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Branch of the development of Soviet tanks

Branch of Soviet tanks video

The branch of development of the USSR is the most balanced and most mandatory for the game World of Tanks. All types of tanks presented, took part in real battles. Of course, among them there are those who were just on paper, but there are also those that are legendary tanks of history. Having played for this nation, it will be possible to understand a little the history of the USSR, or rather to know what kind of equipment was used in the Second World War.

I would like to immediately reply that in comparison with all representatives of military weapons, the USSR equipment is the most balanced and friendly in relation to the player. Almost all the technical characteristics have something in each indicator. The technology of the USSR does not have any distinct minuses that can play a cruel joke on the battlefield.

Each member of his class fully plays his role on the battlefield and can fully invest their combat potential in the battle.

Just want to note two representatives of military equipment, which have become real legends among the players, this is AT-1 , which is PT-SAU level 2 and wears the nickname “sandbox king” because of the crushing combat power, capable of destroying small tanks with one shot. And the legendary SAU , which is the most popular among the players, is the SU-26. He is able to radically change the outcome of the battle, as well as able to withstand several tanks at the same time.

As for the rest, the development branch also contains several entertaining models that are truly unique, but not so popular players. Moreover, many models after the patch have lost their uniqueness, which forced them to sell, or send dust in the hangar.

It is also worth noting that the branch of the development of the USSR is the most saturated and worthily takes the leading place in terms of various techniques. The only nation that has 2 completed branches PT-ACS .

Indeed, when you first look at the branch of the development of the USSR, your eyes diverge. Due to the abundance of models, this branch is the longest in terms of pumping. But because of the universality of each representative, pumping does not take much time, and the game is a pleasure that is not achieved when playing for other nations.

Branch of the development of Soviet tanks

If we take into account the models of military equipment, which are most often used in the random house. That first place belongs to artillery - object 261. This universal combat unit is in demand on the global map and therefore many players constantly train on it in a random position. Object 261 is the most accurate ACS of all provided in the game.

The second place goes to two models at once. This is a T-62 , a tank of class ST , which has excellent dynamics, fast reloading and average damage. Universal medium tank with high combat effectiveness. Together with him, this position is occupied by the PT-ACS - object 268 . Fast, nimble and powerful anti-tank installation, which is perfectly used as an assault combat unit.

A branch of Soviet tanks at WOT

The third place is occupied by the famous IP-3 , a representative of the TT class . This heavy tank has an excellent reputation for its versatility. It has practically no negative aspects and significantly exceeds all TT 8 levels of other nations. Also the honorable third place is occupied by the premium machine KV-5 , which, despite all its weaknesses, is constantly used by players for the farm.

Well, closing all positions, or rather the most popular tank of the Soviet development branch, is the light tank T-50-2 , which was honored to be the best glower of its level. Excellent driving performance and powerful weapons, allow the player to do real miracles on this tank in battle. This is the combat potential brought popularity of this model.

World of Tanks Soviet branch

In fact, each combat unit of a given nation is in its own way universal in terms of combat effectiveness. Each player in the game, regardless of his needs, didn’t go to this branch of development of his pet and constantly brings him into battle. Despite all the negative reviews addressed to this nation, he is still considered the most sought after in the game.

If we talk about its shortcomings, there are only a few of them. First, the unsuccessful design of the tank, in which the driver is very close to the front armor, which becomes the cause of his constant contusion. Secondly, this is a bad vertical aiming at the gun, which makes itself felt in some moments of the game. For the rest, the Soviet technique is perfectly balanced than other nations.

New branch of Soviet tanks

Therefore, when you begin your first steps in the game World of Tanks, and it is time to choose a nation. That the USSR should be first in the list, because of the excellent technology, which perfectly combines combat power, booking and dynamics, allows the player to comfortably play the game and gain experience, gradually understanding the main intricacies of this game project. It is the Soviet technique that is teaching in this harsh world of tanks. It is this technique that will lay the groundwork for the subsequent game for other nations. And if the question arises about where to start. Feel free to grasp the line of medium tanks, these dynamic tanks will allow you to quickly become familiar with the game process of World of Tanks, then it is recommended to take up the line of heavy tanks, after which you need to pump light tanks. Well, the latest by choice should be PT-ACS and ACS, which will require much more time for development and pumping. Even so, the USSR should always be first on the list for Russian players, this is still a story that we must all respect, even if it is illustrated in virtual worlds, such as, for example, World of Tanks.

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