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International Rose and Currency Operations - Savluk M.І.

14.2. Organization of trading with optional contracts and margin system

Isnuyut bіrzhovі that carefully optsіoni . Remember to standardize on standardized contracts. Merchants selling options, governing, paying and receiving the required amount of margin money at the customer’s premises, as well as guaranteeing that they will complete the contract with them.

To close the position on the market of options is possible for the revolving operations. Such operations are called curving purchases, or currying sales. For example, give the position of an option call, you can close it up by selling the option call to the same underlying asset, with the date of the end of the month and the end of the week (unequal loss of profit and loss of business). What is required? Likvidovuvati dovgu position, even viscouvation option is not obov'yazkovo? Treba, more close positsії to reduce vitrati on a dandy option, as a rule the need for a new viscous.

Options are sold on the stock market for the standard exchange of currencies: brand names, pounds sterling, Swiss and French francs, Japanese ones, euro, and euro are quoted in the same way as the dollar.

The options are not standardized on the aftermarket, so that the parties can dominate in the same way as the underlying asset and the fourth goal, the date of the end and the last minds. Foreign currency options are quoted for an enormously large exchange of currencies, including including, major currencies, Danish kroon, Belgian franc, pivnio African rand ind., And also France, Singapore.

To the market of options there is a guarantee of the guarantee, please be quiet, I will report on the week of 13, so that the margin and guarantee of the funds. Specialty margins on the market of options - those who want to get extra extra less on one side - selling options. Buyer doesn’t have to pay extra margin, oskilki yogo positsії do not take revenge. We’ll need to bring margin є as well as sellers of options to call, as well as to have their own shares in the underlying asset of the underlying asset. I want to talk about pokritiy option call.