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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

4.2.Globalization and the form of the One Holy Space for one hour

Kіnets XX - ear of the XXI century commemorated by the bourgeois processes of the communist revolution on a global, global scale.

Before such traditional traditions, in the recent past, there are views of the mass media, as well as terrestrial television and radio, all kinds of sound recordings, movies, and more mass media are available, as well as a large number of telephones We have a lot of software protection.

More than that, staying an hour and taking care of your personal communication, such as your phone, fax, open it up for handing me out and insuring myself before the mass media (I’ve accepted the Telecommunication Act in the USA in 1996).

From now on, the winery is completely new in terms of specificity in the specificities of the community on the basis of mas-media-indivis, mas-media-group, mas-media-suspension, and the sphere of international business. Suputnikove telebachennya, Іnternet that INSHI іnformatsіynі supermagіstralі funktsіonuyut not zvazhayuchi on geofіzichnі that polіtichnі cordon scho robit neobhіdnim zdіysnennya retelnogo analіzu i pereglyadu strategіy paradigms organіzatsії that funktsіonuvannya natsіonalnih іnformatsіynih prostorіv that polіtiki Reigning іnstitutsіy in іnformatsіynіy sferі.

Nin, I just meant, the term globalization is one of the most important things in science and technology. Speak and write about global economy, politics, culture ...

Despite all the positive global processes, you cannot forget about the first global process catalysts, transnational corporations and transnational banks, from one side, and also from the other side of the world. Obviously, we won’t take it from the shame to get 25% of the population of the planet, living in the most affluent countries of the world, living with 80% of the energy sector, 86% of the industries, and at that time there are 44 more , 2% of industrial production.

For UNESCO, countries need to develop, lose more than 4% of the new computer market, and 75% of their telephone sets are available in nine of the most prosperous countries of the planet.

To war and such figures: 1988 p. 30 newspapers didn’t have enough newspapers, but 30 of them lost one more drunked ZMK. The Middle European index, for the time being, should be 39 newspapers in the country, and the Middle African index should be less than 3 ... To lead here, without a doubt, the USA - 1,687 newspapers. And Japan, for example, has 125 major newspapers.

The average indicator of the number of inhabitants per 1000 population per 330 population becomes 330 units. Ale rozrev mіzh bagatimi і bіdnimi duzn significant. For the first ones, the indicator becomes 911 rad_oprimachiv, and for others - 142.

In 34 countries, there is a silent German television tower.

The average "temperature indicator by temperature" in the sphere of telebacons, which is the reality of televisions, becomes 137 teleproms per 1000 population. In big countries there are 447 roads, and in 36 countries there are 36 television stations per 1000 population of the whole country [126].

But it’s quite a matter of technical help, due to the small parameters of the so-called nowadays informational suspension.

Nabagato is important, to our thought, є the problem of one wide open space - an hour, just like the first time I went from the category of philosophical students to the real physical and physical area. I can’t help but wait a bit with the American R. Rolker and Rosiyanin K. Gadzhiyvim for a long time in earnest linking these categories with the constant development of civilization [16].

To the thought of the rest, the congregation of the great empires in the whole boulevard due to significant short-circuiting of transport types. Dependence of the development of suspensions until now is all the time for the roztashuvanny uzdovzh basseyniv rіk and marine uzrezhzhіv (Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Carthage, Rome and the World).

A branch of seafaring, dvigunіv leaning leaning on the first role of the marine state (England, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal), and Mali surmount to the continental.

In the course of the industrial revolution, Yak gave postal development of land communications, a view of out-of-town transportation, adjusted the need for changing minds to develop land empires - Nimechchini, Russia, USA.

You can eat, but what about the phenomena of the Mongolian and Arabian empires?

The Arab dossier Ibn Khaldun, having ignored the empty land, didn’t have any significant topographic bar'vs, gave the Arabs the average sea equivalent, they could easily see the sea port.

Tsіkava dumka, what’s wrong?

Although it’s a big deal, there’s a big deal of zaliznyky people and aviakomunіkatsіі cardinally changed the understanding of geographic and polite cordons, and the belts of new information technologies, the satellite TV tower is thinner, even though it’s reminiscent of a bar.

Ninethe svitovarstvo є a complete system, which is the main hour of svіdomіst, yak, zdіdno z tverdzhennyam E. Durkheyma, є a product of collective svidomostі і determinіnu є cultural rhythm of hourly suspension.

The whole important process, the secret, was introduced by the introduction of the One All-Planet Hour (1884 p., The green "zero meridian").

And the fragments of the electronic mess of mass communication can be practically practical by transmitting information through the satellites to the heaps of the earth’s co-ordinates, synchronizing with each other in the course of the rhythm of the clock’s functioning.

I became familiar with the same again as a prominent scientifically-technological and social process by becoming a good hour (as a whole, I’ve got a chance to review the new maritime grooms, weekly classes, Suecky Panama Canal, etc.).

Suputnikovy, optoelectronic, fax-modem dialing, computerization of bagatokh spheres of life significantly asked the flows of information, "saw" the hour, which gave the right to the philosopher G. Lyuba to speak about the "speed of speed."

Lyudina, for her love of the new needs of the mass community, can change the water hours in the winter and the second in the winter regions of the planet without her physical presence. Electronic conversations, teleconferences, navigation of serious economic and political lands through information and communication to understand the "center - the periphery", the most open-mindedness of the earth.

I filed in the region, the country, I’ve become more and more wise in what we’ll be clever. A new global system of communications with a significant world of functions is independent of the sovereign control of the quietest and most important regions of the country.

Yak is a witness, my mother’s cardinal measure is in the presence of a suspension of the humanity’s bosom, I carry in myself a positive, so negative tendency. І ce zrozumіlo, all our life поз balance ув balance in the middle and the middle, in the middle and bazhanim.

Before oversteping the form of the One Holy Space at one o'clock, one can zarahuvati bagato of valuable speeches: science-and-technology and suspension progress, cultural and social progress, and lively life. Proteus does not have to underestimate the threat of losing national and social authenticity, and for the rest - of freedom. At the time of the establishment of a full communal control over the Jerelles of information, on the side of the peacefully singing world of a hypothetical "holy order", we can reject the total form of totalitarianism. In the current context, the demand for goods must be seriously earnestly applied to the viroblocates of legal organizations, suspension-economic and communal-technological norms of regulation of the informational sphere of the planet.