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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

2.3. Komunіkatsіya і suspіlna svіdomіst

I took into account the special features of the biological, psychological and social memory, respect for it, understanding the memory of the most important category. Of particular importance is the very nabuva when examining the communal processes in the context of the achievement of such a folding, bagatimirovnogo, ambiguous and water hour of such an important understanding, as it is suspension .

The most important thing is to show people’s attitude to power, parties, political organizations, values ​​and traditions, 44 traditional ones.

Sustainable activity є the highest level of rational and sensitive, theoretical and empirical, standard and normative, higher and higher performance, more developed, more developed, more

If you look at the problem globally, then you can viocremit such spheres of suspension:

• suspension science (theories, concepts, hypotheses);

• suspension and political ideology (social and political values, doctrines, ideas, programs, faded);

• social psychology (suspension and political vision, moods, thoughts, will, hideous skinny).

The analysis of the structure of suspension of bridges (Fig. 6).

Svіdomіst є vіddzerkalennyam real butty: rivnіv development of productive forces, special features of suspension-political structure and systems of suspension vidnosin, rivnya live culture.

Psychologically, the basis of suspension of knowledge is to become knowledge, knowledge and evaluation, intellectual structures, thinking opera-

The structure of suspension

prices, organization on the sphere of suspension of social institutions and institutes, social norms, roles, processes. All the mental components of suspension have a spiritual commitment, the acquisition of political, economic and social spheres of suspension.

Suspension is subjective. її subjects are represented by the institution, the institute, the norms, the values, the positions, the roles, the status, the ideological issue and the programs, in which they are included and the function of the public authority of the state of authority. Ale tsya dyalnist - is better than suspension svidomost. Behind the psychic mechanism, it is identical to the process of viewing in the suspended light bridge of the spherical sphere.

Suspension of winery in the process of practical and practical acquisition by people of social culture of the camp suspension. The method of organizing activities in the sphere of politics, economy and spiritual spheres (суб суб sub-projects, values, direct, special methods of realizing) is infused to the "anatomy" of suspension, there is little reason for them to be in a state of uncertainty. From now on, suspension is a sign of class, and a valuable social-historical sign.

Viddovno up to the whole viokremlyuyut slurry svіdomіst slaves, workers and workers, feudal rivals and villagers, bourgeois and robots. Prote її structure does not disregard such fraud.

In the first place, the suspension is not very refined and monolithic. There’s something to form in with the influx of folding material, political, ideological deposits and officials at the boundaries of the industrial-economical formations.

In a different way, suspension is not too bad for class. Its structure is not easy and it can be stocked up with a large number of different suspension groups, as many as you can see it, and as a mother it’s not like suspension. From now on, in addition to the class of suspensions, the noses of the suspension are small and small, there are also many people who need to be professional, politically, ethnically, confessionally, demographically and fundamentally.

I will look at wikladen, of course, scho є masova, group and individual svіdomіst. The individual relationship between the suspension, the group, the individual can be characterized for the help of the schemes “more deeply - especially - single” and “whole - wide”.

Zagalna svіdomіst іntegruє grupovі i іndivіdualnі іvіdomostі, formє і reguluє funktsіonuvannya ostavnich.

I have a whole aspect of suspension є normative, osklki "primusuє", I regulate є suspension ’behavior so bi-informally (on the basis of the regulatory force of the law).

The form of suspension svidomosti - tse uneasy, arithmetic process of folding іndivіdualnyh svіdomosti thugs. For one hour, the odd time is one and the same is violated, the song's way to crystallize and fit into the system, which is the core of the suspension.

In addition to redesigning the lack of individual benefits for suspension and navigation, the managers of the social community (exchange of social information). Such a vimir’s suspension is governed by the recognition of the result of such information as the lack of information, the laws of the world, and the problems of living with it.

Pіznannya svіtu vіdbuvaєtsya on the weekday and the scientific-theoretical rivnyah; at the end of the process, you are developing at once.

The weekday (empirical) level of suspension of light bridges of fisheries is very important because of the aspect and appearance of children, which can be seen on the surface of suspended life (suspension and politics, institute). The concentration of bagati ’zhitviv dosvіd participants in the social community and interaction is concentrated on him.

Budenna is suspension-practical. The goal is to inform the base for the drive, on the basis of which suspension-theoretical models are synthesized. Nosy of everyday life suspension and rationally divided members of suspension.

The scientifically-theoretical theory of suspension leads to the introduction of a logic analysis, the analysis of the mechanics of control of the suspension sphere of suspension. Such a suspension of suspension is not є inconspicuous. Wine is characteristic for specific, highly qualified social activities (ideology, science and technology). Sutty theoretical theoretical social activities є up to date political policies, economies and the spiritual sphere of suspensions, daily forms of public ownership, statehood and power.

The scientifically-theoretical budenna suspension is not related to the fact that it is necessary to interrupt on the other hand. Smell the same function as the fallow, in some practical assertion, nourish between the theoretical constructions.

However, it is scientifically-theoretical suspension of activity, relocating to deposits of everyday (empirical) suspension, not determinate uniquely. The problem lies in the ability, ability and ability to resist the singing energy of everyday life on the theoretical, daily basis and the specific characteristics of empirical and mass life.

When you see the main types of suspension, you can see the two main types of suspension: state (etatism) and anti-state (anarchism) [44].

There is a statutory type of suspension of bargaining, because there are interests of the powers and rivals, but a monopolist of public ownership and kindness (find representatives of the concept - N. Makiavelli, G. Goebbs.

On the other hand, there is an anarchist type of suspension of civil rights characterized by the lack of social, political and legal norms of state power. Political vlada to pretend to be evil, and the power - the exploiter and the thief of freedom (the ideal and ideologists of the concept - P. Proudhon, M. Shtirner, M. Bakunin).

Klasifіkuyuchi tipi slіpіlnіy іvіdomostі, browning with such parameters, as centralism-decentralism.

Inevitably, the central typology of suspension is:

• socio-socialist - characterized by a concentration of moisture; extreme step - economically lawless;

• monarchy - characterized by a concentration of power, possess authoritarianism; extreme step - tyranny;

• nationalist - to be characterized by a family member, a university group member; extreme step - chauvinism.

Decentral typology of suspension of light:

• Liberal - rosodal moisture; extreme step - monopoly;

• Anarchist - the ownership of ownership, decentralized ownership; extreme step - without restlessness;

• International - to the people, the enormous population of the world; extreme step - empire cosmopolitanism.

We are especially important for understanding the problems of suspension of knowledge and understanding of mentality, which characterize the collective level of collective and indiviual behavior, and the temporary component of the component.

In addition, it seems that the mental health, social, psychological characteristics of people, ethnicity, class, major social groups are different, and there are ways to characterize them, their social and psychological behavior.

Mentality is formed by the influx of social and cultural officials: tradition, culture, social and political structures and institutes of suspension. However, the mentality itself is an official in formulating the suspension of physical bridges and the cultural and historical dynamics.

As a rule, suspension is a regulator of the behavior of sub-projects of suspension of life, then mentality is an internal characteristic of a national, social or demographic group.

An important, cognitive mentality and culture is preoccupied with a national character, a kind of followers through the prism of historical and cultural traditions, a suspense-political practice and an indi- vidual way of thinking. For the analogy with the indiviual national character, you can use the bulletin as a complex of typical behaviors, you can regulate the behavior of the national sale of the trivial hour.

Pidsumovuychi, of course, has a socially-psychological culture of suspension ства We are an important official and the mechanism of socialization, and so is regeneration and development of the suspension sphere of suspension.

The unavailable warehouse suspension and social psychology (Fig. 7).

Social psychology is stored from private (rational) and social (secondary) elements. Zavdyaki tsyomu won the day-to-day logic of social interaction with the logic of instinctiveness, reflectivity (with the image of the visual identity) and reflectivity (without the form of intelligence).

Oskіlki psychologiya okhoplyuє yak sotsіalnі, so і і Фізіінічні мінічані мідінівідівнічні інідуції і і міції, You can tell, up to social psychology to follow:

• specializing in respect to emotion, engaging in interest in people and form of motivation in social activity (social aspect);

The structure of the social psychological part of the suspension svidomosti

• іndivіdualno-psіchіchnі power of authority (memory, will, deliberate health);

• biologic and biophysiological mechanisms, cliched by genetic power of the individual (zbudzhennya, decline, nervousness), are manifested in temperament, demographic, old, and other characteristics.

The role of irrational elements of growth, as if lyudin is not a mother (or at least not a mother) is sufficient for informative information, less is the essence and cause of suspension. And for singing minds, fiziologichesky respect (hunger, fear) can inflame the vitality of the rational form of social and regulatory behavior. Sounds - radical political dileys: revolution, rebellion, stab.

Vidomo bagato applied, if they are socially respectful, because of fear of the fear of aggres- sion, ethnicity of confessional “cleansing” of healthy people, overcoming of irrational mechanisms.

Istoria was the most factual, if the government specifically awakened the rule of law with the help of the methodology of the most powerful ideological doctrines.

I can take a look at wikladen, in general I can evaluate the history of torchlight walks, the monumental architecture of the imperial institutions, written political rituals, orients of a little urbi. Problems of the old-fashioned self-service (written message) of the social group before G. Lebon, G. Tarde, V. Bekhterev [44].

It is especially important for social psychological analysis of individual and large (large and small) forms of suspension and analysis, analysis of the most important for adequate assessment of the situation.

Varto also viocremit funcional social psychology: cognitive (philosophical say epistemological), adaptation and motivation.

The recognized function of the social psychological gap in power is not less than that of a supplementary respect for information, a rational rational and logical hat, and substitute for an hour of public opinion. Especially sincerely manifests itself in the times of the suspension of political paradigms, of cardinal changes of fundamental values.

Adaptation of the functions of the social psychological transfer перед secure care of the sub-sector of the social sphere (on the front of the people) to the middle storehouse.

Three types of adaptations (prisosuvannya) of people to the middle of the head:

conformity (sprynyattya establishment of orders);

Інноваційність (saving of activity and self-determination of people);

ritualism (symbolic, uncritical position of people).

Motivation of the function of the social psychological gap in the transferred social and political goals and the sphere of social behavior in the sphere of suspended behavior.

Rosglyanim form of suspension behavior.

• For the nature of the participation:

vіdkritі (vibori, demonstration, package);

closed (uhilyannya vіd vikonannya gromadskih i polіtichnyh obov'yazkіv).

• For vidpovidnistyu "the rules of the gris": normative (orinition on the principle of principle); devіantnі (uhilyannya vіd vikonannya panіvnikh principles_v).

• Behind rіvnem creativity:

traditions (scho postіyno vidvoryutsyut);

інноваційні (creativity). Pidssumovuyu zauvazhimo, scho analysis by understanding the suspension of the patient’s senses without looking at the peculiarities of social communication in the presence of any suspension. Social communication penetrates all the structures of suspension and, by the day, we become a ridge, an informational, blood-bearing system of suspension life.