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American Tank Development Branch

American Tank Development Branch video

The American branch of development in World of Tanks is the most universal in terms of the combat use of tanks. In this thread there are a wide variety of representatives of steel monsters, namely, you can meet fast light tanks, a super heavy anti-tank installation, powerful heavy tanks, and the most destructive self-propelled guns , and even tanks that have a loading drum like the French representatives of military vehicles . In general, I want to say that American equipment is quite an interesting instance for conducting combat, but taking into account all the positive aspects, this technique has also gained noticeable disadvantages that relate to both the design of the tank and its technical indicators.

First of all, I want to note that playing for this nation is quite comfortable, but without knowing all the details of the game, it is not recommended to start your journey into the world of tanks right away.

American technology is famous for its destructive power of guns, the highest visibility in the game, as well as all absorbing tracks, which many players use as a shield. That is, they very rarely miss the damage from an enemy shot, which gives a lot of opportunities in terms of choosing battle tactics. I would also like to answer that the USA is the only nation that has the technology in itself, namely tank destroyers , which have a tower. This allows them to act like heavy tanks, but at the same time deliver a crushing blow, thanks to the high damage rates.

If we talk about the popularity of tanks, then in this development branch you can find a lot of tanks that have become legends in the hands of players. It was these tanks that made it possible to decide the outcome of the battle and make an invaluable combat contribution to the battle. One of these tanks is the T71 , not to say that it is actively used in randomization, most often it is rolled out to more serious battles between the companies' players. This unique tank has a loading drum, has a fairly low silhouette, its gun has an impressive indicator of both penetration and damage, plus it plays the role of a firefly perfectly. Players were able, even in the most difficult situations, to emerge victorious or to play the enemy cool, this became the reason for the high combat effectiveness of the tank, even though it is now rarely seen in battles due to the abundance of various equipment, almost every player speaks of him positively.

As for the real situation regarding the popularity of tanks, the first place, by a wide margin, is occupied by an American heavy tank called T57 Heavy Tank , which occupies level 10 in the development branch. This versatile tank was able to accommodate all the strengths of military vehicles. It has an excellent loading drum, which has a quick reload, worthy of armor, able to withstand a barrage of shells, a sufficient indicator of damage and speed. This tank is actively used by all players, because due to its uniqueness, it can be used for any purpose (well, excluding the role of a firefly). Thanks to this tank, you become a key figure on the battlefield, enemies begin to fear you, and allies begin to hope for you. Therefore, bringing this tank into battle, be prepared to fulfill your mission in full.

The second most popular medium tank is level 10 M48A1 Patton . This unique tank is ideal for the role of a sniper in the game. With excellent visibility and precision guns, it is capable of hitting any target at a distance of up to 600 meters.

Third place belongs to the T110E4 level 10 anti-tank installation. With its excellent booking performance and excellent combination of damage with cooldown. This representative of American technology serves as an excellent attack aircraft on the battlefield.

Overview of American tanks World of Tanks

Well, the fourth place is occupied by the premium representative of the USA, a tank called T34 . Despite all the negative reviews, it is perfectly used in the random house for gaining loans . This representative of the heavy class has the most powerful weapon among all the premium cars in the game. Thanks to this power, it turns out, to take with you after the battle excellent credit results .

The rest of the technique is absolute; everything is applied randomly and not very often. Why not affected, representative of level 10 of the development path? T110E5 became not very relevant after the appearance of an opponent of his own nation, which has a drum. These two tanks are very different in comparison, so the drum representative outperforms the T110E5 in all respects. For the rest, representatives of other levels and classes have a balanced popularity, and none of them breaks ahead in application. But among all there is 1 representative of great recognition, this is a level 2 tank with the classification of tank destroyers, which is called T18. This little monster has a terrifying power sandbox gun and an excellent indicator of frontal armor. That allows you to feel much more comfortable in battle than other tanks. Only the representative of the USSR tank AT-1 can withstand the American tank destroyer .

What to download? Tips for choosing a technique. American branch TT

If we compare the technique of this nation with other representatives, then the American technique is rather capricious in mastering. With well-armored tank towers, this technique has a very weak body, which allows almost any combat unit to inflict critical damage to the tank. It is also worth noting the terrible accuracy of most of the military units of this nation, even with full information you can manage to miss on a standing tank. To this it is necessary to prescribe the still not very high speed of American technology. But no one can replace the power of the guns and caliber with them, the excellent combat power allows the enemy tanks to be very badly damaged from the first minutes of the battle. Separately, it is worth noting the vertical angle, they are the best in the game, so the game from the tower from behind the hill is a favorite technique of all amers. Otherwise, American war machines do not forgive mistakes in battle, they require the most accurate and confident game. Therefore, the American branch of development is best to start pumping somewhere 3 in a row or the next one in a row.

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