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SPG overview of all nations

Overview of the sau of all nations World of Tanks

Self-propelled guns (self-propelled artillery) - a striking representative of military equipment in the game World of Tanks. But, if we take into account the latest update, then this class of equipment has become the rarest and least used in the game, the reason for this was a hard nerf (cutting abilities and potential), which for many players seemed strong enough and they simply abandoned this technique. But this update also brought its new and unusual touch, artillery was increased to level 10, which allowed the game balancer to normally distribute military equipment among the teams, and excluded the possibility of frequent loss of a large amount of artillery, which made the game practically unplayable.

In fact, the technique has remained the same, it just became very difficult to play on it. Indeed, some indicators have become smaller, but this was a necessary measure. In fact, these representatives of combat vehicles remained the same, in particular, I think so professional players playing artillery.

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At the moment, the game features 4 nations, which in their arsenal have the equipment of this class, the next update promises players to introduce self-propelled guns to the nation of Great Britain. But now you can specify those models that are the most preferred representatives for the game.

Firstly, it is worth answering the legendary Soviet self-propelled guns of the USSR - this is the SU-26, which is the best artillery of its level. Thanks to excellent pointing angles, excellent reloading and ammunition delivery, this combat model has become the favorite of many players. Thanks to her, many players found popularity on the battlefield, and some simply could enjoy the game.

World of Tank Sau Review

Secondly, one can note another artillery of a small level, this is the American T57, which also bears the status of the best artillery at level 2. Thanks to excellent technical indicators, this artillery has a good reputation and pleasant memories.

So, 2 and 3 lvl artillery are considered, it is time to find out the best representative of level 4, she is the Soviet SU-5. But due to limited ammunition, it is quite specific in application, but compared to other similar models, the Soviet version turned out to be the best in terms of technical indicators.

World of Tanks Tier IV and V SPG Overview

As for the 5th and 6th levels, German representatives of technology became outstanding models here. This is the well-known Grille and Hummel. These representatives of the class of self-propelled guns became the most popular in randomization and the most effective in terms of combat use.

Level 7 was captured by French artillery called Lorraine 155 mle. 50. At the moment, there is an active debate and discussion about how this artillery would be used in tournaments and replaced by the famous German GW Panther. But the final decision has not yet been made.

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The most controversial was 8 level. Everything is simple on the one hand, and complicated on the other. All self-propelled guns of this lvl are almost identical in combat effectiveness, so it is very difficult to choose from them. And you can simply not make a choice and continue the very branch of development that was initially selected. Whatever nation you start at level 8, you are definitely not mistaken with the choice.

Level 9 again belongs to the USSR. The excellent and easy to learn 212A shows simply superior combat effectiveness in combat. Despite its low rate of dynamics, given artillery is quite accurate and has an excellent rate of dynamic turn.

10th level SAU review

But with 10 levels, things are much more complicated than with all representatives of low-level artillery. Here you have to think carefully about what exactly you want from the received level 10 artillery. For example, representatives of self-propelled guns of America - model T92 and Germany - model GW E 100 are perfect for random battles. These two units have excellent damage and splash indicators. That allows you to inflict crushing damage on enemy forces in a random house. If, however, you swung for the sake of landing on the global map. Then the Soviet option 261 and the French Bat.-Châtillon 155 58 will be pumped over by the best option. These representatives differ in features that are not characteristic of other similar models. Object 261 is the most accurate artillery, and the Bat.-Châtillon 155 58 has a 4-shot loading drum. Of course, it is less commonly used on the global map, but this particular unit is taken as a fallback.

video review sau The main models of military equipment for special battles we examined, we also touched on the main outstanding models among all the presented types. But what if the player wants to simply pump over the technique for collecting? This is a rather sensitive issue, since pumping artillery is, firstly, very difficult, and secondly, very long. But here there are already recommendations. In order to comfortably go through this development branch and replenish your hangar with new equipment without much difficulty, you must first take up the USSR branch. All units of this nation are quite balanced and easy to learn, they do not provide much difficulty in the game. Then you should take up the German branch, the technique of this nation is also great for the first steps and will give you pretty good memories of the game on self-propelled guns. But then it’s worth taking on the next representatives, that is, France and America. These representatives are very complex in terms of the game, although they have terrifying power, but playing them is really very difficult. It’s best to start playing for France, and then for America. America has very poor intermediate tanks, which are clearly not intended for beginners and require special skills for players who decide to play in this class of tanks.

Before you start on the technique of this class, think carefully. The best option would be to first play on other classes of tanks. Since the self-propelled guns currently has the status of "cut" technology and can cause a negative impression of the game. Therefore, it’s better to ride other tanks, familiarize yourself with the gameplay and already, then begin to conquer the heights of this truly hardcore technique.

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