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Various mobile problems and their possible solutions

- Nokia 6600 does not know how to play MP3 files.
- SonyEricsson M600 does not have EDGE
- P990i also can not EDGE
- 7610/6670/3230 - have Stereo Radio and MONO player (mp3)!
- Nokia 9300 and 9500 - do not have a radio, have a very weak processor, support only mono sound!
- Nokia 6630 (65,536 colors) and 6680 (262,000 colors) - there is no built-in radio!
- Lack of vibration for Nokia N90
- Nokia 9300 if the firmware is lower than 6.27 can not simultaneously use the contacts on the card and in the memory of the device.
P990i also can not EDGE
7610/6670/3230 - have Stereo Radio and MONO player (mp3)!
Nokia 9300 and 9500 - do not have a radio, have a very weak processor, support only mono sound!
Nokia 6630 (65,536 colors) and 6680 (262,000 colors) - there is no built-in radio!
Qtek 8310 can not save files from the blue tooth to the memory card
Most modern Motorola (I'm talking about a p2k platform, 3g - I do not know) is a light and a sound sensor. On / off the backlight of the keyboard depending on the light, funlight - the blinking of everything you want, from decibel: rolleyes:
Also, if there is a lace / software, about 5,000 settings become available to uncrippled users! : eek Still not even all decoded.
Nokia 6230i when loading a memory card (more than 75% with a 512MB card) starts decently slower to perform all operations, shorter brakes
Nokia 3230 without specific software (MsdriveE) does not write files from bluetooth to a memory card.
nokia 3230 supports RS-MMC Dual Power Flash 2Gb (you can not do this on the passport, 3230 type of flash with 1m of contact pads, and in the above-mentioned with 2 it is purely external difference, internal type is power supply type). Test yourself, when it was necessary to exchange BAAALSCHCHISHI files with a classmate (his 3230 could and accept them on the bluetooth, but immediately on the flyh can not receive messages, and to throw up bothered, decided directly cool.gif)
On SE W800 the same problem with saving on the card via Bluetooth, is treated with a new firmware, it's buggy on the one that was still in March 2005.
M600i - to slow down the video and the arc to start up ... - is corrected by the firmware
1. Due to the fact that on Nokia 6681 262 thousand colors, not 65 thousand - there are many problems with the compatibility of many games and even the program! Many games \ prog which work remarkably on 65 thousand color smarts do not work for 262 thousand-color and vice versa. Therefore, not able to respond to the fact that the 6680 (1) and the 6630 IDENTITY OPERATION (and there and 8 simba fichepak 2) what goes on one of them may not work on the other and vice versa.
Threat this is NOT treated ANYWAY!
2. 6681 can not transfer protected objects through bluetooth (installs of prog programs, some pictures and melodies) - this type of copyright protection system (treated prog)
3. Another "feature" on the 6681 (and not only) - the microphone_c_protection_ of the human rights (the one which is standard) is an extremely lousy weight that writes no more than a minute and also squeals every few seconds. to make it clear that "you are being burned" - is treated by installing a "left" recorder without moral prejudices and using it instead of the standard one.
4. And another "feature" on the 6681 - constantly flashing / flashing and not cutting off the flash bulb (even when the flash is cut down) with a video / fotkanya - so that the "shooter" can catch the moment when he tries to zapechetlet. And it seems that everything is fine, but with such "features" you can not remove it unnoticeably (here is a Westfall for curious barbarians) - there are practically no "left" cameras because the feature is very problematic for blackmail photographers)
5. Finally: on 6680/6681 there is no infrared port - only the Blue Tooth because smart is used as a remote for the TV / air conditioner / Vidic, unlike the same 6630 will not succeed - quite often met handsome men who are indignant at the fact that they do not work on such a phone IR Remote (the controller of the same remote)
Nokia E50 - Built-in PDF-Reader can not open Native instruction TO PHONE
In the CE to 750 with fotkane a large delay, which is terribly not convenient!
The Nokia N71, N73, N91, N93 also has a light sensor for on / off. illumination depending on the illumination. Sound sensor and speech synthesizer, Russian voice control. (at last it began to understand the word Bluetooth with Russian accent
on Benq-Siemens S88 in 95 out of 100 launched midlets do not work softeyi ... Nothing has been treated yet
Nokia N90 is not categorically friendly with Kingston's memory cards. I was told about it in the official Nokia store when I asked why my body does not work correctly with this memory card.
The Nokia N70 has such a feature - automatically close the program, which takes up too much RAM, and spontaneously overload the smart. Therefore vordovskie files larger than 71 KB can not open with Office Premier, although the Nokia 6681 (in the line immediately under the N70) without any problems browses the same prog files up to 1 MB. You have to convert * .doc to * .html and watch the opera.
Another surprise - sometimes the smart can play a standard ringtone instead of the installed mp3. A possible explanation is the lack of an operative for playing mp3.
But my most favorite feature is the periodic fall of svchost'a in XP, when you sit in the internet through gprs. And without restarting the company and mobile phones already in the Internet you will not get. (the same is observed for the Nokia E50, regardless of the version of Nokia PCSuite).
In Nokia 6230i you can not put melodies on separate contacts, only for the whole group at once. If I'm mistaken, you'll be fooling, but in 2 years you can not find out where it's going. Smile happy
The Soneikrikson K300 has a fast forward, although the instructions do not say anything. To do this, you need to hold the joystick to the right and down in the MP3 player. The K300 phone dial is buggy if there are many numbers written on one name, it may not show the name if you are called. But you can put Java prog Private Phone Book, in which the subscriber can record even the number asya, and the entire database zapololit from outsiders. All Eric have a hidden service menu:> * << * <where you can adjust the contrast. Blocking the operator is checked as follows: <** <
In the latest firmware of the Nokia E-Series smartphones (E50, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E65, E70, E90), the volume of music in the headset is greatly underestimated, as a result of which the music in the transport is obtained only with the equalized equalizer of the standard player.
This is an element of ZHLOBE Nokiev's policy of dividing the directions of smart. Say, "it's business phones, and they do not listen to music." "Want music - buy a multimedia smartphone from the N-series."
IMHO is the most stupid Nokia decision, as a result of which a business man who appreciates music and often uses electronic mail will have to carry 2 telephones: one with quarto keyboard (they have a current business solution) and the second with a musical (multimidic N series). Marasmus and only.
Let's hope that Nokia will understand and regain normal volume, or the craftsmen will be able to bypass this restriction with the help of software.
Nokia E60, after entering the verification code, the phone rings as if it's SMS. The same picture is observed constantly when using life :) box (a). Either when receiving any other network commands.
Nokia N73 music edition! the maximum volume of the MP3 player is not enough to listen to music even in the minibus, not to mention the metro
okia 6300 very weak battery, BL-4C, only enough for a day!
On Motorola MING A1200 you can not put native software until you install a custom firmware!
Nokia 9500i. The maps (GPS navigation) in the mapviewgps application show a strange raster (colors hamper the inscriptions, nothing is visible on the map). The same cards in smartcomgps (paid, but broken) are read and working without problems.
Slider Gnumas (samsung) E250, when you close the keyboard, it all glows smoothly. What a strong battery.
I noticed one peculiarity. It is most likely not a phone, but a smart + operator. So...
Smart N95, the operator of Life :) , the essence of the glitch will be interesting to those people who actively use GIGA and-no.
It happens, and it does not start to blunt, and refuses to load pages, etc.
The solution is to run QIP, for some reason it always connects me perfectly, but with QIP already running and it does not, it starts to work and starts working properly.
Nokia 6500 slide: when answering a call with a slider, the connection is established after 2-3 seconds, although when the slider closes, the call ends immediately.
1. There is one polyphonic speaker in it, but not two.
2.Bluetooth works only with audio devices .. (headsets)
Siemens Benq S68
It does not work Jimm
3220,6020,7260 these phones have MP3 support
My first phone - motorola c450 it was beating something - you can put an individual ringtone on a contact, but at the same time (!) The same ringtone was also put on the sms coming from these contacts ... That is, literally if you do not pick up and do not run read sms. the file finishes playing until the end. Fun. In the specification it was called proudly "individual ringtones for sms and calls - yes" (something in this spirit)
This was many years ago, after which I already had the mpx200 and (now) motorola Q, and on the irony of fate, on no one of them contact is assigned individual sounds to incoming sms
edit: I wonder if it's possible on some phones?
Still neither on mpx200 nor on motorola Q there is no mode vibro + a bell.
Communicators Raccoons Glofiish any series, on ... th. If you turn it on, it can not be turned off functionally. You can maximize it in the asset standby mode. That's all! And what's funny about that AKB - if you have 15pents of life left, and you are stsuka on the road and will arrive to the place somewhere in a couple of hours, but at the same time you have a GPS at full speed on the dim illumination, as the road does not know no one!!!! And you can not turn it off (no kak-except BATARRY OFF (take out the battery)). This is the West! Yes? And if you do this and start the device again, when the GPS receiver starts, the power consumption will be approximately 0.75 kW. Somewhere 8persents of your battery, plus a backlight for 40 seconds before applying the profile and in the end ALARM !!! ALARM !!!
Nokia E51: smart smartphone, but when playing Gravity Defield buggy, although if you play a powerful * .sis game, everything will fly. Conclusion - will be observed brakes when playing java-games.
Нокіа 5300 зз the standard firmware більшість 3jіпі фільмів saw with un-falling sound.
Samsueng j200 kirilitsya in javі tіlki at російській мові in phone (
6120 if you throw more than 1000 songs, then the standard player can not cope with them-looking for songs where 2 hours more I could not stand and cancel, I press to update the music library and zero reaction-ask 6.01, while other pleeras (not native) work correctly.
On Sony Ericsson P1i (the latest firmware), after an incorrect reset, the backlight remains at the minimum brightness even in the standby mode (usually completely dead). With reduced brightness of the display, the screen can increase the brightness to standard when unlocking (slightly brighter than the minimum).
If I started to "buggy" JogDial (the rotation of the wheel is not correctly handled) - it is enough to "blow" the phone with a vacuum cleaner.
N90 - no vibro call
Iphone, Blackberry - bluetooth not active only works with a headset and a computer,
people theme kaneshno actual, but the question will it reach the user, I often meet such people that nothing reaches and it is difficult to explain what is not intended from the beginning
Omnia Lite
-Pictory recorder. 90% - aparatno. All that is farther than two meters from it = does not record even with a microphone in the system menu that has been twisted to the floor. Although that sho next - fucking wrote.
-Has 2! films on the screen initially. Do not be afraid to shoot the second one - it's not a touchscreen xD (the first one with the files and the bad one is sitting, the second is the protective one)
-has 128MB (instead of the declared 256) main memory and 128Mb of incomprehensible chip, apparently - memory for something else
In Nokia 5800 when connecting to a computer through a cable and selecting any of the pop-up list for using the phone and then disconnecting when it comes sms it automatically says that the memory of the card is not available and throws the message into the phone and then uses its memory until you put it in settings use the card.