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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

Dodatok 5.2.3 Politics and mi


I’m selling the readers of the “Evening Kyiv” with the results of the enormous thought (post. Div. At “VK” vid 23, 27, 28 sickle 1991 p.).


One of the most favored meals in the prevailing political culture of suspension є special days ’with the best and most common types. In the foreseeable test tasks, here, as a rule, one should be aware of the nature of putting the people to their political (sovereign) leader.

For the type of political culture that is popular, the government has the power to put it all the way to the first power. The same type of political culture is in favor of the charismatic nature of power, put before the political leader as a spiritual leader to the people.

Our homeland is well-known for the political culture of the Ukrainian suspension, I want the political culture of marginal suspension, which is much closer to the shameful, less to the shady type. So, at the thought of 60 meetings, it’s better to put yourself in front of the leader of the state so as to find the best middle of the world. Less than 26.29 percent of the respondents will rely on the charisma of the political leader, so that they can pump the clock and spiritual leader with him.

Thus, the political identity of the Ukrainian suspension, for a characteristic of a large world of political culture of a popular type, is much more beautiful to “fit in” with the political structures of the classic parliamentary-presidential type, I’ll have a good time

Become a representative of a representative to a representative group of food groups. So, for example, women є henchmen of "shіdnogo varіantu" bіlshoyu mіroyu, nіzh choloviki - 30.38 vs 22.26 vіdsotka. And young people are more numerous, lower than the average statistical respondent, vidkidє: від 17.65 відсотка осіб up to 20 rak_v - up to 21.25 відсотка відніч 21-30 мінків інтююся for a charismatic type of power (at 26.29 відсідка.

Partnership and awareness of respondents were practically not consumed by this nutrition, as they were, socially and professional status (they are 69 years ahead of schedule).

The water hour of a mother’s demand for respect, which we live in suspension, as in Prague for totalitarianism, comes to arouse a legal, democratic state. All at once, learn the overlay of the svіd video bit to the mill of the huge svidomost.

With a diligent political structure (a big party system, an effective legal system, steel parliamentary traditions are too thin), it’s important to maintain a political culture, it’s important to have some value). Classic butt - UK, Nimechchina, France, Italy skinny.

In the republics with a higher type of political culture (in addition, there are such people as Japan, India, Thailand and India, they creatively re-melted their own parliamentary parliament), vibrating to overstep the peculiarities of politics. For these minds, parties often entice popular specialties, and mid-candidates finish a high list of square ones.

But what about us? In the first glance, our version of political culture is almost always insured to a shameful type: that organization itself is not for the party, but for specialty, not enough for official structures. Particularly strong mood in women. Can you explain the number of electoral bases of Rukhu, greenery, and enormous rukhov? Needless to censure the monoparty dictatorship? It’s unlikely that there’s a point for the Zoru, it’s possible to have a lasting rest in the future. Soon, everything here is manifested not in a clayish manner, but in the total nature and traditions of our political culture. Bringing absurdities into the era of the apologetic socialism, the cult of the Communist Party of the Vikings, revived the reaction of the revolution, their social message to the word "party" zagagolі. And it was repaired in twenty more: “We say the party, we mean Lenin ...” We spent a month with a talented and kind politician after the apostle “leader of the people”: “We’d be wise in the party party Lenina - Stalin ..."

We have a situation, I’ve got a cultivation and cultivation of a better culture, I have been motivated to take part in myself, I have a good conscience, I have a great deal of moral .

What do you mean, mustache is said, why didn’t people become infected at once for the ideological chit of political signs? Already nyyak. Dosvіd to say: it is enough to call your own obedience to the ruch, front, and society toschino - and on the right side. Applications that you can know no less than in the history (Rukh, Sayudis, "Vilnius Georgia", "Democratic Russia"), and the first in Europe, the European Forum, and the World Forum.

Turn around to the point of view of the representatives of the highest social groups of the vibrant people looking for food, dear, young people up to 20 years old and 21-30 years old, young and old, but not more than 23 days old. And the respondents were 31 to 40 rokіv, napaki, they saw this variant vіdpovіdі vdvіchі more - 43.1 vidotska (against 35.62 vidotska middle).

Analogous respondents showed 47.89 employees, average employees 44.09 employees, 41.86 employees and 40 technical employees.

We have a clear view of the practical nature of the analysis of the principle of vibration of the deputies, a fall in the stage of inclusion of respondents in the vast political system (Div. Table 1).

Table 1

Viddannya overtake the principles of vibrator deputies fallow the stage of inclusion of respondents in the huge political system (in vidotkah)

Principles of Above

Partnership of respondents

KPU members

members of the NRU


potential party members

More beautifully not douche

z "correctї", nizh yaskra especially

z "wrongї" partії





Not so important, in the party part

candidate of the deputy, yakshcho vin є

decent, decent people





MP may be















Not vіdpovіli





Yak can bachichi z tab. 1, thoughts of members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and "party-free parties" may be identical. So itself is the point of dawning the principles of non-partisan membership of the NRU. Accepting in reality significantly more intolerance from the side left to positive features from the party, I don’t sympathize with such a stink.

From the side, the results of the feasibility report on readiness 53.54 members of the CPSU vote not for a member of their own party. Judging by the truth, in the lavas of the Communist Ukraine of Ukraine there are no trivial fate of the declared unity, the members cannot be separated from themselves by the single social unity (the psychological phenomenon is “mi” and “stink”).

Let’s show є those who read the name of a member of their party irrespective of the particular brutalities of the candidates, the deputy showed the same number of members of the Communist Party of Ukraine, so I’m a member of the NRU. I rukhіvtsі at 38.46 відсотка випадків ready to vote vodyachi from the special brutes of the candidate, and not from the third party membership. About what to do? Nasampered about those who are for all our political membership in a formal political organization to complete a formal announcement. Our slurry is still boiling with protoplasm of enormous slowness, one of the main signs of which we will have to achieve is clearly structured in the structure of the political life, it seems to be real, legally framed, and dyyova bagatopartіynіst.

Turn around to the typology of political culture, consider the accumulation of political settings of respondents in the form of political culture (div. Table. 2).

Table 2

Political look of the respondents, speaking on the political typography of culture (near the banks)

Political installations

Type of political culture




Zagalom for vibration
















yaki did not signify





It’s unimportant to celebrate, the main component of political culture in the Ukrainian economy is characterized by a great centristism (I want it to be “nice”), better vibrations and lesser radicalism. The last component is characterized by a greater number of radicals and is quiet, without being identified with their political positions, lower. It’s ok to stand politically marginalized, middle of the month even tertin abalized with vibrator, but viyavlya politically indifferently.

In conclusion, as we can imagine, we have the right to have a full list of those who want the transition to totalitarianism before democracy is characterized by the industrial campus of political culture and politics.

As a result of our achievement, the culture of modern Ukraine is diverse, with all the ambiguity of social and cultural processes, political and psychological processes, it’s possible to keep it in touch with all the necessary components.

I have a call for parliament, the current political forces of the republic, demanding that the specifics of the current political and cultural camp of suspension be encouraged by the incentives of sovereign, democratic Ukraine structures.


Although I would like to point out that our achievement has far from covered all aspects of the political culture of Ukrainian suspension, but only less understanding and understanding. I want this robot to work, it’s good, I’m going to be promoted, and I’m in a big plan to do it better and help the readers of “Evening Kyiv”. Also, decide on the specifics of our suspension organisms and methods of chronic social twigs of goiters, not only suspensions, but those who are large and vibrant.

It’s not leather and don’t wait to figure out the suspension motives for those motives. But right now, talk about suspension, how can you store it in dozens and hundreds of miles.

In a word, we are glad to see all of you, hto nadislav to the editorial questionnaire, to all those readers to good and prosperous.

Dalі bude. Stay behind the newspaper and don’t forget that you’ll have to go on a grand day to win a huge thought and public coupons without fail, be sure to get in touch with someone else.

Valery BEBIK, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Consultant, Kyiv Regional Council For the sake of People’s Deputies, Secretary of the Government of Kyiv