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Preparing for the perception of information. Meditation is a kind of preparation for enhanced perception. Auto-training how to set yourself up for the exam.

Medettation to prepare for enhanced perception

This meditation is a kind of preparation for enhanced perception and is used in cases where there is a need to learn a large amount of information. It allows you to program the brain for intensive work.

The points:

1. Take a comfortable posture, close your eyes.

2. Mentally walk on the body, paying attention to the muscle groups and trying to relax them. Well, for example, the sequence is this - the muscles of the face, shoulders and neck, forearms, hands, hips, feet. You shouldn't spend a lot of time on this, literally one or two minutes.

3. Watch your breath for a couple of minutes.

4. Try to feel how the frequency of vibration of the brain decreases and how it reaches the level of AB. In this regard, you can imagine that you have an eye inside, which << examines the brain >>. And imagine how both hemispheres begin to emit a pleasant light together, the blinking frequency of which slows down, or use an image of heat or sound instead of light. In general, who likes what. You can imagine how Good Fairy or Sorceress strokes you on the head, and you calm down, the hemispheres work together. This is also not much time.

5. Repeat the following formula three or four times:

<< At the moment when I open my eyes, my brain will be in a state of alpha and will remain in it ... >> (specify the required time interval, for example: within five hours before the end of classes) << At this time my brain will be as sensitive as possible to the information communicated during the classes, which will allow me to remember everything in detail and clearly, so that all the acquired information is available to me at any moment >> .

6. Thank your brain for your willingness to work intensively.

7. Open your eyes.

8. Go to classes confidently, learning will be maximized. And you can do this operation directly before classes, the procedure, as you have seen, does not take much time.

!!! A few words about paragraph 6 . Do not forget about gratitude! In general, get used to something as soon as you ask, immediately thank for it as if you already have it or what you are asking for has come true.

Autotraining how to set yourself up for the exam

1. Psychology

One feels some fear of the upcoming exam and a lot of information. This fear to a noticeable extent can paralyze all efforts, no matter how fruitful they may seem.

What to do? First, auto-training. For all its external simplicity, this is a powerful weapon that is simply a sin not to use. Make it a rule, whenever the opportunity presents itself, to use such positive statements: my self-confidence increases day by day; every day I get smarter and smarter or something like that. Show your imagination! Further. Before bed, visualize how you successfully pass the exam, how you get the diploma you need

2. Smell

We will not ignore this tool to help our intellect. Spray lemon scent during class. It seems simple, but the Japanese have proven that this increases the power of the intellect by 20%. A lot, right?

3. Schedule of classes

Classification, even if conditional, is still highly desirable. If you read everything, then everything is messed up in your head. That is, it is impossible to study a homogeneous material for too long. The second is that a person can hold attention on something for 40 minutes. The maximum attention during class is achieved 20 minutes after the start of classes. Psychologists have determined that the optimal size of school hours is 30 minutes.

Therefore, I suggest the following schedule of classes.

First episode:

30 minutes of classes - 3 minutes break

30 minutes of classes - 5 minutes break

30 minutes of classes - 10 minutes break

30 minutes of classes - 5 minutes break

30 minutes of classes - 3 minutes break

30 minutes of classes - a break of at least an hour.

The second series is the same, only double the breaks, the third - three times, and so on ....

Now about the breaks themselves

Breaks should not be associated with studies. Exercise, fun with your pet Maximum distraction! Big breaks are most effective when used for sleep. By the way, lack of sleep, too, can be no question.

Even the most interesting material, the brightest images in three days begin to fade, if they, of course, did not cause a strong emotional shock or at least an impression. I do not think that the educational material is capable of it. Therefore, 10 minutes after studying the topic, paragraph, section, please repeat the passage. The level of memorization increases dramatically. One more repetition take about a day or two. Moreover, each subsequent repetition should be shorter than the previous one.

I can not give you complete confidence that you will not forget anything on the exam. I guarantee one thing - all these tips in any case dramatically increase the success of exam preparation of any complexity!