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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

11.1.7. Forward contract forwarding

Yak already meant, forward to please ов obov'yazkovoy for the viscomend. Ani kliєnt, ani bank can’t be foreseen any other operation, which is indicated in the contract, for the most part of the unacceptable retailer and the course for the spot for any other reasons. The contract will be settled on the singularity of the designated currency. For this reason, you can’t buy any sales for the most part. In addition, for the sake of ma в buti vikonan, the date is clearly enumerated by the extension of a clearly marked term. Bank vimagaє vіd klіnta accurate vikonannya all the minds of the contract, and even at times іх wrecked він to run into the currency rzik. To that, laying down with customers forward, call the bank to say hello low operation for pidtrimannya their positions with the help of currency exchange.

It’s sound, the client can manage to look forward to come forward, if the course is such, then you will have to pay the fine, and you will have to pay the contract for the contract. Ale slіd mean, what is more important than the key people are interested in having their own “clean” name and good credit with the bank.

At your own house, banks, as a rule, can arrange forward payments with customers, as well as have a permanent surplus of money for the grocery and pay for the surplus of money.

But in practice, spend time so that you pay for the first trading operation, lie in the base forward forward, look for more, spend more time, transfer to the latest term (for example, for sale).

If a client cannot see his own goiters for forward land, then you can close this for the spot market. Because it’s for a forward contract to buy currency, then all is the same one buy and sell immediately for a spot market; If the forward bullion is reserved for sales to the currency bank, then the client will buy the currency for the spot and the forward exchange rates, having sold the currency for the forward rate. When I take a picture of a customer’s rose-flower market, the result is less than that, I can buy and sell less and sell one of the most self-supporting currencies, but only after the open exchange rates.

Appendix. Vіdpovіdno to forward forward the client’s account for 150,000 British pounds sterling for US dollars at the rate of 1,5888, so that you can go to bed with the stoker from Great Britain, but the contract for the supply of bulo is canceled. The client is not entitled to anuluvati as well as forward, the same day, on the date of the weekend, the month of May was closed for an auxiliary spot market. The spot rate for Qiu date becomes 1.5850 - 1.5870. Clinical medical operations: buy 150,000 British pounds for a course of 1,5888, and then sell for a course of 1,5870:

150,000 • 1,5888 = USD 238,320 (deducted from a rakhunka),

150,000 • 1,5870 = USD 238,050 (insured on a rachunka).

The result of closing the forward contract will be deducted from Rahunku client 200 dollars. USA.

Thus, the client doesn’t have to go to bed with her hand for sale, I’ve transferred it to forward land (it’s especially important for the exporter to put forward the contract for the sake of selling currency, to win delivery of goods). When closing forward for the spot market, the client can buy more beautiful clothes to pay back the minimum transaction by buying and selling currency. You may have to spend too much time, and so, as a result, close the forward and get the customer’s account.

Butt. Turning back and forth to the front butt, apparently, the client’s sales of British pounds sterling for the course of 1.5885. On the weekend, please see the spot rate of 1.5850 - 1.5870.

In this way, the client’s pound for the course of 1.5850:

150,000 • 1.5850 = USD 237,750

that sale for the forward rate of 1.5885:

150,000 • 1.5885 = USD 238 275.

For the results of these two operations, 525 dollars will be insured on the customer’s clown.

Ale, navigate a bad deal at your house, get in touch with the forward of the contract, do not overwhelm 5–20% of the total sum of the contract. If you have a cliche vikoristovє for hedging foreign currency deposits, then you need to repeat the need for trading operations to keep your goiters in good standing.

At times, if payment is not reduced, but less is paid, at the client’s office, there is a need for ordering from the front forwards to lay down a new one, so that you can pay the payment for a new home. Sounds good, it’s not too bad for a client. In such vipads, the bank can reserve a gift for closing the spot on the market, do not change the price, but bring the old one back. The special thing is that there is an operating policy that basically (for the type of contract is subject to a new contract, basically the spot rate for the date of commissioning, corrections for the forward point for the fixed term) are subject to prior agreement. There is a clear reason for the fact that the course of the new оди оди я рах ов є є я я is like the course of closing the front курс курс курс курс ск ск ск ори аний аний на на фор фор вард вард вард по по по по по по по,,,,,,,,. A closed course is a course that needs to be closed for closing a forward contract on a spot market, since a coarse cob forward contract is placed on buying currencies, then a closed contract rate will be on a spot selling currency rate on a weekend basis, for a contract for selling a spot rate. Thus, in case of an extensive forward-looking contract, the client can arrange a contract for a longer course.

It is brought to the application.

Butt. Clin uklav with the bank forward contract for the purchase of 200 000 Euro for US dollars at the rate of 0.9587. Ale platzh buv deposits for one month. As of the date of the weekend of coaching, please tell us the bank quotes:

EUR / USD 0.9460 - 0.9470

1m 13 18.

Klіnnt maє close the cob contract for spot market for the 0.9460 rate:

200 000 • 0.9587 = 191 740 (write off),

200,000 • 0.9460 = 189,200 (insure).

As a result of closing the contract ис deducted from Rakhunku Klіnta 2540 dollars. USA.

Dalі klієnt can steal a new abo to bring the cob to please. Rosglyanem insulting varіanti:

1. Stowing a new one.

For the sake of favor, it will be placed behind the course of 0.9488, on the date of the weekend: 200 000 • 0.9488 = 189 760.

Tsya Suma will be charged to Rakhunka Klіnta.

2. Reduced pleasing.

Pleasure will be given for the course of 0.9478 on the weekend: 200,000 • 0.9478 = 189 560.

Qiu bag will be deducted from the clown.

Yak bachimo, under contract є vig_dnіshim for the client. However, please acknowledge that the bank doesn’t need to go to contract. Subject to the contract to be less than necessary for understanding the submission of the key to the bank of the required documents, which will require the necessary submission (payment of the payment term). As a rule, a bank will wait one less time for a sub-contract, as a rule, payment will be changed again, the client will be reprimanded a new contract.

Please mean that on the interbank market the contract is renewed. In the rules of law, there are no rules for the rules, but as a rule you need to renew the contract forwards, so you have to re-enter the contract.