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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

Rozdil 1. Communication and information in the life of the suspension

1.1. Communication and function in suspension

Understanding communication as a scientific term and a galaxy of its other populations of goiters of the XX century Sounds like a von vid lat. sottypisato - povіdomlennya, transmission, besida, rozmova. Moreover, the vocabularies to compile, and the problems of communal problems were recorded in the hours of Plato [46, p. 162].

Yak i wait in nautsi, author’s author absolutely in a different way to mumble the speaker. Social scientists (P. Sorokin) rozumіyut pіd komunіkatsіyu interaction, so that the transfer of social information [56, p. 196]. Psychologists (A. Leontyev) - process exchange with the products of psychological dyalnost, nasampered spіlkuvannya [33; 34]. Cybernetics (A. Ursul) - exchanging information between folding dynamic systems and the other parts of the sprimati, accumulating and overloading the information [62, p. 186].

Let me take a look at the meaning of the statement, which can be communicated through the transfer of information and sub-acts of the social sphere of suspension. Representatives of cybernetics (in particular, one of the founders of the science of N. Viner) have their own clerk in full knowledge of the world; 31].

The terminology of communal victorious social, biological, technical sciences.

But if there’s a problem with the transfer of the communication, there’s the fact that it’s a part of the process: transmission - increase - receive.

Such a ritual should be appreciated, especially when there is a type of change between singing sub-acts (broadcast, receiver) in the middle of a singing subject (more frequent).

Zrozumіlo, what to do about the interaction of people, group of people, suspension in the whole. If you need to communicate more, you also have the opportunity to communicate with the creatures (zoocommunications), and not more ... komunіkatsіynim process.

Surrounding the community process, obov'yazkovo mábuti present community office (povіdomlennya). The mother can be material in nature (mailing list, book, SMS, gift box, gesture, mov), but non-family, non-material character I will be very impressed with the recipient (receiver). In the remaining episode, the communicator (program) can be completely replaced by the recipient, by liking it to sympathy (antipathy), dovira (nedoviru), love (hate), skinny.

An additional reader can you eat, who’s communicating with people by themselves (internal language, thought, guess)? Obviously, like this, how much is my mother’s respect for her, she wants to be virogen, alya’s form of communication. In the wake of a madder, hallucination, we can’t talk about the straightforwardness and functionality of the communal act.

На Runting on the suspended forest, you can formulate the science of understanding: communication ос interconnected and codified communication of two sub єktіv [6].

For the sake of modality, you can enter the real geometrical space and the astronomical clock (ruh of material objects), but in the bagatomic virtual space and clock (ruh of ideal subdivisions: sign, image, symbol).

I will look at the center for information and typology of communications (Fig. 1).

Communicating more important functions in suspension, in order to protect robots are not only informative, but rather important ones. Schodo tsogo warto to examine the information sphere of the yak svіrіdnu blood system

typology komunіkatsіy

suspensions, without any functional, economic, social, political and spiritual spheres of suspension is not possible.

Viddayuchi on a regular basis that group of companies, from the point of view of information and management management significantly more and more, there is a process of processing the information, and it’s possible to send people more information 261-266], as a helper for the support of other technical concerns of the community.

If you want to find more social and psychological functions of the mass community, we are the key to addressing the problems of public relations, advertising, propaganda and other.