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An overview of Fri Sau of all nations

Nominally anti-tank self-propelled, is a field artillery, having the ability to move independently. Indeed - any stationary gun has always had superiority over the tank, since installing a large caliber in an armored vehicle is always more difficult. However, in field mobility the field artillery was losing, because it was enough to discover the positions of the gunners so that the question of their destruction would become a matter of time.

Self-propelled guns in this regard, of course, more effective than conventional guns, but the general tactics for this type of equipment remained identical - the most thoughtful choice of firing position, with the possibility of firing a large sector of space, while the self-propelled gun itself should be invisible to the enemy as long as possible.

Of course, the number of types of self-propelled guns was enormous, some engineering bureaus were engaged in the development of the fastest machines, some were engaged in increasing the caliber, experiments were carried out on the installation of self-propelled cutting logs with the possibility of rotation. Most of these machines are reflected in the WOT.

The main tactic of the game.

The basic idea of ​​tactical actions was already voiced in the first part of the article - the correct choice of position and disguise - the first and most significant for the PT-ACS. However, do not neglect the change of position. PT-SAU the most priority and "tasty" target for enemy artillery, you should not forget about it. And to calculate the tracer, it is possible not only from the fire of the enemy SAU. Moreover, some of the “classic positions” are known to WOT professionals, and preventive shots there are not uncommon.

While driving, try not to turn the sides and stern towards the enemy, most of the World of Tanks tank destroyers are practically unprotected from these sides, but they have impenetrable frontal armor that will save you more than once.

PT-SAU has the most powerful fire potential, but in close combat it can lose to a light tank, due to its slowness. Try to keep the enemy at maximum distance, if you participate in the attack, then keep behind the main armored group, supporting it with fire. Remember - your task is the longest and long fire, that is, survival becomes a priority goal.

PT-ACS by country.

Soviet Fri.

The branch of the pumping Soviet ST offers us, perhaps, one of the best anti-tank guns. The AT-1 machine, which actually determines the entire Soviet weapons system in the game, becomes the first in the branch. This is a "cardboard", "slow" PT, while possessing a fantastic tool. With a rate of 30 shells per minute, a PT can burn an enemy tank of the same age in just 2 hits, rarely having to send a third projectile. There are often situations when the successfully located AT-1 is able to “earn a warrior” in half a minute, eliminating the entire enemy breakthrough.

Further development presents us with a series of SU (self-propelled units) - SU-76, SU-85B, SU-85 and SU-100. In general, all these machines are very similar - fast and maneuverable PT, possessing accurate and armor-piercing, but not very powerful gun. Sniper fire and support rapid breakthroughs their lot. The exception is the remarkable SU-100 machine, which “divides” the branch into 2 parts. As an alternative, the player is offered two guns - a less powerful, but quick-fire 100mm gun, and a powerful, but extremely inaccurate 122mm. Personal preferences are given 100mm, accuracy and rate of fire with equal penetration gives you the opportunity to apply, much more damage per minute than a large caliber.

In fact, after this machine, the branch of the Soviet PT is divided into two parts - the first includes large-caliber and heavy PT - SU-152 , ISU-152 , Object 704 and Object 268 World of Tanks , which are the development of the SU-100 idea with 122 mm gun. The second branch becomes “smart” and less powerful, but very effective machines in capable hands: SU-100M1 , SU-101 , SU-122-54 , Object 263 . In fact, the first branch offers the player an “ambush” game, with sniper shooting from a distance, and causing crushing damage to the enemy. Already the Fri of the 7th level - the SU-152 can easily, with the help of its landfill, arrange vanity tanks for peers. The alternative is the “mobile PT” - when you sit in the bushes less time, devoting the main part of the battle support shock fist. The speed and maneuverability of your PT even allow you to attack along with the CT, hiding with which you can significantly increase the firepower, and thus facilitating a breakthrough.

German Fri.

The German branch of PT-ACS is less diverse, but it is quite successfully competing with the Soviet alternative. Rather, even at low levels, German technology is more successful, starting to give primacy only to the 8th level, but remaining more than successful and popular.

Unlike the Soviet PT - Germans are usually much slower, but, like all German equipment, they are accurate, and their firepower strikes them. Panzerjäger I - starting PT does not have the talents of AT-1, surpassing it only in review, but already Marder - PT-ACS of the third level, is certainly the best car among peers. A huge horizontal sector of shooting and a good weapon makes this PT one of the favorite "sand machines".

Hetzer and StuG III are two magnificent high-explosive PTs. The level of their random house is usually small, which allows you to destroy half of the opponents "with one hit." The minuses become weak armor, and “blindness”, but all this is eclipsed by enemies scattering from one hit.

JagdPz IV - perhaps the most outstanding PT-ACS in Germany - mainly because of its weak weapon penetration, but its accuracy and rate of fire allow you to play the car very comfortably.

Jagdpanther is a modification of PT-ACS based on Panther. The main disadvantage of the machine is a high profile that makes it visible and vulnerable. However, the most powerful weapon for the seventh level makes it easy to destroy tanks of the 8th and even 9th levels, and with the use of premium projectiles and accurate firing it can be dangerous even for TOP tanks.

Ferdinand World of Tanks and Jagdpanther II - the only fork in the entire branch, both of which lead to the same result. Ferdinand - the cult German "PT", has a thick frontal armor, and a powerful tool - but it pays for it with a low speed. Jagpanther 2 - the development of the idea of ​​the first modification, with a tool installed in the rear of the tank. The tank has the highest dynamics, the gun is great, but the armor, of course, leaves much to be desired. On the other hand, it is very ricochet, so more than one projectile will “jingle” as it flies away.

Jagdtiger - 250 mm frontal armor are weakly vulnerable even for the best guns in the game, and the top gun with 560 damage and 276 mm breakthrough is a weighty argument against any car in the game. However, the base "Tigra" carries with it all the "weaknesses" of the prototype - "square hull," which makes ricochets virtually impossible, thin armor sides and aft, sluggishness, and huge size. In general, the PT-ACS is very dependent on the skill of the game - the opinion of various players about it is diametrically opposite.

JagdPz E-100 - a huge armored fortress. Analogue of the E-100 tank, but with the installed naval 170 millimeter guns. A single hit from such a trunk is enough for the enemy to panic. Nevertheless, you should not forget about the thin lower armor sheet, which you need to skillfully cover, as well as about the zero maneuverability of the machine, remaining alone with a fast opponent - JagdPz E-100 is defenseless.


Today it is the only PT in the game, having in its arsenal machines with a rotating turret. In general, the general impression about the US PT - low levels are weak and helpless, with rare bright "stars", but TOP-PT compensates for all the difficulties of the start.

Sand PT - T82, M8A1, T40, T49 and M10 Wolverine - are weak and ineffective. The high speed of some cars is not compensated by practically “no” instrument, which, in general, determines the game, translating all this technique into “support”. The only exception is the T49, the mad speed of this PT (up to 72km / h) can allow, quickly changing positions, become a very dangerous enemy. However, a very small ammunition in combination with a weak gun, does not allow the car to prove himself.

At the 6th level, the Hellcat stands out, its excellent speed, maneuverability, and already a worthy weapon, in capable hands can cause a lot of damage to the enemy. However, do not try to use this machine as a CT, it is destroyed quickly and easily. Alas, but 9 out of 10 players play that way.

We find the best samples of US PT at levels 9 and 10. This T-30 is an analogue of a premium T-34 tank with a ship's weapon, this is T95 World of Tanks — the iconic “turtle”, PT-SAU with frontal armoring of more than 300 millimeters, and two top PT- T110E3 and T110E4 . These two PTs are modifications of the top American T110E5 tank. At the same time, E3 develops the idea of ​​a “turtle” with improved dynamics and retains powerful armor, and E4 has a tower rotating by 180 degrees, which makes the PT irreplaceable in cities.

PT-ACS France.

In these machines, the trend of US PT is even more pronounced. If the USA and the middle levels have their stars, then France gives the player only two great cars: AMX 50 Foch World of Tanks , and AMX-50 Foch (155) . The remarkable maneuverability, dynamics and maneuverability of the Foshey, combined with strong armor, and a worthy weapon, allow these PTs to occupy a worthy place, and be used in companies and on the global map.

But the path to these two machines is thorny and heavy. Almost without exception, PT-ACS France from RenaultFT AC and ending with AMX AC Mle. 1948 lose to their peers of other countries. Several stand out Renault UE 57, this machine, according to the apt remark of one of the players, resembles a "lawnmower, with an anti-tank rifle installed on it, and a piece of fence to protect the shooter". It stands out only in size - to get into such a flea is sometimes problematic.

The rest of the French cars in the bulk have a very strange configuration, weak armor, with large sizes, and not the best guns.

PT-ACS of Britain.

With the latest patch, the game fleet is replenished with English anti-tank machines.

At the second level, we see the Universal Carrier 2-pdr. The car shows itself to be an excellent sniper when using stock guns, while it is not strange that it loses sharply in game quality after installing TOP guns. This is due to the extremely low accuracy of 6 inch guns for this machine.

The following PT was created on the basis of the Matilda medium tank, it has an open wheelhouse with almost no booking. In this PT, it is rather difficult to choose between an armor-piercing and a high-explosive weapon: the first one takes a rate of fire, but the alpha damage inflicted is too low, the high-explosive, like most of the guns of this class, has an enormous destructive force. But the bomb must first be charged, and then managed to hit the target.

The car of the 4th level - Alecto, already nicknamed Electra in the game world - is a classic lightweight PT. Armor, this machine does not carry almost completely, being vulnerable even to machine guns, but a terrific review for PT and a good choice of tools compensates for the shortcomings. With guns, the trend of the PT of the past level is preserved.

Level five finally leads us to the real British PT. In these machines, there is no place for speed and light armor. Churchill Gun Carrier as it is easy to guess made on the basis of a heavy tank, Churchill. Such a legacy carries with it all its well-known problems - disgusting maneuverability, low dynamics, with unergonomic armor. However, such a powerful base made it possible to install on PT an excellent TOP-gun of the 8th level, using which you can successfully fight even against machines of 8-9 levels. True, until they discover you.

Cars from level 6 to level 9: AT-8, AT-7, AT-15, and as the crown of the A39 Tortoise are prototype assault vehicles used to break through defenses. The very idea of ​​such a crossing of a heavy tank and PT meant the most powerful frontal armor. In combination with extremely large-caliber weapons, allowing to destroy the supporting firing points, often with meter walls of reinforced concrete. Naturally, such vehicles were designed with minimal mobility and maneuverability, the flank defense of such tanks should have been provided by infantry and light equipment.

At WOT, this technique has similar parameters. The top guns of these machines are extremely dangerous, but if the enemy tank can leave the sector of firing your "turtles" and impose a close battle, the fate of PT is unenviable.

The crown of British engineering is developing a PT-ACS at WOT - FV215b (183). Designed on the basis of a heavy tank FV215, the PT has a similar configuration with the placement of the gun in the rear of the tank. But what a gun! A 183 mm cannon without jokes, with a single hit, can destroy tanks of the 10th level, even if the enemy survives, this is actually equivalent to a direct hit by TOP artillery. Moreover, the gun of this PT can also rotate, which has a beneficial effect on disguise. However, do not consider this a trump card. For the whole battle, the car has only 12 projectiles (!), And the reload speed is half a minute, in the case of a miss, it actually takes the car out of the battle, which, at its speed, is very problematic. Although in general, the skillful use of this PT can cause huge damage to the enemy.

PT-ACS of China.

In the new version of the game, unfortunately, China is not yet represented by the PT-ACS branch, it is expected in the next patches.

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