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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

Rozdil 2. Social communication and that role in the suspension sphere

2.1. Understanding the social welfare

As a rule, the material, economic and technical aspects of communalities are behind the temples, and the obvious social character.

The pre-tributary culture cheated on the Word; today, by the way, it’s Bulo will rejuvenate the communes. Pislya zaprovadzhennya pisemnostі cult of the Word transformed into the cult of the Book.

Sacred, sacred scripture of ush religion сл by the community of prophets with God, and the very word " religion " in the translation from Latin means "sound", tobto "communion".

Ale yakshcho for the clergy of the congregation of the Bula subject of worship, then for the old ones, the subject of worship. Logic, linguistics, rhetoric, grammar, dialectics and other problems have come up with great hours.

A middle-aged hermeneutic was born at the middle age, who had more problems and more sacred texts of sacred and sacred texts.

Pedagogy (Ya. Komensky, I. Pestalozzi, J. Zh. Russo) spelled out the development of natural children’s health, cognition (V. Humboldt, A. Schlegel, Y. Grimm) described and classified social science, O. G., Spencer) doslіdzhuvala suspension ін.

In the course of all science, "I feel like" the pose between my own needs has overcome the problem of communal relationships, I can’t do it without some kind of suspension.

I lish on the cob of XX century Vinikaє semiotika, yak gave us the structural (applied) linguistics (F. de Sosur, Ch. Pirs). I am praised by sociologists (G. Tard, P. Sorokin), social psychologists (V. Wundt, X. Steintal, G. Lebon, J. Mead, G. Blue-mer), as well as to promptly discuss the problems of the community.

Say, the French intercessor Gabriel Tard (1843-1904) explained the social genesis (winery and development of the suspension of such) social and communal relations in the form of voluntary cooperation, and I know that I’m

Later guesses rosiyanin Pіtirim Sorokіn (1889-1968) pіd komunіkatsієyu rosumіv swap almost, ideas, volodymy impulses, so that the interaction of people on the mental pryvnі.

The American Social Psychologist Fundator George Mead (1886-1931) and Herbert Blumer (1900-1987) respected how people interact through symbols. The process of imagination, when they looked at them as if they were using symbols, like people constantly and I like to exchange with each other.

This kind of interaction, at the thought of thinking about the leader of the symbolic interaction, if people pass on one knowledge, spiritual values, behaviors, pour on the message through the symbols, with the head official of the community.

Ale nutrition of the community boulevard in the center of respect is also the representative of documentaries. In the midst of them, belgium Paul Otle (1868-1944) viocremed, a kind of rose with a document of be-yaki image of the text. Tsey naukovy straight nabuv broader at the other half of XX century. From the winners of the numerical services of the social services, they didn’t select the best prices for politicians, businessmen, people who’d like, I’ve got to know more and more information.

The dynamic development of information and computing technology has given rise to information science, which, on the other hand, has arisen on the more sophisticated system of science and technology, which has overloaded the rest of the economy.

Pidsumovuychi, it is possible to state, problems and social problems at the XX century. They became the subject of social, psychological, political, cultural, philosophical, documentary, informatics, journalistic, theoretical advertising and public relations.

Having overtaken, scho social services, on the spot, gained scientific status, for a long time I have earned a favor, warto focus on my understanding of the world.

Let me take a look at the meantime, I would especially like to vote, especially by the subcommission of social services. Navigate in full spontaneously by yourself.

In the remaining hikes, talk about car racing, yak, at re-connecting, inter-socialized communication.

Tsey "internal voice" vikonuv two functions:

1) the function "in the factory" is called for, the remaining ones can be realized through the word (for L. S. Vigotsky);

2) the function of the internal communal channel, straightened in the middle of the special "I".

In the remaining connection, the internal dialogue is required, if you do not just need to inform me mechanically (as a rule, you can go through the soul), survive the experience of traveling. Such an internal dialogue is possible when you sprint creativity in mysterious situations in emotional and stressful situations.

Autocommunication is formed in the process of the intellectual development of people in the social environment, in the environment of the second and second biological (psychological) and psychological communal.

Neterplyachomu chitachu, yaky Mauger nіyak not dochekatisya Vlasna vivchennya problemi mіzhosobistіsnoї that іnshih vidіv komunіkatsії, Musim poyasniti scho axis: if two sub'єkti sotsіalnih komunіkatsіy, SSMSC opanuvali avtokomunіkatsії method, part of the "resonance mіzhosobistіsnogo spіlkuvannya" Process vіdbuvaєtsya i on kognіtivnomu rіvnі, і on interactive.

Respectfully, I’ll take care of the bells and whistles of communion with each other, the rookie A. Sokolov giving the following sign: “Social welfare є at the time of the social, 55 [” 27].

Zmіsti, as if pereusuyvayutsya in the social hour and the vast expanses of the community to the recipient, save us before the knowledge, intelligence, stimulation emotsii.

With this knowledge, it’s not only the form and factual conception (rationally sanctioned), the value, the idea, the reconciliation and argument of the word (about the truth of the word).

Umninnya - all the first skills, methods, sounds, soundless installations, which are usually seen in quiet standard situations.

Stimuli are all free, so as to spur the recipient to activity.

Emotions - I take a look at the context of positive communication and emotional distinction, which are necessary for emotional inclusion in the process of social communication.

Zmisti (tobto, knowledge, intelligence, stimulus and emotion) can be performed by two parties: communal items (mov, sheet, baby) and yak utilitarny objects (bouquets, clothes, wardrobe, clothes and clothes).

Social hour - vіdchuttya protіkannya social life with partners. The pace of social wages can be improved (for revolution, there are significant accelerations). Before that, there is a need for more energy, more energy and more time to spend your "commodity value", which is to say, the forecast is ahead of the president’s parliament.

Social space - the whole community of people with social identity, the yak got into a singing suspension.

Social space є bagatomirny, zayayak skin sub-project of social community with a power, structures of enormous suspension, specific features and social features.

Laws of classical drama to do, which, having swayed in the first act, p'єsy rushnitsyu, like hanging on a page, check building, like putting a final spot in the plot of whistle.

Viddak logichnym є a glance at the ruler of social services in the social space of the communal society, and the hand of social services in the memory of social memory.

We won’t need to forget about the fact that you’ve got enough content, the fragments of the community will be looked at comprehensively through the unity of the community and social memory.

The very same mi ’is visible at the offensive books.