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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

4.4. Bank refusal

Formyl mіzhnarodnih rozrahunkіv rіznyatsya for rozmіrom uchastі komertsіynih bankіv at їh provedennі: mіnіmalna fate bankіv sposterіgaєtsya at bankіvskomu perekazі (vikonannya platіzhnogo doruchennya klієnta) bіlsh-valued - at іnkaso (control of nadannyam, perekazom tovarorozporyadchih dokumentіv i vidacha їh paysite vіdpovіdno to іnstruktsіy dovіritelya) i the maximum is in case of a letter of credit (the benefit of the payable goiter’s benefit, as if realized by the remaining main minds, it’s possible to exaggerate in the letter of credit). There is no need for secure payment for the exporter: as much as possible at the time of the bank refund for the actual delivery of the goods, as much as possible under the letter of credit, which is for its own guarantee and is guaranteed by the bank that the goods are guaranteed to be indemnified.

Yak і іnshі form of international razrahunkіv, bank †‹вЂ‹ stop telling them to be prepared without a form, so that through the middle of a payment handover, at the address there is one bank in іnshomu. At the moment of commercialization and that of documents of title (rachunki, transport and other documents) are sent to the exporter importer to the importer, mina banks. Komertsіyny Bank vikonuє tіlki platіzhne doruchennya іnozemnih bankіv abo oplachuє vіdpovіdno to drain korespondentskih vіdnosin vistavlenі on Demba bankіvskі checks for Penny zobov'yazannyami іnozemnih іmporterіv and takozh vistavlyaє platіzhnі doruchennya i bankіvskі checks іnozemnі banks for Penny zobov'yazannyami of Ukrainian іmporterіv.

A bank refusal is simply a matter of handing over a commercial bank to your correspondent bank to pay off the sum of the pennies for the lousy and for the refund handler to the foreign wrestler (beneficiary of the same amount).

Bank refusal

Fig. 4.2. Bank refusal

In rozdіlі "brain payments" zovnіshnotorgovelnogo contract Got Booty vkazano scho rozrahunki for goods delivered at robitimutsya formі bankіvskogo perekazu. Upon receipt of the report, a document is forwarded, so that they are sent to the exporter to the importer (behind the view and to the list). In addition, there may be more than one bank statement for a refund (order number, name of the exporter's bank, address), as well as the same payment.

Banks repair their fate at the form of payment when submitted to the bank of the importer, declare payment for the contract (supplement 1). Banks do not bear the payment in advance (delivery of goods, transfer of documents, and also the payment itself is not included in the function bank until the date of receipt of payment). Thus, the banks bear the minimum vіdpovіdalnіst at the bank perekazі і, and then, to tighten the minimum vіnіmі vіngіgorodu. In case of bank refusal, as a rule, take care of the bank of the importer for re-issuing, one at a time to the tariffs of the commercially viable commercial bank for the work with the customers (the license is recognized by the bank itself and is completely free of charge). The importer’s bank, having accepted the application for the refusal of the vid client, the importer’s void of the name of the payer, is assigned to the exporter bank of the exporter in such a way as to enter into the client’s declaration: by sending, SWIFT, via telex. Infections at the international bank practice of vikoristovitsya in the direction of payment handrails by telex, or channels of the SVIFT system.

Please note that the exporter’s bank has been reassigned to the exporter’s bank, and I’ve corrected and paid the exporter’s bag. The whole bank order scheme for the actual delivery of goods. There’s a vig_dnіsh to the importer, a fragment of the remaining goods and documents, as a rule, until the moment of payment.

International Banking Practices and the Bank Type of Banking - to pay in advance for the contract. Inkli u rozdіlі “Be mindful of the payment” of the contract to avenge the clause on the refusal of the deed of payment to the contract in advance, so that the exporter can get the cob of goods by the exporter. Refusal of advance payment, as a rule, is payable at the rate of 10-30% of the contract, and payment of the part has been paid in advance for the actual delivery of the goods. Transferring an advance payment to the cob vidvantazhennya nevig_dne іmportera, oskіlki uvtoryuє for іmpporta ryzik spend time pennies at times і non-delivery of goods to the exporter. At the international bank іsnuє kіlka ways і zhistu іmportera іd risіk irrevocability / spend the advance at times іn non-delivery of goods to the exporter:

  • bank guarantee for advance payment;
  • documentary, or intellectual refusal.

As a matter of fact, in the “Umakh payment” contract there is a provision to refund the advance payment of the guarantee of a first-class commercial bank to turn the advance payment, then, prior to the refund of the advance, the company-exporter (guarantee principal) is to be closed in one of the following banks: turning the advance on the caret of the importer (beneficiary of the guarantee). As a rule, banks charge a temple a fee for giving a guarantee (up to 10-15% of the amount of a guarantee). The main guarantee of the guarantee is that the bank guarantees to the importer the refundable advance payment at the time of non-delivery of the goods (unavailable to the contract). In addition, those who have a guarantee of a safe and crazy character, as well as a guarantee bank, will be able to turn in advance the amount of advance payment, wiped away for the entire period of the shipment of cash.

By documenting (cleverly) refusing to refund the refund of the advance payment in advance, the bank of the exporter (beneficiary) would be better to actually pay the advance for the advance payment on the first round of the transport document. When you come to terms with a period, a stretch of some kind of identity is presented, a submission of a document, such as a description of that.

Bankіvsky perekaz in rozrahunkah for eksportnі comrades that nadanі poslugi.Komertsіyny Bank vikonuє platіzhnі doruchennya іnozemnih bankіv-korespondentіv about viplatu koshtіv on korist of hto otrimuє perekaz, tobto klієntіv bank abo klієntіv bankіv-korespondentіv tsogo komertsіynogo bank useredinі Kraina - for Minds viznachennya in platіzhnomu accredited to one of the lower values ​​than the method of issuing sums, which are paid:

  • zarahuvannya sumi to the order on the Nostro grocery in the bank of the dispatcher;
  • zarahuvannya sumi to the order on the Nostro rakhunok in the third bank;
  • granting the right to debituvati sum to the order of the Loro rachunks to the bank of the dealer in the commercial bank.

Payments of handicrafts of foreign banks should be reached at the superintendent, telegraph handrails, or handicrafts, which were cleared by the SVIFT channels. Telecommunication payment of guilty mother and re-key. Postage is paid to be subscribed to by the newly appointed landlords of the foreign bank. Telex assignment, do not have the transfer key, and send the assignment, do not sign, but do not sign for the form, do not get busy until the weekend. Pay attention to the handicap, which you must have entered for foreign banks, to repair it and to put down a certificate (stamp) about the validity of the key, or the signature.

A memorial order for the installed form is stored on the skin of the handbook of the foreign bank, the “Nostro” jar will be debited to the bank, there’s a certain amount of handled credit, and the loan will be credited to the client. The text of the memorial order obov'yazkovo shall indicate the date of the currency redemption, which is indicated in the payment commissioned correspondent bank.

The sums of documented rewritings, which are required to be issued by a bank-correspondent, do not insure yourself on a customer’s relationship, obliterate on a prominent business relationship until the abovementioned instructions at the authorized documents at the inserted line. In case of non-recognition of documents from the foreign bank of the store-keeper, it is possible to get the instructions of the order completely.

The Commercial Bank is guilty of the benefit of the client, having rejected the refusal and rejected the payment of money for foreign banks, who would be obliged to pay attention without any reason (there is no need to exchange currency).

For greater readability in the form of a bank refusal, the commercial bank is guilty of regularly reporting to their customers about the transfer of their correspondent rates in the middle of the cordon, at the moment of completing the contract jar.

Banking refusal at rozrakhunok for importing comrade and deceased servants. The Commercial Bank for the purpose of assigning its own customers the right to set up and maintain the bank's current currency balance sheet, - to renew the currency for the cordon to pay for imported goods, and for sending other documents; as advance payments, transferred by the minds of foreign trade contracts; to pay for simple and refunded bills for dowry on credit comrade; for repayment of bargaining, it was possible that the result was overhaul, that was on the basis of export, export and export of goods and services, and there was a surplus of cash on the currency exchange account of the client.

Reservation of charges for the cordon for the commission of clients of commercial banks in the form of a basis on the basis of the request for refusal, in yakіy, secrecy, to make the reservation:

  • Sum to the order in foreign currency (in numbers and in words);
  • a way to renew the order (by mail, telegraph, or channels of SVIFT);
  • the name of the party, I’ll deny the refusal, the address is exact and the number is in the bank;
  • the name of the bank, the client of one who rejects the refusal;
  • meta order reordering;
  • number and date of the trade contract;
  • Name of product
  • number rahunku klіnta, zakogo makuti written off the sum of the order, as well as possible vitrati and the commission for the weekend order.

When re-ordering the goods for actually delivering the goods (above the service), it is necessary to enter the date of arrival in the country, when re-ordering to pay the advance, the advance payment is required.

At the application for refusal obov'yazkovo get a way to transfer the payment of the commission for the cordon. I’ve already said it’s a blame, one of the following forms will be re-ordered: by mail, by telex, or through SVIFT channels. Recalling telex or ABO channels of SVIFT is required to pay for the channels of the referral and through the debit of the sum of the bids to the client at the rate specified by the skin specific bank.

Most banks, for example from the United States, do not accept handrails until the end of the weekend, but we have to send mail, but they may receive an additional payment by telex. The channels of the SVIFT system are transmitted more often to the banks, as well as entering such a bank system. An application for refusal to be signed by an authorized organization with an updated special notice and a seal. In case of rejection, declare for re-ordering the cost of the cordon for the commercial bank of the commercial bank, the correctness of the design is complete before the normative documents, signatures and signatures with marks.

At the time of the incorrect registration of the request for refusal, the client will not have to turn off the next working day at once with the super-juvenile sheet, in which the reasons for the turn will appear.

Of particular importance at the time of acceptance, declare the balance due to the customer, to show the amount of money needed for rescheduling, as well as pay the commission for the resumption of resignation.

At the beginning of the weekend, apply for the refusal of the full-fledged weekend by affixing the stamps to the dates and registers indicated for the cordon, but in automatic mode. Vikonannya filed an application for refusal of health, as a rule, by a stretch of three working days.

On the day of the weekend of the payment of the payment to the bank, a bank account will be scrambled for the balance record, or in the form of the VIP list of the memorial order, but in the automatic mode, and itself: the sum of the payment of funds will be debited to the bank account. The total amount of money paid is clearly charged to the customer and credit to the bank, the sum of telegraph cards, and the cost of paying for the lower amount of the loan is charged to the bank. The memorial order obov'yazkovo shall bear the terminology currency. As a rule, the payment currency is verified in all currencies, the currency of the client is kept at the moment of payment, the currency shifter is changed at the time of payment, the currency is paid to the currency for the current exchange rate and the withdrawal from the currency of the whole currency.