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Фізіологія і psychological psychology - Krushelnitska Ya.V.

Functional music and tsvliv

Factor virobenichnogo middle є also functional music . Won on the psychology of the preacher as a factor of emotional wisdom and wisdom, a positive attitude. Pіd dієyu musiki to actively dyalnostі zauchayutsya dodatkovі centered brain, as well as pіdtrimuyut to work dominanta. In addition, the task of singing rhythm and music is to change the working hours and the likeness of working hours, the rhythm and synchronization of the work of the heart-ship and dichal systems.

From now on, music for higher education stimulate work, give and receive, reduce, reduce, and develop negative neglected work when the monotonous work and experience are completed. The musician’s door was guided by functions, it’s guilty of being melodious, rhythmic, easy to comprehend, and not viscally distributed among people through great differences in learning. Great is the importance of the mode of musical broadcasts and the ignorance of the sound of music is 1.5–2.5 years per year.

Naybilsh thoroughly stiffen the music on monotonous robots, which are characterized by small folding, insignificant dynamic navigation, emotional and intellectual stress.

Before the natural factors of the virologic remedy are introduced to the gardening, as well as the sanitary and psychological functions, integrating into the historical camp and the traditional culture, the culture of religion.

Control Power

1. What is such a virobiotic medium and what form factor?

2. Describe the groups of non-custodial school children factors.

3. What are the factors of psychology and psychology between the factors of the viral phlegm?

4. What should you think about the practical factors of thinking?

5. How can elemental shape mikroklimat virobnichih primіshchen and yak stink vzakodimyut mіzh yourself?

6. Is there any kind of thirst for organism and prazdatatnіst people that help mіkroklimat virobnichih primіshchen?

7. Whom do shkidlivy vyavlivayuschuyu noise in the noise on the prince? Explain the physical mechanism of the noise in the organization and systems of the public.

8. Why is there silence negatively pouring on to the practitioner?

9. What is the reason for the psychological impact of noise on the public?

10. What is it like? Describe see vіbratsіy.

11. What are the reasons for the influx of praise on the priest?

12. How can I interfere with the organism of a prince, are there any difficulties and gas pollution?

13. Is there a certain amount of pressure on the practitioner? Do you want to understand the working zones and viralities?

14. Describe the influx on the leader of the winter colors and the mind of Victoria.

15. What is the reason for the influx of functional music to the musician?