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International Rose and Currency Operations - Savluk M.І.

11.1.6. Forward cross-kursi

It may be so that the client must pay the forward contract for the conversion of the transaction, the market for forward land at the same time є non-limited, and, besides, the full agreement. At such a time, the problem is possible with the help of a whitewashed two okremich land (ale with the same currency date) from the third currency, call the US dollar. For the forward cross-course courses, the rules are the same, for the cross-course spot: multiply the required rate of exchange rates .

Buttons. Clients must be paid with a three-month forward contract for the purchase of Norwegian kroner for Canadian dollars. The Bank does not quote the Canadian dollar forward rate to the Norwegian krone, ale zdіysnyu dolarove quoted both currencies:

USD / CAD 1,5000 - 1,5015

3m fwd cross rate CAD / NOKdolara usa

USD / NOK 8.1570 - 8.1590

3m fwd forward cross rateForward to please .

Rosrahuєmo three-month forward cross-rate CAD / NOK:

3 m CAD / NOC bid = 8.1355 / 1.5040 = 5.4092;

3 m CAD / NOC offer = 8.1385 / 1.5020 = 5.4184.

Forward to pay for the purchase of a clientele of Norwegian kroner for Canadian dollars will be set for the course of 5.4092.