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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

15.3.2. Graphical analysis: understand and see graphic

The simplest way to analyze the behavior of the price is the graphical analysis . Існує кілька Typів grafikіv: stovpchikovy, linear and point-digital. Ale є one of them is for all those who have an absolute absentee hour (as a rule, an equal hour was intervened: 5-hour, 30-hour, hours, day, month, month) scale).

At the stopcock graph (Fig. 15.11), the price for the market is displayed for the help of the stopcock (bar). Such a graph of additional analysis of the price of the product, the maximum price, the maximum price and the price of the product. Victoria graphs with different hourly intervals let me discourage trends and signals, which can’t be seen on the monthly and monthly graphs, but on the more detailed, the current hourly chart is easily recognizable.

However, it’s independent of those who have only one vidobra vidobrazha і all winter menus for a singing hour, I won’t show them є, since for an hour they pricked.

Stovpchikovy grafik

Fig. 11/15. Stovpchikovy grafik

Є There is one more method of displaying the graph (Fig. 15.12) for the additional “Japanese Candlestick chart”, the vikorystaniya of some more extensive ones, especially in the program of secure international information companies (REUTER, Tenfore тін.).
Ponad dvіstі rokіv that Japanese merchants of rice began to think of sweet little candles. Tilo svіchok revenge the main ruch of the price by the stretch of the singing hour - see the price of the song to the price of closing. The visibility of skin-skin candles is showing a sacrificer with the values ​​of credit and credit. Yakshcho price closed for the price vіdkrittya, then the candle will be white color. Yakshcho price closed for lower price - black. Kinets of the upper ґ note показ will show є the maximum price, and kinets of the lower - note will show the maximum price. Ale, how do you respect the Japanese?

Candle Count

Fig. 12/15. Candle Count

candle, important not the maximum that minimum price for the hour of singing, the head - the maximum number of prices and the ability to close and the buttons, to approve the word of the candle. Ale, sorry, the greater frequency of the candlestick analysis is not for the future of the technical analysis.

On the linear graph, the names are closed. Tsey grafik і nazyvayut grafikom prіs zakrittya. At the thought of analitic, the price is closed for analysis.

On the point-to-digital graph, those same numbers are shown, right on the front, ala behind the other baptismal book (?) And zero (0). Stovptsi chrestikiv vidpovidayut zrostyuchimi prices, stovptsі nullivs - falling (with a skin rug, a cross is placed in the throat, with a skin Rusi down - zero). Previously, the method of analyzing victorious traders often often. Alya zavoddyaki komp'yuterizatsії that a fragmentation of special indexes and graphical analysis trader the most advanced tools for analiticheskie robots, graphs of chrestikov and zero to live longer.