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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

7.3. Vidacha bank guarantees

Vidach bank guarantees - a “robot for replacement”, as it’s a very indivisible character. Before these instructions, the guarantor of the exporter must consult with the specialists, the need to keep up with the great number of national legislative peculiarities and technical nuances in the country otrimuvacha. Call for such special specialists є banks, to such an extent you can get lost in the wretched vidati guarantee.

Banks, accepting information about guarantee guarantees, submitting documents for submission of such documents:

  • handing over to a guarantee guarantor (additional fee 6);
  • Generally one-time goiter'yazannya (addendum 7);
  • assurance project of a guarantee for a limited period of time (one note) and one for a second period of time (two note);
  • I certify a copy of the contract of the original document, such as the necessary types of warranties;
  • original bills and copies of one of them, as well as payment of bills for bills (for guarantees in securing payment of bills).

Transferring the acceptance for the bank of brains of the guarantee and correct execution of the submitted documents, issuing of a certified bank warehouse, the draft of the bank and the provision of a bank guarantee of the payment of the bank .

The guarantee is fully collateralized by the owners: one for the beneficiary for the guarantee, the other for the client, having given the guarantee to the guarantor, the third for the legal bank, the fourth for the guarantee.

Guarantee and counter-guarantee of a newly appointed bank are registered in a special journal for the following basic details:

  • number of the guarantor, one immediately і і number of the special rakhunku, for such a guarantee, put on the region;
  • naimuvannannya klіnta abo foreign bank, for the assignment of a guarantee of guarantee;
  • naimuvannya jar, firm, or install, on the basis of the guarantee is visible;
  • date of guarantee;
  • the guarantee amount in foreign currency;
  • termin of guarantee.

Vidanas by the banks of the guarantors are transmitted in the case of a super-juvenile list of clients for the subsequent transfer of benefits to the beneficiaries, but they are sent to the remaining ones without any delay through the foreign bank (fallow of the mind, which is assigned to the guarantor). A guarantee is visible on the basis of the foreign bank, as a rule, it can be sent without delay to the address given to those who have verified their identity, and a copy of the guarantee will be transmitted to the client, which will be given to them for granted.

The order of the guarantee guarantor’s mind is to be seen as a bank, to be designated as internal instructor.

The change of the sum of the guarantee (in general, the guarantee of the guarantee) is taken from the whole contract. Likewise, change the sum of the counter-guarantee of the newly-appointed bank for thinking of the guarantee of a foreign bank guarantee.