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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

Social memory

It’s necessary to vote, what’s the best way to talk about the two main types of social memory: group and suspension, without any process of communication with the doctor, be the same sens.

Grupova sotsіalna memory to look deeply at the base social group:

1 Small group - SIM, team, team, club for interests.

2 Great social groups - that may be the main social signs:

• social and demographic (become, vik, blessing, nationality);

• virological and economic (material mill, class classification, profession);

• suspension organizations (parties, conferences, professional forums, youth, women’s, veterans’s education);

3. Masovі sukupnostі (suspension abo population and yurba).

In small groups, there is an uninterrupted middle-aged community, group memory, daily, daily group memory, group members, useful dates, and more.

There are one hundred great social groups, then less professional, more specialized, more reliable organizations to consume in the social memory group.

Such social groups should take on the idea of ​​singing suspension functions, which will require an internal consolidation system of social communication, of course, especially a special group memory.

Naybilsh rozvinenu group memory for a long time worked for the worshipers of religious cults, as they passed from generation to generation of their own. Mostly, they were recognized by those of lawyers, and in practice - by the whole politics of that law.

Tsіlovі social groups , on a daily basis, develop a specific subculture, such as:

• in the first place, є a part of a pan-mass culture of the people, which can take root in the social memory of slavery;

• in a different way, the protest of a pan-mass culture of suspension. I can look at the meaning of the possible viokremiti such segments of group social memory:

Image segment vidpovіdaє for the protection of undocumented knowledge, otrimanih of the vіd іnshih members of the group with a gentry of usnoi komunіkatsіі;

Semantic segment zberіgaє social movement (words, understanding, ideas, symbols), not visible to representatives of the older social groups.

Say, priests of Orthodox Christianity, the divine services govern the old Ukrainian (church words), I don’t even know the yakhe on the roving street. Likewise, from the middle to the profesional letter to the community, to communicate with the Latin, and to the homemade people, the system of private signs and symbols allows you to allow others to see their “others”.

The active segment is positive and negative collective emotions, which can be transmitted from generation to generation through social networks, which include a singing social group.

It’s especially nice to live in a collective social memory, as if you’re in love with guest conflicts in ethnic or religious society.

Say, the Arabs and Jews belong to one and the same group of people, but we can guarantee that there is Islam and Judaism. Vrakhovuychi, those who are from Israel even better in the resolution of the UN General Assembly of 1947 p. repair usilia rebuild the Palestinians, like you can strike the power of the country, and in fact you can’t forget the group social memory of the Arab people. Give to all the sovereign terrorism of Israel, against all the populace of the Palestinian affliction, and to all those who are in danger of such a negative attitude in the relations of these seven peoples.

At their house, if they recounted яVrei, some kind of leader’s leadership was rebuilt on the “accordion meat”, they could tolerate the appearance of the Arab partisan terror, you can see it. Emotions, multiplied by emotion, try to increase the need for an affective and negative background in the community of international events at the Close Descent.

The normative segment of the group is social and social norms are all-in-all groups and her posture, codes of honor, oaths (for example, an oath of the Hippocratic one), oaths are skinny, I’ll be careful to close the group for the most important.

Here I am picking up friends with representatives of the upper castes, the practice of giving pilgrimage poses to the representatives of their own national group of that group.

Professionally-technological segment zberіga Professionally-technological intellect and skills, connected with the social functions of the suspension. I’m going to tell you about the past three years, the priesthood, the clergy, the lawyers, the general, the politicians.

Grupova sotsіalna self-determination zberіgaлен self-determination, as viokremlyu ц tsilovu social group of the middle of the last.

If only I can remember an indivi , systems and technology zv'yazku skinny.

Protey individ can lead, say, a breeder and materialize in one's own knowledge, intellect, emotion, even without seeming even about a poet, a writer, an enthralled journalist, who must be shy of the profession.

Ale Varto, please respect that there is no skin on the part of the documentary, memory and other materials, nativity for singing social groups and suspensions with a stern sense of social attributes.

Pidumumuychi, voted on the homeless in individual and social memory.

Madly, the component of memory (psychic) ​​vidigra is to achieve an important role, as a result we often don’t assimilate, it’s protec- tively viddvuvmo.

You can wait a while with C. Jung, having dearly known that you will be able to save yourself with special careers, like a singing hour we’ll be confident, and an hour we’ll forget a little more.

Collectively besvidome, at first thought, at your own structure zmіsti, cadence of the forefront generation [73].

Biologically (perennially genetically) transmitted linguistic (encouraging speech, articulation), logical health (similar things, viral reasons and poor reasons). Nevid'єmnі draw the national character, which are seamlessly imagined by folk sounds, artistic promises, creativity, zrozumіlo, communal dіyalnostі.

At any time, I’m looking at the structure of social memory of suspension, the need for respect for social security (ethnical psychology, archetype, social security, social security, social security, social security). the yak is characterized by value, systematized and predicted, the budenna, the yak is formed on the basis of life of people).

In addition, it’s respectable that a social group has a memory of a small group that is not overwhelmingly unrelated to the social basis of social groups of great groups (for example, it’s a very small proportion).

Proteus, you’ll talk about small groups, you can’t justify the feminist, the representative of the sexual minorities and that., Here, obviously, there’s a non-sexual component of the servant’s for young people in small cities.

From now on, the memory of the individual, the Malikh of the great social groups, suspension by the алом we are important and the necessary condition for the healthy community. We are in charge of the context of health for the visibility of the issue of suspension of life. But even the same problems and technologies, at what we can do.