more visibility, more nervous centers and more active process. Significant inflow on the accelerated phase in advance, we manage additional, training, training, and setting people to practice.

The phase of regular prazdatnostnosti , but stojkogo camp, will be characterized by the nickname for a particular practitioner productive prazі. At this phase, the optimal robot mode is set to organism, which is manifested in the stable performance indicators, physical and psychological functions, constant product availability, and continuous product selection. For the phase of historical characteristics of the temple and virology indicators with optimal load physiological functions. The main functional system is є style home dominant. It’s trivial to become 2-3 years at the first half of the working day and to lay down the important robots, the nature of the language of the school, the functionary camp of the churchman, the club, and special powers.

The phase of auto-repair is repaired in 3-4 years, when the cob of the robot is characterized by a lower number of viral indicators with increased stress of physiological functional organisms. Lyudina vіdchuvaє stomelennya, as if I will overcome hunger.

For its sutty, the stage of development is the most acute neurophysiological conflict between functional systems, the main and the main vision. The fall of the neurophysiological conflict at the site of the practice may form a borderline abnormal functional station. Functional expenditures for a single robot grow. With the signs of a neurophysiological conflict є lack of respect, unreliable, inaccurate and poor behavior, reaction to side teasers, stronger nervous and emotional stress, it’s too thin.

Zauvazhimo, I’m going to change the organism of the school until the phase of the transition is complete. Three stages of such a transition:

  • stage of repeated compensation, as close to the phase of strict independence. By characteristic rice и є winnings of cobs the sign of the future, as a whole, is compensated by the volitional harnesses of the prairie, the productivity of the praise is harnessed by the reached stability of the reserve capacities of the organism;
  • stage of non-compensated - characterized by low praxis of independence, like free-wills of the praznivnik to settle, but not to turn off. Vinikaє vіdchutty stomelennya, varying mental functions;
  • the stage of progressive lowering of prejudice, of a yak is characterized by a rapid increase in height, low level of viral indicators, great functional violations in organisms (increased reaction, impaired coordination of components).

Zvidsy viplivaє, scho obmezhennya robots with early signs of the future, much less.

The assigned phases of prazdatatnosti are repeated in the other half of the working day. Protee stink may be singing singularities. So, the phase for the trial is short, and the level of independence in the phase of the camp will be lower, lower in the first half of the working cycle. The stage of self-cultivation is repaired earlier, and the praise of return is progressively changed.

In the case of vicious falls, for example, a working place is more suitable for people who are purely emotional factors. I will call the phase in the dynamic of independence and distinction “emotion, or kintsevoy, porous”.

When completing work robots, periodical indicators of physiological functions and prazdatnostnosti. Dignity of labor activity and support for the singing period according to the functions of the physiological functions - ventilation leg, heart-and-heart activity, heat transfer from the surface, and excitement of the nervous centers.

The triviality of the periuvial period may be irrelevantly important for robots, the amount of damage in functional physiological systems. So, when writing busy work, I’m praised for the first year of the period when I’m selling. On the other hand, we’ve reached the end of the year because of great stability and stability on the lower level and more often on the whole. Behind the price phase, a new phase has begun, since the precedence of the я ’’ ’system is transmuting the future, and I want to know a little less, although I want to re-enter the other. Such a dynamic dynamics of prazdatatelnost is characteristic of praznikov, like to make a sound robot, with a well-formed labor skills, properly organized by the child. In most cases, it’s normal to practice and correct, the new cycle ends in a 12–16 year long cycle. For your more brainwaves (supra-physical, mental and emotional stress, the cob of a phase of reduced precedence through non-renewal), there is a need for more trials.