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Various mobile problems and possible solutions

- Nokia 6600 can not play MP3 files.
- SonyEricsson M600 does not have an EDGE
- P990i also does not know how EDGE
- 7610/6670/3230 - have Stereo Radio and MONO-player (mp3)!
- Nokia 9300 and 9500 - do not have a radio, have a very weak processor, support only mono sound!
- Nokia 6630 (65,536 colors) and 6680 (262,000 colors) - no built-in radio!
- No vibrating alert on Nokia N90
- Nokia 9300 if the firmware is lower than 6.27 does not know how to simultaneously use the contacts on the card and in the memory of the device.
P990i also can not EDGE
7610/6670/3230 - have Stereo Radio and MONO-player (mp3)!
Nokia 9300 and 9500 - do not have a radio, have a very weak processor, support only mono sound!
Nokia 6630 (65,536 colors) and 6680 (262,000 colors) - no built-in radio!
Qtek 8310 cannot save files from a blue tooth to a memory card
Most modern Motorola (I'm talking about the p2k platform, 3g - I don’t know) have a light and sound sensor. On / off the backlight of the keyboard depending on the light, funlight - blinking everything you want from decibels: rolleyes:
Also, in the presence of a lace / software, about 5 thousand settings become available to the nevrivorukuyu juzverej! eek.gif Not everything has been deciphered yet.
Nokia 6230i when loading a memory card (more than 75% with a 512mb card) starts to perform all operations much slower, shorter slower
Nokia 3230 without definite software (MsdriveE) will not write files from bluetooth to the memory card.
nokia 3230 supports RS-MMC Dual Power Flash 2Gb (according to the passport, this can not be done, in 3230 flash type with 1m number of contact pads, and in the above - with 2 - this is a purely external difference, internal - type of power). Testing with his own hand when it was necessary to change the BAA files with a group mate (his 3230 could receive them on bluetooth, but cannot receive messages directly to the flash, but was tired of sending messages, they decided directly cool.gif)
On the SE W800, the same problem with saving to the card via bluetooth, is being treated with a new firmware, buggy on the one that went back in March 2005.
М600і - to slow down the video and to dozha dozhgo run ... - corrected by firmware
1. Due to the fact that Nokia has 6681 262 thousand colors, and not 65 thousand - there are many problems with the compatibility of many games and even programs! Many games / programs that work fine on 65 thousand-colored smarts do not work on 262 thousand-colored and vice versa. Therefore, it is not possible that 6680 (1) and 6630 have IDENTICAL OSes (both there and there are 8 Simba fichepak 2) what goes on one of them may not work on the other and vice versa.
Shl this is not treated anyway!
2. 6681 can not transmit protected objects via bluetooth (installs of games of prog, some pictures and melodies) - this type of copyright protection system (can be treated by prog)
3. Another "feature" on 6681 (and not only) - microphone_s_zaschitoy_prav_chelovek (the one that is standard) - extremely lousy thing that writes no more than a minute and also squeaks every few seconds. in order to make it clear that "you are being burned" is treated by installing a "left" dictaphone without moral prejudices and using it instead of the standard one.
4. And another "feature" on 6681 - a constantly burning / flashing and not chopped off flash light (even when the flash is turned off) during video recording / fotkani - such as the "captured" one can catch the moment when it is tried to jam. And everything seems to be fine, but with such "features" imperceptibly you can no longer remove someone else (this is a crap for curious barbarians) - there are practically no normal "left" cameras because the feature is quite problematic for blackmailer photographers)
5. Finally: on 6680/6681 there is no infrared port - only Blue Tooth is therefore smart as a remote for a TV / air conditioner / video player, unlike the same 6630, it does not succeed - quite often the handsome ones are outraged by the fact that they do not work on such a phone IR Remote (the same remote controller)
Nokia E50 - the built-in PDF-Reader cannot open the NATIVE INSTRUCTION TO THE PHONE
In the CE K750 with fotkan big delay, which is terribly not convenient !!!
The Nokia N71, N73, N91, N93 also has a light sensor for on / off. backlight depending on the light. Sound sensor and speech synthesizer, Russian voice control. (finally it began to understand the word Bluetooth with a Russian accent
on Benq-Siemens S88 in 95 out of 100 running midlets, softkeys do not work ... Nothing has been treated yet
The Nokia N90 categorical is not friendly with Kingston memory cards. I was told about this in the official Nokia store when I asked why my body does not work correctly with this memory card.
In Nokia N70 there is such a feature - automatically close the program, which takes up too much RAM, and also spontaneously overload the smart. Therefore, I cannot open Word Word files larger than 71 kb using Office Premier, although Nokia 6681 (in the line just below the N70) can easily view files up to 1 mb in the same program. You have to convert * .doc to * .html and watch with opera.
Another surprise is that a smart can sometimes play a standard ring tone instead of an installed mp3. A possible explanation is the lack of operatives to play mp3.
But my favorite feature is the periodic svchost drop in XP when you are on the internet through gprs. And without restarting the computer and mobile phone, you will not get to the Internet. (the same is true for the Nokia E50, regardless of the version of Nokia PCSuite).
In the Nokia 6230i you can not put ringtones on individual contacts, only the entire group at once. If I am mistaken, duplicate, but for 2 years, yuzanya never found where it is being done. Smile happy
The Sonierickson K300 has a fast forward, although the instructions say nothing. To do this, in MP3 players simultaneously hold the joystick to the right and down. The K300 has a phone book buggy if there are a lot of numbers on one name, that is, the name may not be shown if they call you. But you can put a Java Private Phone Book prog, in which you can even write an asi number to a subscriber, and spoil the entire database from outsiders. All Eriks have a hidden service menu:> * << * <where you can adjust the contrast. Operator blocking check: <** <
In the latest firmware of the Nokia E-series Nokia Smarts (E50, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E65, E70, E90), the volume of the music in the headset is very low, resulting in listening to music in transport only with the standard EQ adjusted player.
This is an element of the ZHLOBSKOYE Nokiev smarts division policy. Say, "this is business phones, and you are not sure to listen to music in them. If you want music, buy multimedia smart from the N-series".
IMHO is the most stupid Nokiev solution, as a result of which a business person who appreciates music and often uses e-mail will have to carry 2 phones: one - with quartet clave (they have current business solutions), and the second - music (multi-media N-series). Insanity and only.
Hopefully, Nokia will become more intelligent and return to normal volume, or craftsmen will be able to circumvent this limitation with the help of software.
Nokia E60, after entering the verification code, the phone calls as if SMS is coming. The same picture is observed constantly when using life :) box (a). Or when receiving any other network commands.
Nokia N73 music edition! The maximum volume of the MP3 player is not enough to listen to music, even in the bus, not to mention the subway
okia 6300 is a very weak battery, BL-4C, only enough for a day!
On Motorola MING A1200, you can not install native software until you install a modified firmware!
Nokia 9500i. Maps (GPS navigation) in the mapviewgps application show a strange raster (colors are filling up with inscriptions, nothing is visible on the map). The same cards in smartcomgps (paid, but broken) are read and work without any problems.
Slider Gnusmas (Samsung) E250, when you close the keyboard, it still glows. What strongly puts the battery.
I noticed one feature. It is most likely not a phone separately, but a bunch of smart + operator. So...
Smart N95, operator Life :) , the essence of the glitch will be interesting to those people who actively use GIGA and-no.
It happens and-no starts to blunt, and refuses to load pages, etc.
The solution - we run QIP for some reason, it always connects perfectly for me, and already with QIP running, no, it wakes up and starts to work normally.
Nokia 6500 slide: when answering a call by opening the slider, the connection is established in 2-3 seconds, although when you close the slider, the call ends instantly.
1. It has one polyphonic speaker, but not two.
2.Bluetooth only works with audio devices .. (headset)
Siemens Benq S68
It does not work Jimm
3220,6020,7260 these devices have MP3 support
My first phone - motorola c450 it was something - you can put an individual ringtone on the contact, but at the same time (!) The same ringtone was also put on the SMS coming from these contacts ... That is, literally if you don’t pick up and run read sms. file to the end. Fun. In the specification it was called proudly "individual ringtones for SMS and calls - yes" (something like that)
It was many years ago, after which I already had mpx200 and (now) motorola Q, and ironically, on none of them, the contact does not assign individual sounds to incoming sms
edit: interesting, at least on some phones is this possible?
There is no vibro + bell mode on either the mpx200 or the motorola Q.
Communicators Raccoons Glofiish of any series, according ... If you turn it on, you can not functionally turn it off. The maximum you can put it in standby asset. That's all! And what's the catch, that the battery is if you have 15 per cent of life left, and you are on the road and arrive at the place somewhere in a couple of hours, but at the same time you have a GPS at full speed on the dimmest of the lights, because the road does not know no one!!!! And you can not turn it off (not like - except for BATARRY OFF (remove the battery)). Here is this zapadlo! Yes? And if this is done and the communicator is restarted, when the GPS receiver starts up, the energy consumption will be approximately 0.75 kW. Somewhere, there are 8 perceivers of your battery plus butabelny illumination for 40 seconds before applying the profile and as a result ALARM !!! ALARM !!!
Nokia E51: a smart smartphone, but when playing Gravity Defield is buggy, although if you play the powerful * .sis game, everything will fly. Conclusion - brakes will be observed when playing java-games.
Nokia 5300 zz standard firmware bіlshіst 3dzhіpі fіlmіv saw with an unmatched sound.
Samsueng j200 Cyrillic in javi tilki with Russian mobile phones (
6120 if you quit more than 1000 songs then the standard player can’t handle them — looking for songs somewhere 2 hours I didn’t tolerate it anymore and canceled, you press to update the library and zero reaction-ask 6.01 while the other players (not native ones) work correctly.
On the Sony Ericsson P1i (latest firmware) happens after an incorrect reboot, the backlight remains at the minimum brightness even in the standby mode (usually it goes dead completely). When the display brightness is lowered, the screen may raise the brightness to standard when unlocked (slightly brighter than the minimum).
If you start to “buggy” JogDial (the wheel rotation is not processed correctly), it’s enough to “blow” the phone with a vacuum cleaner.
N90 - no vibro call
Iphone, Blackberry - bluetooth is inactive only works with a headset and computer
The people of the topic of course are relevant but the question whether it comes to the user, I often meet such people that nothing comes and it is difficult to explain what is not originally intended
Omnia lite
-Speaker voice recorder. At 90% - aparatno. All that is farther than two meters away from him = will not record even with a half-sensitive microphone in the system menu. Although that sho is nearby - he writes awesome.
-Has 2 !!! film on the screen initially. Do not be afraid to remove the second - this is not a touchscreen xD (the first one is with the inscriptions and does not sit well, the second is protective)
-has 128MB (instead of the stated 256) RAM and 128Mb of incomprehensible chip, apparently - a memory for something else
In Nokia 5800, when connected to a computer via cable and selecting any of the drop-down list of using the phone and then disconnecting, when SMS arrives, it automatically writes that the card’s memory is not available and throws the message into the phone and then uses its memory until you set it to settings using the card.