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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

15.3.3. Understanding that trend

If you respectfully grasp the graphs, then you can go to the window and see the market collapse in two straights: burn it to the bottom. Ale rinok to finish bagato for an hour you can laze at the university’s horizontal corridor. Lay down a spontaneous or a falling market you can mark on any one of the graphs.

The first visnyovka, a kind of shy trader, looking at the graph, - about the presentation of the quality, but the weakening value of the currency. About the price of the trend of value. Thus, a trend, or a trend, is straightforward, a rhinoceros collapses into a kind.

Trend Winikaє Todi, if price is the whole hour of zrostрост abo padaє. In case of upward trend (uptrend) of the skin of the upper limb, lower and lower, and the skin decline will increase to the higher, lower and lower. With a low (falling) trend (downtrend) the skin recession is greater than the average minimum, lower and lower, and the lower and lower levels are lower, lower and lower. At the corridor, prices are increased at the same maximum level, and all recessions reach approximately the same minimum.

Have a grave жд three varianti solutions: buy, sell, but don’t be timid at all. Gra in the corridor and in the trend I will need different tactics and the future of the technical indicators. If you’ve seen a position and you’re in the singing trend, then you’ll want to do it: buy it (do not shy anything) while selling it, sell it (do not shy anything else) - if you feel nothing. As a rule, “stand at the corridor”, then buy at the time of the fall and sell at the growth, but at the same time take the pose of the market.

15.3.4. Підтримка та опір руху цін

The price tag on the graph (Fig. 15.13) is a series of signs and recessions. Rivne of forward recessions, in the case of an attack є there is a great deal of minimal prices, they are called pdtrimkoy. Rivne, in the case of an attack of serium of maximum values, are called a support.

Підтримка та опір

Fig. 15.13. Підтримка та опір

Injection of the cyclic rhivnіv onto the rinok polyagє in such:

  • If the price of the market goes to the support, the support, the traders will be quiet, I won’t be able to fall apart, and I won’t be beaten, I’ll be quiet. The struggle to see this before leading to the loss of range, the docs should not be laced.
  • Riven pdtrimki - the region on the graph, de bajannya buyers and sellers can be very protective. Riven pidtrimki possible vznachiteli late, for the eve of the recession.
  • Pivot support is the prototype of the driver - the seller’s clutch is higher for the clutch’s buyers. Zvichayno, riven support to stand out from the front of the top peak.

Oskilki bіlya rіvnіv pіdtrimki (the market area, sold lower than the flow rivnya price, the highest sales available) and the support (the region is cleaned up the grocery ’’ shopping opportunities ’). , then the main dealer's dealership is z'yasuvati, how much stronger is the main chain and the second half. As long as you have crossed the support, then you have to continue to support your effort, as if you haven’t been able to get your hands on the road and because it’s felt like you are falling into a strand of tension, then you should say that I’ve seen a reversal of the trend. I also need to be careful and more comfortable: there are more traders to respect, I won’t need to give up and I need to close my positions, but I need to be careful before I can open them up.

Yak tilki price "break through" the crook of the rivets and the support, the win in and out of one’s own protections - the boom of the rivets will be swept into the support. When there is a trend, there is a support, podolanii with prices, an old peak.
Strength of the skin region of the road, but the support is considered to be three factors: the triviality of the performance of the singing performance, the amplitude of the performance of the market and the following:

  • Chim Dovsh іnnu Daniy Rivne, Tim Vіn mіtsnіshiy, і mе article, wo wіn t be podolanii shche trivaly period.
  • Chim bіlsha amplitude іmivaniya rynku, a kind of іde to podolannya іvnya, tim vishcha yogo opіrnіst.
  • We should have a greater oath of land at the zone of the rivia, and there will be a greater chance of the surplus of the rivia.

Yak was supposed to be food, the trend is straightforward rukha rinku dogori (uptrend) or down to (downtrend). As a matter of fact, the market doesn’t collapse in the first place, not in the other direction, then talk about the corridor, but the side trend, if you price change the middle of the line with parallel lines - about the half-way and the other.

Lines of support and support can become the trend of trends, as long as they reach through the singing time during the week with recessions. With all of this, I’ve gotten a line of sight and a support for the case of direct trend, and the horizontal position of the line for readability (sideways trend).