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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

Rozdil 7. Bank guarantee Guarantee for the protection of the work of goiters at the international rozrakhunok

Pislya vivchenny tsy rozdіlu v you can:

  • to give a description of the bank guarantee;
  • know the order of the type of bank guarantee;
  • Explain the mechanics of vikoristannya bank guarantees;
  • Be aware of the main types of bank guarantees.

7.1. The Principle and Legal Basics of a Bank Guarantor

The practice of international rosefunctions effectively eliminates such an instrument, as a bank guarantee. There’s a small amount of money, like a bank, you can pay the bank a grocery bag at once again, but it’s ruined by contract counterparties. Significant broader bank guarantees were accumulated in 70 rocky people, if they bought from the Middle Descent, they were trading on the minds of inappropriately paying a short-term loan, they decided to protect themselves from the need to get paid for the contract by the crawlers.

Foreign trade often has a common problem for both partners: the sellers are important to assess the customer’s pay, and it’s not easy to assess the willingness of the first person to get the job done. In this way, the main vimoyu counterparty є zabekchennya vikonannya zobov'yazan partner.

When tlumachenny term "guarantee" reznі dzherela unequally signify the third day. One rozimіyut pіd tim only self-reliance, nevertheless, I will become the first and the last realized legal rights as a middle fellow and creditor, guarantee of claims. Inshi nyazyut a guarantee of a different kind of guarantee a guarantee of operations - type of morally goiter'yazuyucho declare about patronage before the guarantee and goiter'yazannya payment.

Let’s pagan for all such operations є the guarantee of the guarantor of splatiti borg or visconati servants, as a rule, the side that took the goiter’s work on it, not in the wintery season. A characteristic sign of a guarantee is the security function, as well as the payment security.

The International Chamber of Commerce in Paris saw the basic rules for warranties, which are called " Uniform rules for contract warranties ." Perche vidannya appeared in sickle 1978 p.

At the same time, we shall confirm the unified rules for the letter of credit and the unified rules for the basic rules for the guarantee of not realizing the guarantee. In this way, there is no guarantee that there is no unified guarantee in the sphere of bank guarantees.

For bank guarantees, the bank shall have the right to, as long as the bank passes the bank, a kind of guarantee of benefit. In addition, for a skin-tight okimka, we will have to change the right to have the right to be in thi chi inshy krai. I’ll declare it, I’ll be called a “guarantor”, I need to carefully and carefully re-examine it from the legal perspective on the subject of the issue. We need to reassign us in a certain way, a guarantee has been given to some kind of guarantee - a guarantee, such as a guarantee, and a healthy payment. Remaining my name I will call abstract payment.