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ICQ Safe Book

Tested on - No viruses.


  • works with files of the type uin; pass [emai] (* .txt), and with its own base format (* .isb)
  • encryption database numbers. 6 algorithms: IDEA (128bit), Twofish (256bit), GOST 28147-89 (256bit), AES (256bit), RC6 (2048bit), Diamond II (2048bit)
  • work on the ICQ protocol (checking and changing passwords, information
  • check for invisibility of the number, built-in ICQ-client)
  • flexible filter and search system
  • Drag & Drop support from explorer (txt, isb)
  • base sorting by parameter parameters
  • storage of extensive information about the number
  • hot key support
  • shell integration (Windows shell)
  • can change a bunch of passwords at once

  • The program has two modes - single and "group" mode (4th knop on the number control panel, where the icon is in the form of two superimposed rectangles)

    In single-player mode, the "check password" and "change password" functions work with the currently allocated number. In the "group" mode, the program runs through the entire list, starting with the first selected

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