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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

1.4. Informatsionno-komunіkatsіyny management: understanding and typology

Communication and information may be more important in the life of suspension. Particularly stinky vagi are numbed from the suspension, which is globalized. Remained to be characterized by truly revolutionary development of information and communication technologies, as well as victorious in all areas, in all spheres, galleys, territorial and hourly spaces of management.

As a rule, there is a need for management, as is the main and main function of suspension [9, p. 37], a whole list of listeners, a secrecy, a vision, a brutalization to the problems of managing the information-communal sphere of suspensibility.

The information and communal sphere of suspensions penetrate all the main spheres of suspensions (economics, social, political, humanities) and the normal functioning of the population, as well as

About the role and role of information and communication management in system management, such as science and technology, it is possible to figure out fig. 5.

Informational-communal management

Zagalom informational-communal sphere of suspense, in our opinion, it is necessary to examine in the context of prioritization:

• ієrarchі-teritorialnogo іvnya і open space management;

• the basic spheres of suspension (sovereign law, economic, social, spiritual);

• galuso-functional types of management;

• ієrarhіno-regulatory rivnya rivlya;

• watch space management.

Відповідно до ієрарічно-територіальних рівнів manageлінінішінішініші::

global management (planetary management);

civilian-territorial management (control of the supreme power of the state, common knowledge of the world - Orthodox, Orthodox, Islamic, African, Japanese, Japanese, African, Japanese, Indian)

sovereign-national management (the government is governed by the nation-state, there are more extensions under the name “Public Administration” and “Public Policy”);

regional management (management of territories, access to economy, social, environmental, economic, security cordons may not be possible with power cordons);

local management (the level of government control and self-restraint of land, rural, silly for the sake of skinny).

Looking forward to the real functions of the various spheres of suspension of the economy, we would like to respect the information and management aspects of such areas of management:

legal management (as a rule of law regulating suspension of life through the power of the state authorities, praising the laws, decrees of the current legal acts;

economical management (I regulate the economical sphere of suspension, determinism, economics, economics, the role of the state);

social management (a pole in the regulated social sphere of suspensions, socialized social activities, interests and the need for special features, social groups);

political management (transfer of regulation of the political sphere of suspensibility, harmonization of political politics, interest and consumption of political policies);

Humanitarian management (for the protection of the rights of people in cultural, ethnic, cultural, spiritual, and other forms of dyalnosti).

From the point of view of the hierarchical and regulatory level of management (legal status of the sphere, the sphere of regulation and the control of administrative influences) violate:

• Suspension management (to expand to the entire Suspension sphere with a grudge of praise and implementation of the Constitution, laws, regulations and social methods, as well as social and psychological influences);

administrative management (with the excitement of the regional- administrative management of the Galactic Government, the management of the award and the implementation of the administrative and legal regulation);

management organization to ensure management and regulation of the activity of the organization of regulatory and social and psychological methods).

Take-ups as a basis for an hour dіі і additions for realizatsії management kaplіvnіvnyh vlivіv, Varto name:

strategic management ( direct management of health plans, development of suspension, territory, organization);

operational management (commitments to the most accurate references - truth in the boundaries of strategic strategies);

technical management (securing management of material resources, flows, tools, and necessary supplies for realizable deliveries).

From the point of view on the most advanced training of the manager, obviously, it would be correct to have a master's degree in management on a strategic level, bachelor's on a regular operational and young technical basis.

Galuzevo-funktsionalniy piddіd doslidzhennya problems of managing transmission єsnuvannya such types of management:

personnel-management (to receive support from people, motivation, organization and control of labor activity);

Intellectual management (a pole in the management of knowledge, analysis of knowledge, the knowledge of effective business management and knowledge of new knowledge through science);

virological management (organization for organization and secure technology of virology, sales and distribution of syrovini, transportation and transportation);

marketing management (organizing, organizing, sharing and modifying the internal middleware of the management department with a market mind to realize the power of managing the competition);

Innovative management (transferring the development of plans and programs of the innovative program, the implementation of the innovative policy, the review of new projects and technology, the development and organization of the activity of the company)

financial management (leverage in managing financial flows and resources, investing projects, in controlling the stock portfolio, in case of awarding financial resources, repaying them for profit from dividend dividends).

Before you understand, call on insurance and investment management, such as your warehouse and financial analysis.

What is the reason for the role of information and communal management? We are committed to the information security of all forms and forms of management, a fragment of the main resource for managing information, and the main technology is communication. Without it, the management process itself is simply impotent. And the development of new informational and communal technologies to rob so called the revolutionary manager is called "revolutionary".

Rozumіyuchi important management of informational and communal processes in suspension, we can specify the type of management.

From now on, the information and communal management of the company is based on the system of managing the information and social sphere of suspensions based on the forms of technology, the methods of the legal, economic, social and humane management.

In the spheres of suspension (legal, economic, social, political, humanitarian and other), the information and communication sphere is growing. Burkhlivy Inter-Net, multimedia, mobile ringtone has come to be used as a skinny catalyst for modernization in front of the economic sphere of suspension. I don’t really know anyone like that, like electronic business (e-business), electronic business (e-com-merce). And the economy, as the main rushі generator of global processes, has enlarged the cardinal importance of the legal, political, social, humanitarian and other areas of suspension.

So, so much more movement, more widespread information and communication processes of globalization, which can be expanded with the public. And we have to inform the information and communication management in a dearly accustomed life, with the help of social and psychological psychology, manpulative technology communications.

Take care of the ambushes of so-called pure mystery, we will have to look at information management through the prism of medium-sized, large-sized and mass-media communication in the context of the second-hand advertising and public service.

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