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7.5. Tipi that basic see bank guarantees

7.5.1. Tipi bank guarantees

Bank warranties are divided into two types - legal and non-legal.

The bank guarantee is such a guarantee, as if you can have a look at it, but you can do it without the benefit of the beneficiary. Such a guarantee does not take revenge on hard goiters in the bank before the beneficiary, and, therefore, does not have sufficient security for the beneficiary. Practitioners of international rozrahunkіv vіdklichna bankіvska warranties are practically not victorious.

Beneficiaries, who want to make sure that they are harder than goiters, are obliged to a bank;

Legal and non-personal bank guarantees are based on insane and insane.

If you are insanely guaranteed, you will have to rely on respect, but the bank-guarantor will not be able to pay more attention to the beneficiary (the payee), but they will not be able to pay more attention to it. This type of guarantee is the most beneficial, the fragments of the maximum interest, and the principal is not important. Realization of insane guaranties guaranteed as a result of one-sided acceptance of benefits, so as to exclude the possibility of any disputes. Vimoga beneficiara maє buti tilki is declared between the sums and the line of the guarantee. When insane guarantees are made by the guarantor bank, as a rule, the formulas “Madly Guarantor”, “Guarantor crazy payment for the benefit”, “Guaranteed madness of money,” I have always been able to keep in mind, I’m very much willing to. Zazvichai, insane guarantees guarantee for the hands of the great customers of the bank and stink to demand a penny.

Good guarantees are such guarantees, when realizing what you need to come around, remember the song. Stink mensh big benefits. As a rule, it’s up to such minds to:

  • the beneficiary is guilty of specifying the reason for the declaration of his vimogas for the guarantee, for example, having given a certificate about those who won the ticket for the contract, and the contractor was not obligated to pay the line;
  • to the benefit of payment for payment at the guarantee rachunok, they can give buti dodany documents, as well as give them the right to get their goiters for the contract (commercial documents / standard documents); such as a guarantee, scho transfer the submission to the set of documents for the revision, are called documentaries;
  • Beneficiary vimoga to the guarantee guarantor buti pidtverdzhena with a special document - certificate of an important representative of the third individual (for example, commercial and commercial chamber, certificate authority does not require any kind of liability);
  • Zgoda principal on a healthy payment to the guarantee guarantee - such is the guarantee of the guarantee for the beneficiary.