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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

2.2. Vіdkrittya vedennya currency rahunkіv

Operations with foreign currency on the territory of the skin country are in accordance with the current legislation. In Ukraine, foreign exchange operations are regulated by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers “On the system of currency regulation and foreign exchange control” and the low of the most important documents for the National Bank, which means:

  • basic principle of foreign exchange operations ;
  • see currencies and currency values , which are stagnant in Ukraine;
  • rights and obligations of residents and non-residents , it is clear that they are free of charge, corridor and disposal of currencies and currency values ​​in the territory of Ukraine;
  • Improvement of the functions of the Ukrainian bodies of currency regulation and currency control .

Practically, in these countries, there are operations with currencies of higher banks, as well as commercial banks, we have canceled licenses of their central banks for operations in foreign currencies, including banks with foreign capital.

For the most important international banks, banks must curry currency rachunks. Currency rakhunok - the price of a rakhunok, which is kind of verified in a commercial bank for the currency of foreign currency and all types of banking operations. The procedure for reporting and managing currency exchange rates in the country is regulated by the official legislation of the state, by the regulations of central banks. Operations on rakhunki zd_isnyuyutsya on p_dstavі rozrahunkovih documents in the establishment of forms.

In Ukraine, the order of verification and the introduction of foreign currency exchange rates is confirmed until the instruction of the National Bank of Ukraine on 18th day of 1998 p. No. 527 “On bank lending by national banks and foreign currencies”.

Vidkrittya rakhunkіv juridical persons (business, yakіyayutsya zovnіshnyoekonomichnuyu dyalnіstyu in Ukraine) transfer є donation to the commercial bank vidpovidnogo set of documents.

To lay them:

a) an application to enter the stream flow of the installed vzrak, yak pidpisu kerivnik and the head bogalter pidpriemstva;

b) the copy of the donation about the introduction of the company to the one sovereign register of the company and the organization of Ukraine, is notarized by an authority who has seen the certificate;

c) a copy of the law about the state registration of a legal entity in the state authority body, a new government, a better state authority, notarized state authority, a certain state law;

d) a copy of the legal order of the executed position on the issue of business (statute);

e) a card with a valid bit of a sign and those with written signatures of the laws and regulations, and with the rest of the laws and other documents that have been given the right to dispose of the rachunk and sign the documents with roses. Zrazki p_pis_v that rewarding posadovih osb osv_dchuyutsya notarially;

f) clipping of food to the bank, in one way there is a different flow pattern and the same number of identification, the first identification number, the number of the main stream, and the like;

g) additional information about registration in the bodies of the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

The bank accepts documents, translates, and executes a credit card to the client on the basis of a contract for the purchase of cash for currency rahren.

It is necessary in foreign currency to cover the amount of business, as well as money, to be removed in foreign currency to the Ukrainian territory, to be insured on one round in an upgraded bank. For one, two rachunas are parallel in parallel:

  • rozodilny rakhunok for zarahuvannya nadhodzhen in foreign currency owed to the other;
  • more accurate currency rakhunok for the region of koshtіv, as a rule, I am secured from the sale of goods for sale of a part of the export virus.

On the basis of the currency exchange of legal entities that can be paid no more than five banking days. By itself, under Ukrainian law, 50% of the currency virushka of financial instruments are sold for sale at the midbank market, for which 50% is insured for the current currency banknote of the bank.

Cats in foreign currencies, such as boules are insured for free sales and are not subject to the latest legislation of Ukraine for sale, upgrades, a bank of claims for re-registration of a closed payment is not yet available.

Excessive currencies in foreign currencies are subject to acceptance for the implementation of the state legislation of Ukraine in ready-made and ready-made foreign currencies when there are recognized foreign currency transactions for repayment.

Sumy currency in the currency currency can be insured in foreign currencies, but now:

  • export viruska;
  • pererahuvannya with current currency exchange rates of the oldest Ukrainian enterprises;
  • pererahuvannya with current currency rachunkіv pіdpriєmstv with foreign fate, as registered in the Ukrainian territory, in payment of purchases from owners of rakhunkіv goods;
  • outside payment for the part of the participants in the capital of the joint-stock partnership or the private company;
  • pererahuvannya due to the cordon by a non-resident on the rachunka of a resident, a middleman;
  • Inshuyi, so vikoristovuyutsya and be denied in the limits of currency operations, allowing the bank to license.

Sumi, who will try to spend time on current currency rahunas, may be for the rakhunka for the orders of the hair-patch of the hairline:

  • transferred for a cordon at a vіdpovіdnіy bankіvskіy formі for export-import operations of a hairline rakhunka;
  • pererahovanі on rakhunki zovnіshnyototorgovyh organizations_zatsіy for fake transfer for the cordon to pay for goods, what to import;
  • overpowered by flowing mahogany of the last Ukrainian and other consumer goods for payment of goods (services), as well as being violated (reckoned) by these consumer goods;
  • vikoristani to pay for banned loans in foreign currency, to pay bank commissions and postal and telegraph certificates, vitrats, scho vyazany with vidryadzhennymi, as well as in liens, as well as not to deny the license.

Upgraded Ukrainian banks may be able to convert current cash flows in national currencies to non-resident investors for the purpose of investing in the state. Foreign investors can have a lot of companies, banks and foreign credit establish, international organizations and okremі bulks.

The following prices can be insured with the national currency of the non-resident investor currency:

  • gained sale of foreign currency on the Ukrainian foreign exchange market of Ukraine, which should be entered as foreign investment;
  • gaining money from income (dividends) in the form of investment and investment in Ukraine;
  • rotated as a result of pinning by a non-resident of investment activity in Ukraine;
  • gained in the last vipadok, znachennym dignified legislation.

The following operations are carried out from the stream market in the national currency of a non-resident investor:

  • rozrahunki, due to re-investment dyalnisty in the territory of Ukraine;
  • adding foreign currency to the Ukrainian foreign exchange market of Ukraine for a slight overhaul for a cordon of income, dividends for investing in Ukraine;
  • rosacea with mittens, patrimonial secret organs in vipadas, transmitted by official law;
  • razrahunka with residents at a special investment investment;
  • payment of services to an upgraded bank, a kind of service staff;
  • It’s important to pay, but it’s not possible to transfer agreements (pleases, contracts) about investing and not violating the dignified legislation of Ukraine.

Upgraded banks may be able to convert current currency currencies to the same individuals - sub-divisions (residents), as well as to renew their business without legal entities. The more accurate rachunka is shown for the regime, which is designated for legal purposes - resident.