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24 facts about vodka
1. Vodka is the cleanest drink in the world.
2. Vodka is 40% alcoholic and 60% water.
3. A liter of vodka weighs exactly 953 grams.
4. 100 gr. vodka contains 235 kcal.
5. There is no alcohol-free vodka.
6. The prototype of vodka (Aqua-vita) was brought to Russia by the Italians in 1429.
7. The first Moscow drinking establishment was opened in 1533.
8. In the time of Catherine II in 1775 vodka was considered the most elite drink in the world.
9. Until 1885, vodka was sold for take-away only with buckets (12.3 liters).
10. January 31, 1865 Mendeleev defended his doctoral thesis "On the connection of alcohol with water."
11. The standard for vodka was introduced in 1894-1896.
12. The proprietary vodka bottle ("Moscow Special") was patented in 1894.
13. Resolution of the State Defense Committee No 56200 on the famous "front-line hundred grammes" was adopted on August 22, 1941.
14. The state monopoly on vodka in Russia was introduced and was canceled several times.
15. The better the vodka is purified, the more toxic it is.
16. Vodka faster than other alcoholic beverages causes alcohol dependence.
17. Vodka is more toxic than cognac and whiskey by some parameters.
18. 50 gr. Vodka sharpen thinking abilities in half an hour after taking.
19. The same 50 gr. dull reaction and accuracy of movements.
20. Vodka does not warm.
21. A bottle of vodka in the morning reduces the working day by 8 hours.
22. Russian vodka is the best alcoholic drink!
23. Vodka Museum exists in St. Petersburg, Konnogvardeisky boulevard 5
24. The shelf life of vodka is 12 months.

Agronomist of the airfield (on the river ??)
Apparatus wet classification (mokrushnik, means ...)
Apparatus for suction of diaphragms (it is pumped, used, diaphragms, and on the side ...)
Apparatus ball mills (smoked, just smoked!)
Artist ritual services (Poor Yorick ...)
Mixer Runner Runner (LSD. Definitely!)
The foreman of the courtyard of molds (molds ... sounds!)
The builder of a fur coat (we do not eat raw fur coats!)
A blast furnace (in burka and with a saber)
A welder (useful profession)
The bender of pipes (without it in any way)
The chief cognac master (a very, very worthy profession)
The main enrichment (Well, we even know these by name)
Chief specialist in the technology of conservation of television programs (strongly!)
The crusher (the counterfeiter's counterpart, not otherwise)
The unit on duty (and you are all WTO, NATO, EU ...)
Delislyshchik lace (that's right! And then somebody will do everything to himself!)
Demonstrator of plastic poses (sounds beautiful)
Drobeshnik (to the crusher and the scammer!)
Doyar (it's not me)
A spiral coiler (someone must ...)
The worker of a mobile (here it is a sweep! And what with it further to do?)
Loader grinding bodies (what are you talking about ?!)
Filler vocal strips (I know these, on Saturdays especially)
Zubopolyshchik details of the clock (did not understand, but it sounds strong)
The manufacturer of toothpicks (a very rare profession, I think)
Manufacturer of matrix layouts (wake up, Neo!)
Engineer-pathologist (locksmith-gynecologist nervously smokes in the corridor)
Inspector to monitor the execution of orders (for the market you will answer!)
Tester of paper bags (on the plane, probably)
Tester of current sources (Ai, damn! Shocking!)
The ring-tester (And one all-powerful - to the Lord of Mordor)
Calculator (do not believe it, believe!)
Kapellmeister (but often, often)
Coke cleaner and Coke dispenser (say drugs "Sometimes")
The emergency commissioner (so, just in case ...)
Circulator (to the bumper!)
Lacquer globes (a unique profession! How much universal peace in it!)
Lyukovoi (the house was a long time, now this one is here ...)
Master of the forest (simple and tasteful)
The operator of a pumping station for injecting a working agent into the reservoir (It's a pity the agent ...)
The driver of the refrigerator (long-distance)?
The washer of wet waste (indeed, why dirty wet waste discarded ?!)
The installer of the positive and the installer of the negative (it seems, not only smoked ...)
Motorist of mechanical shovel (...)
The navigator of the foundations (this is something mythological)
Nomazchik matchboxes (than, I wonder?)
Filler devices with liquids (sensible!)
Head of the simulator (but what!)
Cranberry muffin (Cranberry, Tested, Toughened.)
The cutter of anatomical material (it would seem, what does Judaism have to do with this? ...)
The operator of the main control panel (here it is.Manic delusion, however)
Operator of the stand for playing keyboards (in cards for stripping)
Oprokidchik (happens on drunk ...)
The organizer of the ritual (you want to call a dash or demon - it's to him!)
Sailboat (and I thought it was a ship ...)
Portionista Lao-cha (mysterious ...)
The Messenger (sends precisely and to the address)
Milk cocktail maker (pacified profession)
Producer of works (he alone works)
A traveler working on the lake (and a fisherman on the railway)
The divorcee (freebie) freebies (the right profession)
Packager packets (this is from evil, from evil)
Wallpaper painter (a cheerful, probably, profession)
The squadron (usually comes out after a tinker and a dumper)
The regulator of the tail farm (without it anywhere!)
Sister medical dietary (useful for health!)
Test fitter (I wonder what percentage of deaths?)
Cream-spiller (Yin-Yan)
Compounder of a mixture of processed cheese (very responsible position)
Shooter (it's me)
Dryer plate (dream ...)
Rubber products taker (and you are still shooting them yourself? In vain!)
A technician in tribal matters (especially with regard to South African tribes)
Glass scavenger of hydrofluoric acid (what specifics, but why? ...)
Strengthener of parts (so as not to fall apart!)
Scientific secretary (can give paws)
Cleaner face golya (works in tandem with the procurer of the mob)
Reader (inspires!)
Stamper legs (and pens ?? And the rest of the body?)
Electrician underground (a terrible animal!)

It all started with the fact that 7-8 years ago in one of the schools an experiment was conducted to introduce a rating system in the American manner. That is, in points - A, B, C, D, E, F. Where A corresponded to the highest score, well, F - the lowest. And now, in the course of debriefing after the next control, the teacher, without leaving a distant pause, says: "If you also respond in the exam, you will receive a score according to E". In the resulting silence, there was only one unsure voice from the back of the dock: "Are you threatening us?"


Laureate of the Darwin Prize

September 5, 1999. Jerusalem.
The Palestinian terrorists were recognized as the winners of the Darwinian Prize. They either did not know or forgot that in the Palestinian territories they had already switched to summer time, and officially the transition in Israel was postponed until the end of some Jewish religious holiday. Therefore, the timers on the bombs were placed in the Palestinian territory in the Palestinian time, and bombs were delivered to the sites of terrorist acts in Jewish territory according to the Jewish. The result is exactly at 17:30, on Sunday, two bombs exploded in different cities simultaneously, leveling cars with three terrorists inside.

3 years. To grow and strongly knock Vitalka Serebryakova from my group. Why does he lie that his folder is stronger than mine? 4 years. Find on the street a hundred rubles and buy fruit ice cream, a German designer and a machine with pedals, like Arthurczyk's neighbor. I'll ride on it in front of the house, let everyone envy. 5 years. Grow bigger, more dad. To grow a mustache, learn to smoke and shoot at a dash, marry my mother. 6 years. Do not go to the kindergarten. Go to school. There's no quiet hour and no milk soup for an afternoon snack. 7 years. Do not go to school. Have 10 years of such horror gone crazy? It's more than I've been all my previous life 8 years. To serve in the military. Saber, horse, gun yes I am for this 9 years. Move to live in Sochi or Gagra. It is better than every year to ride there for one week. Or at least to Moscow, there is also good. I wanted to go to the Central Department Store, I wanted to go to the Mausoleum, or even ride an escalator in the subway. 10 years. Becoming a Musketeer. It's time, we'll rejoice, and all that. Everything is with me: my grandmother's straw hat, my mother's shawl instead of the musketeer's cloak and the skewer from the skewer with the cap on it for 11 years. To be the strongest in the school or at least in the classroom. The first thing to shave Serebryakov. Nafig, he piled in my dirt my portfolio, my change shoes and myself in a brand new Bolognese jacket? My mother will kill me ((12 years old, become a pirate.Rai and bramsel, louis and piastres, treasures and parrots Ah, I wish I could swim for 13 years.To be famous, even very famous, most likely a poet.My poem by March 8 killed a teacher and mother on the spot.The classmates look at me suspiciously, their ancestors bravely prepare for the role of the parents of a genius.This year they take it, I heard it, regardless of their height, 15 years old. growth from the end? Even behind all the girls is 16. Began to shave: Gray already has such bristles Igor has been shaving for almost a year now, but I have not got a chance to do anything (although I'm not going to do it, I'll join the army, I'll return as a paratrooper hero, I'll give out 3.14 to all those who promised me Vitalka, did you hear? You are on this list first, 18 years old, to sleep with someone., Classmates, if they believe, have already peretrahali the entire city and started for the suburbs, and I alone hope for a community drunk at the end of the course. how do I show myself in the eyes of my friends? 19 years. It was good to be a rock musician. Like Gillan or Choi. Long hair, I'm in the light of searchlights, in the hands of a bass guitar and raging girls-fans at the stage. Take it easy, ladies, do not crowd! Recording for a blowjob is only through my producer! 20 years. Become at least someone. I changed it for the third decade, and I did not write a novel of the century, neither commanded the army, nor did I miss the Miss Universe for 21 years. Oh, my mother, if only not to marry herself because she was to blame, she said: "I counted days, do not worry". And now he whines and does not know what to do What kind of nafig state examination and diploma? (((22. Earn hundred million rubles, pay debts, buy a normal cot and overalls for his son, wife a leather jacket, a three-volume Borges, a comp and jeans.) 23 years old To rent an apartment or a room In general, to move out of this region of indelible toilets, dirty stairwells and twisted bulbs in the corridors of 24. To snatch the post of the head of the department What kind of Sashka's boss? Alkash, a womanizer, confused illiterate, even a computer can not turn off can not without my own At the last corporate booze he got so drunk that he broke his head with a brand new Romanian toilet in the outhouse and at least that to him. But at the same time he is a spokesman for the Big Dyadka, and I'm dragging the whole department for thank you and the annual letter to the professional holiday for 25 years. on the sea, or in the mountains, or in the tundra with the taiga, in general, where there is no work, wife and parents, 26 years old, to fuck the new one from work. "23-year-divorced-painted-blond-chest-and- feet-zashib >>. I would give an annual bonus and 3 fingers on my left hand, just to be with her tete-a-tete in a stuck elevator. 27 years. Get the second highest, economic or even legal. Чесесво, this education will already be received seriously and without hackwork. I'll hand over the sessions ahead of schedule, only for << good >> and << excellent >>, sit in the library, check in and check in on time, know all the teachers in person and by name for 28 years. Earn, draw, find on the street or steal somewhere 432 thousand dollars. 2 thousand to his wife, let him buy himself what he wants out of gear and finally leave, 20 thousand to find a hotel, so that immediately with furniture, 10 thousand to repair the parents' house in their village and hold the gas, the rest zanykat under the sofa for small expenses. 29 years. Kill everyone at work and not get penalties for it. Well, or at least a fine fine get rid of. Gad! I can not see you, nothing of idiosyncrasy and stupidity! 30 years. Plant a tree, for example, a cherry or pear, and here is a currant and a strawberry. Here, at the garden gate, to break the flower bed, and then you can make a cool bench and a fountain. You can sit in the evenings and watch the sunset. Damn, how many here is the weeds for 31 years. Again start writing. Found at the crossing drafts of the novel, which I started 6-7 years ago. Damn, is it really I wrote? Hmm, fresh, bright, naive, but not super. Roman from this will not work, but 3-4 stories can be cut, I'll do later, closer to vacation .. 32 years. Grow up, learn how to climb the staircase step by step, not skipping. Stop responding to the name without a middle name, order a business card << head of department >>. Well, what's the matter, that I have only one subordinate, and that starper, distributed here by the employment center? Buy finally a new normal handset, not a cheap phone, which is embarrassing to get out with strangers. To be engaged in the figure, is more correct, a puzcem Since April, perhaps, I will start to go to a sports hall. Superfluous kg at once I will drive, and on aunts pozyryu, wriggling on simulators .. 33 years. Quickly rethink the past, make adjustments and start living a full creative life, become self-confident and successful Hmm, I'll start tomorrow and start

Several reviews on the "Master and Margarita".
Das ist First.
Hope, kag is known, dies last. And it happened. Nadya, Nadenka, Nadyusha Kag Zhy Tag? Why did this happen? First Verochka, then Lyubochka And now you're Yesterday Immediately after the transfer << Good night, kids >> Sdohla, fuck.
I waited a week for this event. It is Events, because for the past fifteen years there has been no fuss in the Russian cinematography of Events. There was a zhuva chka, different stories about bandits and crazy loot for free, half-chic (if in make-up) of Samokhin's scum, which you can, of course, a couple of times on the mattress, but only after a half a kilo of vodka, a mustached "ensign" <бабниг >>, he's an "adventurer", he's all sort of fuck, shorter than Pankratov-Black, played up to the disgust with a blonde with Armenian surname Kharatyan and another shloben.
Until yesterday evening, I was hoping that finally there was a real dude who ventured to make a real film. Moreover, Bortko already had the experience of creating a really strong work. And in lavandos he was not restrained.
Fuck there. There was no Keane.
Okay, fuck the lyrics. Let's return to our sheep, fuck. Just want to warn that I'm not a film critic, so professional terms like << makeup >>, << mass >>, << voice >> >> went to the trailer, fuck >> I make up >> I will not operate. I will express my opinion in my own words. So, we begin!
The only thing that could not be spoiled, this is the name of the film. Apparently, for the director, it was fucked up like an unbearable task, which he did not even fool around. Bravo, fucking, sugar eat. All the rest is just fucked up. Naturally.
In short, on points. (The item from << скоцтва >> in this plot razmatrivatstso does not wake!)
Woland. Eban in the mouth, Woland is the same key figure! The whole novel is based on Woland! And blasphemy? And Th, fuck, Basilashvili is Woland? Is it the lord of the world and the underworld?
Fucking him with an Estonian accent? You imagine what will happen to the Estonians, when three years after watching the series, they still come to the conclusion that Satan is a native of some Pärnu, fuck. They fuck with joy. And they will require the IMF for free loans, with an instant delivery within five years, no less fucking! Otherwise, in case of refusal, the famous countryman and the IMF fucker will complain. To burn him, fuck, MVEF, in hell fire. Batono Basilashvili - in a book Voland very actively participated in a conversation with writers. Emotionally. And you, the baton, apparently just recently made a facelift and vocal chords.
And fucking the story of the execution of Yeshua, did you start telling in a crouching tone? You Che, fucking on the arrow of the gallery, in the nostril? Pontius Pilate. Fuck, he could have guessed, but that the procurator of Judea, the warrior who killed himself and sent thousands and thousands of people to death in life was a puny grandfather, who even really can not raise his voice. And who wrote in his physics << Would you like a canvas, a granddaughter? Shchya Pakushai kashku and go to the Paaark >>. Is this the murderer of Christ? Yes ebanutstso you can fuck. Eh, Mr. Lavrov, Mr. Lavrov Well fucking did you need it? Fuck, well, do not pull you to the executioner Do not pull.
Yeshua. And here is a pleasant surprise. I'm in ahue. I did not expect that Bezrukov could be Yeshua. And he could. He did everything. Superbly easy. That's really the point! God grant you health, Серёга. Woland's suite. Mr. Abdulov - fucking once again show the Russian people that you are already old? Well fuck, well, it does not work out of you Fagot. Do not you. You fucking even turn around with the posture of "potato daddy". You are fucking anyone - Lovelace, authority, scam but not in any ebanarot case is not a master to the west. In pussy you after this.
Hippo. It seems that the Black Hobbit is alive and well. He was pulled on a caulked greasy skin, in which he was galloping along the parquet floor in the apartment.
I'm bullshit, have you ever seen a drowning cat?
Dick knows, but for the sake of this film and with the availability of modern computer technology, could and try. If the brains themselves did not have enough, they would throw on the boa constrictor, << Comrades, helpl fuck! pomagite norevade kata! >> There would be masters, for no fucking do zaebenili.
And blyayayat Pankratov-Black. That's already the most incurable fucking. P-Ch-Lihodeyev. Patstoolam from the idiocy of the chief of casting. Ebanushka fuck, with a rattle. Likhodeyev, a lover of life, a loutwass and a madcap. Is this fuck Pankratov-Black? Yes? Yes naughty, he does not impress such a person. Shnyr, fuck, somehow. << Variety show >> taxiing is not a nofelet to look for. Do not confuse genres, fucking in your mouth. Fuck, there's nothing more to say about this. As, however, about Rimsky. This Oleinikov financial tycoon, scorched thief and schemer? Mister Bortko, yes you fucked. About the spotlight jug, fuck. Two or three times. Writers Blja, the same problem. The problem is primarily in the actors. And the second in their game. Galkin straight fucking staraetstso. Out of the skin climbs, huyase, such a suit once in a lifetime falls And in the end, Homeless turned fucking some kind of faked. Well, in the nostril, every movement, every word is a fucking game to the public and fucked up.
And Berlioz, I think it should look more impressive, yes. Still, a highly educated person, the chairman of Mussolith And hairstyle should be careful and clothes more serious. And so the chairman of the housing association, fuck. He is pralna under the tram. There fucking road.
Unpleasant. Yes, I understand, the Russian cinema cinematographed masters-actors. But fucking fucking then the director? He Th, blja does not see, che for a garbage to be created? He Th, fucking case, does not understand what he took? It's Master and Margarita! This is Bulgakov. And not a serial for housewives. And unfortunately, it was the serial.
Such, here, is not a joyful first impression.
It's a pity.

And the Second.
<< - And will not we, William, be threatened by William of our Shakespeare? And what, and zamahnemsya! ... >> Julie us, it's true!
Well, swung. This I, of course, about the latest adaptation of our classic, the present, without fools, by the way. About Michal Afanasych Bulgakov, his memory is bright. About the "Master and Margarita"
Here, weakened filmets. In advance, the events have been trumpeted straight, this is the case with the capital letter Se. Judging by the crack of advertising, nonweak investments were invested. Well, yesterday evening (December 19) cut. I'm sitting, I'm stuck. So, the whole movie is not advertising. It's good, this, according to Hryn, inspires! But the rest! Mom! ... How correctly clever people say, the devil in small things. Here with the little things and start it. So, here they are on the Patriarchs, Berlioz and Homeless. We approached the stall.
That's right, there's only an orange. But then something in the book ...: << Orange immediately gave a plentiful foam >>, which is why Homeless and began to hiccup. Where is the foam ??
So, go further in the text. Appears on the alley of Woland. Before speaking with his brothers in literature, he passed "and suddenly sat down in two
steps >> from them. I sat and listened, and then I approached. Where is it shown?
Further. Voland finished his story about Pilate when, eh? When "the sun began to roll for the houses of the Patriarchs". And not then, as in the film, what a crowd of proletarians with guitars are walking under the lanterns already in the dusk. And, by the way, according to the text, that side of the avenue on the Patriarch's, where Woland is sitting with Berlioz and Bezdomny is still empty. Check, comrades, check!
Now the scenes in the palace of Herod. Morning. Pilate with a severe headache goes to the gallery. "Most of all, the procurator hated the smell of roses." This smell and pursues it. It's clear, it's a painful thing to smell all sorts of mucks, like roses. Not a fountain. And the smell of roses pulls out of the garden, the ancient Jews pinned, you know! The garden where, the cine-smokers? Where does the roses come from?
<< Most of all, the procurator wanted to put his voice under the fountain and freeze >> The fountain was buried somewhere, Herods?
<< I do not know how there was in London, I have not been, but our manager is a friend of man!
>> Here I am Of course, I have not been to ancient Yershalaim, I did not happen somehow, and in general it did not work with Rome. But for simplicity, I do not think they wore heavy armor in a non-combat, as they say, setting. Even the prosecutors, even in the morning, and even more so with the splitting head. But our military philologist-minister in the Kremlin does not go to the Kremlin wearing a helmet, and the gas mask does not carry around with him. So the procurator is wiser than our minister himself, at least three languages
knows: Latin, Aramaic, Greek. Maybe others know, but the novel does not say that. For example, well, ask any of our modern zhopogolovy lampaznika with ryakh, what languages ​​do you know, except Russian obscene? What?
But to the point. Kaifa came. And Pilate washes his hands with him. To hell with him to wash them? Right now! Was he picking the guano before that? A, clear! This is us such a dumb hint! << I wash my hands! >> A subtle hint like the log of Ilya Cha on Lenin's subbotnik. And he washes something in a cup with what? ... With pink petals! I think, with his love for the pink smell, he would have managed to cram this cup to the slave who gave it to the right place! Yes, on the very << thank >>!
Are these all the little things? Do not tell me, comrades! If the Master, the creator, wrote the novel, if it was right to draw and recreate exactly what he painted. If that is the picture of the world he shows us. If such lines of the novel of the classic and the canon Means to be changed to any excuse-otkhuyatin you can change, but do not consider, that it is Bulgakov. So write in the credits based on Bulgakov, or there, folk tales about a kolobok with ancestors.
The trivialities of the unimpressive and, in addition to the Tuva Hucha. And as they say: I've spied on the little things, and who will believe you in big? And this is still the current-current review. And besides the little things there are a couple of words. Began to enter into the taste, and then poke into the punctures more seriously.
But I'll stop on this one for now. Morning, comrades, six hours on December 20, the night ends. And the continuation will be. Shl. This is my review debut. Do not hurt it! ...
Let's continue, my friends. We'll fuck the details and trivia. Let's rise to the level above. Both the creators and the drummers of Udaff speak amicably of unsuccessful actors. Is this correct or not? It is important to note that the list of inappropriate for them in their opinion to a specific role has its own. And I wonder, why so? Shitty casting? Pohuizm producer-producers? A set of loud (former!) Names? All this is so. But this is a consequence! And the reason is not in a specific actor. Actors play NOT THOSE who should! I will explain. This does not mean that the transplant Basilashvili to portray not Woland, but Pilate, or Abdulov give Azazello's role and all the bundle. No!
Specifically? Please, three examples.
The procurator, << in whose person the Roman authority speaks >>, is one that must ensure the constant tightness of the iron bridle of the Center of the World (<< All roads lead to Rome >> for a troubled savage province, spread the fear and inevitability of Rome's retaliation for any local peasants Who is this old uncle, clutching his legs, and this is the Rider-Gold Spear, the Real Warrior and a weak administrator (would the weak be eaten in a moment, the Jews and two thousand years ago were Jews, only uncivilized ones)?
No, comrades, "I do not believe" (Stanislavsky)! The authority for rest, perhaps, or there is a former regional secretary of Soviet times, or an ambassador to retire to believe it is possible. It's not even age, not health. He does not himself in the right way. He is not Pontius Pilate inwardly! Everything, point.

The following example.
The Devil's ploy is known to represent that there is no Devil. But the goal of the Prince of Darkness? To receive souls of people. Say, lohotronschiki in the market do not shout that they want to warm you, but on the contrary, they kindly invite and promise one pleasant thing.
The master of the underworld MUST be attractive. Он НЕ может НЕ нравиться женщинам, НЕ может НЕ привлекать мужчин. Понятно почему - любой попадающий в поле его внимания, его, скажем так, потенциальный клиент. Мысль ясна? Ну-ка, втыкатели, приложите к себе.
Вот, он перед нами в фильме, как бы, Воланд. Спроси себя, он тебе симпатич ен, ты бы хотел быть похожим на него? Спроси свою пелотку, нравится ли он ей как мужчина? Вот-вот!.. А бездна преисподней притягивает, и не может не притягивать, как любая бездна, если смотреть сверху Повелитель Ночи не старый надутый раскормленный индюк, трясущий брылями. А увидев Басилашвили в сцене на Патриарших, кого представляешь? Ну да, типовой банкир, вот прогулялся, сядет в мерин, поедет обедать Словом, сериал <<Подбитый фонарь бригады>> И в романе это губительное притяжение к Воланду показано очень четко, на всех, от Берлиоза до Мастера. Вот только к фильму это никаким концом Ну и, конечно, Иешуа.
<<Бродячий философ>> и Сын Человеческий. Бездомный, побеседовав с которым, люди бросают деньги на дорогу и навсегда уходят из дома вслед за ним, в никуда, в неизвестность. Преступник, которого пытается спасти сам прокуратор, забыв про все, даже про долг. Заметим, увидев его в первый и последний раз. Сознательно идущий на смерть как человек, Сын Божий. Прервемся Да. Бездонная тема. Но где, каким краешком виден хоть отблеск божественности в фильме? Где хоть тень харизмы Иешуа-человека?
Не согласны со мной? Вам нравится этот <<Иешуа>>? Тогда назовите меня ослом и закройте эту страницу. Можете возразить, камрады. Действительно, как показать, чтобы хоть в эту минуту фильма поверить вот он, Сын Человеческий.
Как актеру мысленным шепотом сказать самому себе <<Я - Сын Творца>>? Как представить это себе хоть в миллионную долю? Как это сыграть? Каким актером? I do not know. И не хочу знать. Знаю одно. Хочешь, чтобы к твоему крео относились по взрослому, как к искусству сделай его таким.
<<Не можешь любить сиди и дружи!>> Не можешь играть, нет таланта не играй! Не можешь поставить <<Мастера >> по высшему, предельному разряду, как его только и мыслимо ставить не ставь. И ни ебёт! Не можешь показать актерам, КОГО и КАК им нужно играть, иди в песду. Выгони всех нах, возьми других. Не можешь выгнать выпей йаду или займись чем другим. Режиссируй какой-нибудь вечерний <<Голод в доме-18>>, или утренний <<У вас пока все дома>>. Сегодня напоследок о забавном. Уродская волосяная кукла, аки покемон, под именем кота Бегемота легко выдает реальный уровень режиссеро-продюссеров. Не поленился, посчитал в конечных титрах количество всяких анимационно-крехуяционных студий. Пять, ноздря к ноздре! А правильно, и нехуй! У покемона на жопе, небось, надпись: <<Интел внутре, форева!>> Но есть у фильма еще одна, незамеченная многими, сторона. Which one? Если интересно в следующей раз, в последней, безпесды, части. PS Не знаю, обратили ли вы внимание на одну прикольную веСЧь - ни в одной из этих достаточно детальных рецензий нет НИ СЛОВА об Маргарите.
Знать, зацепила зрителя Анна Ковальчук...
Али нет?
Чертовщина кака-то... Опять, да?
Круто, Анюта!