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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

2.2. Memory Yak ob'єkt komunіkatsііnoі dіyalnostі

One of the basics to understand what is necessary for the rosy features of informational communication management (as all-in-one, so behind the boundaries of organization), є memory.

For the sake of understanding, first and foremost, we want to fill us in, from a point of view, to the sub-community of society (industrial group, social group), and in other words, the operating mechanism is based on the current and the same form. Violate biologic, psychic and social memory.

Biological memory

Biological memory, at one's cherty, to genetics, neurophysiology and biology.

Genetic is memory, as the subject of genetic psychology (S. D. Maksimenko) [37], is є memory of a biological species. I won’t forget between the biological space (the number of living organisms) and the biological hour (term of living organisms) due to genetic programs, instincts, crazy reflections and biological organisms,

Genetic information is to be taken for the support of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) and I will thoroughly approve the gene pool - the material is a separate genetic memory.

Neurophysiological memory - I care for the living organisms of information, for the rest of the life. Neurophysiological information is taken for the help of additional sound signals in nervous systems - intelligent reflexes.

On the other hand, genetic memory, for example, insane reflexes, neurophysiological memory with smart reflexes (and not only) is not so conservative, like Persian.

Water time is not worthy of looking at the genetic memory as if it is not necessary. Say, pid with a flurry of radiance, aggressive chemical spirits, and the need for electromagnetic flux of genius can be deformed and produce foreign organisms of genetic programs. To go to the whole vipad about such non-maintenance twigs, like cancer and that.

Biohimnichnaya memory to protect the living organisms of information, nabuto at the viglyadi biokhimichnyh zmіn (individualnuyu іmunіtet, narcotic, alcoholic, tyutyunova deposition of skinny).

At first glance, from the point of view of the community, we are small because the memory is less genetic, since it’s the same as the structure and nature of human memory. Proteins cannot be forgotten, as a result of the victory in the nuclear, electromagnet, chemical, biological, biological and other types of psychotropic memory.

It is possible to predict the whole vocal performance, and the vіdtak and the Keruvati to the indivisible, group and masovy svіdomіstyu.

Psychic memory

Psychiatric memory of looking at oneself is such a substance as preserving and falsely victorious of human society: knowledge, intelligence, emotion, volitional incentives (interests, values, bazhan) are skinny.

Violate such segments of the individual memory:

Obrazniy - vіdpovіdaє for the preservation of yavisch, podii, fact of life, people who were ripped off through zir, hearing, and vidchuttya.

Semantic - zberіgaє words, understanding, vislovlyuvannya, idea.

Afective - positive negative negative emotions.

Motor - vidpovidє for saving the reaction to the song stimulus (what to do with the behavior), installation attitudes (readiness of two singing ranks), mental norms, knowingly typed the mind, the skill, the sound, the operation.

Self-esteem - the preservation of self-self-determination of one's self, personification of special features.

Mechanism of function of mental memory of the pole in the realization of such mnemonic ones (see Greek. "Mnem" - "memory") function:

Zapam'yatovuvannya (introduction of information) - sprynyattya zovnіshnіkh signalіv, stimulіv, image; Identification and selection of ix (distribution of knowledge, sharing through association with accounting and evaluation, as early as possible in memory); form of a new zmіstu zovnіshnіh signalіv, stimulіv, image, yakі "record" in the same segment of the individual memory (image, semantic, affective, motor, self-driving).

The process of zapam'yatovuvannya mozhe zdіysnyuvatisya natural (automatically), but sv_domim (fully conceived organization) nobility. In the remaining vipadok talk about memorization.

Zberezhennya - a dynamic process of singing otzagalnennya, systematization and distribution of information in operational memory (1st stage) and pre-hosted memory (2nd stage).

For the “rewriting” of information from the operational memory in the pre-hosted office, it is necessary to reuse the motivation and motivation to enter the process of information, as well as the repeated act of memorizing.

Vіdtvorennya (vivedennya informatsії) - vibrannya informatsii ї in memory and vіkoristannya її in practical dyalnostі (at our viadu komunіkatsііnїї)

One way viddvorennya zmіstіv є spogadi - the result of auto racing, dialogue with the virgin memory.

Zgaduvannya (yak i zapam'yatovuvannya) can moreover be yak naturally (automatically), so i svіdomo (tsilespryamovanno).

Zabuvannya (cleansed memory) - the process of remembering the memory of information, so as not to have practical experience.

The process of forgetting to be realized when vivilnno yak operatively, so the pre-thermal memory. Protein neurohirurgam and psychiatry in home vipadki, if in stress situations (electroshock abo emotsiyny stress) in people the pictures of a distant past with a special life of an ancestral life of anterior generation were overlooked. As to why there is no reason, for the time being it has not been thoroughly ignored.

There’s more and more danger: forgetting it is a process of self-preservation of memory and information re-installation, as you can float your brain into the ocean randomly accumulate information blocks. Yakbi became new, it would be impotent to completely forget the memory (introduction) Information is important for singing.

The very leaders of such self-organization memory of people should go beyond their own biological biases (in front of us - genetic) and the social decline in suspension, therefore, they must be socialized.

The process of socializing in a way to get:

at SIM, Yak spriyavodolodnuyu by my mother and that with the first skills of behavior;

at one odnіtkіv, scho сп spryє zvonoєnyu zmіstіv і values ​​of the values ​​of social social groups;

at the secondary school, as an organization, in the social and cultural decline of the suspension;

at professional schools (advanced and secondary specialties), as well as memory in mind, know how to give people the opportunity to become a professional in tai chi іnshіy profession.

On top of that, on the basis of the social and industrial identity of the "structure" of the massive suspension: the huge and relevant organization, the political party and the other.

Zrozumіlo, scho social processes (acquiring social benefits, gaining the right, social norms, professional skills) signify the community dyalnіstyu.

The singing context has a recipient (we deny) informational information, indivisible memory, concentrated knowledge, emotion, intelligence, and skinny skills.

Komunikantom (with direct reference to the information society) to understand such subunits of communal services:

• інші people (mikrokomunіkatsіya);

• social groups (medical community);

• suspension in the whole (macrocommunity).