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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

Entry word

Well yak life? Pirnaєsh in the Internet I Pavutnya is more chilly to spaghetti.

Tyznov disappeared from efiru, And I am checking SMS, Yak Іnogo svyogo Shakespeare Gukaє voted: "SkS!"

How are you? I will be no less than buildings for you, if, having zuruvsya in qiu, I superordinately add a topic and a topic. The book was written importantly with great breaks.

On the spot I virishiv take a look at the different psychological tricks and drown in the problem of psychological psychology information. Having read the styles, now I can myself have more than one authority on the subject. So, having appeared in distribution, the commendations of the social community, the indiviual, the group and the suspension of the social memory, the social history and social. Zrozumіlo, scho blew up the robot ґ at first know with such basic categories, as communion, information, management tosko.

Neymovirno, ale, having overtaken the loss of literature in management, I got over it, I was logically prompted by the system of management like a science galaxy and dos nem. And it’s not at all that scho management as a science and practical (professional) dyalnost monopolized economically-virological workers ...

I was bothered again by the word of the robot, the fragments brought to the most of the most small-scale circuits we’ve corrected, economic, social, political, humane management. Potentially, one has to deal with the problems of halosevual, territorial, territorial, spacious and regulative (the language of evil!) Types of management and know the middle of them (soundly, usually).

And about both the information and communal sphere of suspensibility, I permeate everything more closely to the standard of the blood system in the biological organism. I don’t send a call to us at biologic research! The nature is rich in reason for our scholastic sophistication, and in bagato speeches generously (and implicitly) "write off" the people of the test зав д д д є є є є before technically copying it, let’s do it for sure! First, before the speech, the way of communicating between people and the biosphere, to generously share such blessings with benevolent people and their bounties.

Zrozumіlo, right now, it’s just too impolite even without new technologies and information technologies. And so the words, such as PR, INTERNET, World Wide Web (WWW), even now they began to sound in our vocabulary, so we can provide you with an assessment of the processes and appearances, so that we can stand behind them. Now, don’t you want to say more, the Internet is like a check for V. Shakespeare! Remember a blatant phrase from the book of the same name by Y. Semenov’s film "Seventeen Mittens of Spring": "All nonsense, scho maths - crackers! I’m Einstein!"

Identity spirayuchis on logіchny umovivіd I inveterate (time of Colleges, SSMSC slapped Meni Relief from napisannі okremih rozdіlіv books) doslіdzhuvav problemi globalіzatsії, planetary, regіonalnih i natsіonalnih іnformatsіynih Model kontekstі large-scale mozhlivostey i resursіv Іnternetu that Vsesvіtnoї pavutini scho target pіdґruntya for zovsіm If you have a closer look at the concept and function of the needs of the mass community, the problems of mass and social issues, the huge number of sounds in suspension, the global level is too early mi zavdyaki vikoristannyu new information technology-communal technologies.

Written price books are covered by a special course "Organizing robots of pres-services", which were born as a result of synthesizing practical access to the author (extra members of seven-year robots in presidential services of the Kyiv regional and international presidents) Kyiv National University T. Shevchenko and the International Academy of Personnel Management) and analytical robots for remote access to social services, communication, social and political psychology, and the management of general public management. That’s why it’s not marvelous to get started, functions, special visits to the pres-service, history and information and communication services of the most advanced Ukrainian people.

The special vote was tested on practical media plans and specific news on television, video audios, additional advertising and PR products from other media and media. And I am preoccupied with the knowledge (from my point of view) of the analitical materials, of the hour of intercourse for state services, I think it will be brown for science and work, so it’s practical for the representative. In addition, even though there was a greater need for peace, the students of Corinthian students are irrelevant to all of the related professions, the fraud is a problem of huge sounds - this is the main theme for the sovereign institutes, and there is no need for them .

Otzhe, read, praise, criticize! Golovne, shch vi did not get paid by bajuzhimi to the price.

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VALERIY BEBIK , Doctor of Political Sciences, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Member of the Expert for the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine from Philosophical, Political and Social Sciences