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Dodatok 5.2.4 Politics and mi


Gromadska Dumka

Yak vi pam'yataєte, 11/12/91 to the rock "Evening Kyiv" and the Center for Political Psychology and Communities of the Kiev Public School and Public Schools published a questionnaire dedicated to the official website of the Ukrainian President. The editorial board won 5,000 pages, with the results of our review of some of our readers.

I don’t have to show, but three trials of giving and receiving “Vecirka” were given signs. Removing us unprincipled in my own way, the methodology of adapting the fresh respondent massif to a real big thought of kiyans. A report on the specifics of our sociological "kitchen" can be recognized in one of the issues of the journal "Philosophical and Social Dumka" of the upcoming rock, and at the same time, the socially-demographic data of the fortune have been brought up.

Among them, FOR THE ARTICLE: the number of people - 51.14%, the size - 48.86 (dearly, the standard in life, the navigation, the size of the middle vibration is much higher).

BEYOND VіKOM: up to 19 rokіv - 4.97 відсотка, від 20 to 29 ріків - 11.8, від 30 to 39 ріків - 20.08, від 40 to 49 - 19.46, від 50 to 59 - 20.91, Vid 60 and older - 22.36 (with 0.41 vidotk of such, scho vik did not mean).

FOR THE NATIONAL INSTITUTION: Ukrainians - 73.5 votes, Rosians - 19.88, Poles - 0.41, Jews - 3.31, representatives of the latest nationalities - 1.66 (non-votes - 1.24).

BEYOND RIVER LIQUIDITY: to lure and not to seek - 62.94 hours (for live, small, less), the middle special - 20.91, the middle — 11.59, not exactly the middle light - 2.9 (1.66 times not vіdpovіli on the basis of nutrition).

FOR THE SOCIAL AND PROFESSIONAL STATUS: robots - 16.98 hours, services without special education - 3.31, TIPs - 26.92, representative of humanities - 14.08, students - 3.08, 3. business class - 1.04, pensioner and homegiver - 16.77, high school students and science students - 8.28, senior students - 2.9 (did not show 0.62 social rate).

Deyaky, mabut, zakіkavit і ideologі і і politіkі іnіdіvіvіvіvіnostanіvіnnіvіnnost chіchіchіv. Pospishamo satisfied with the whole legitimate interest. Yak vidomo, 17th birch tree of 1991, vidpovidayuchi to vote on the referendum of the SRSR chi buti Soyuzovi, kiyanis voted like this: "so" - 44.6 votes, ni - 52.9 votes, 2.5 times out - 2.5 times.

But now, like our respondents voted: “so” - 41.75 votes, “ni” - 50.31. Vіdchuvaєte, who has rich here? Right. All right, we give us the right to do so, the results of which can be considered representative.

Kiyani - for independence!

Otzhe, yakbi The All-Ukrainian referendum was held on the 12th fall of 1991 rock, the kiyans said that “so” the independent Ukraine in 83.02 percent of the vipadkiv, (against - 14.49, they didn’t figure out at the moment - 2.48).

It is indicative that there are practically no differences in retail outlooks.

Analizuyuchi vik is quiet, so saying bi “like that”, meaningly who has the smallest amount of money - is mean quiet, who is over 60 rokіv, 76.85. Rasht, as it seems, is not a vipada in a row.

The average number of Ukrainians was 84.51 percent for independence, and the middle of Russia - 78.13. And the most keen “samostіynikami” were the kiyani of the Jewish nationality - 93.75 thousand rubles!

It’s even longer to show that there’s a small number of henchmen in the independent Ukraine, who’ve got lower levels of education: 80.26 times a hundred respondents with higher diplomas up to 92.86 are quiet, because they’re middle and not very middle.

In the meanwhile, quietly, having hung up on the interpretation of the Act of the Proclamation of Independence of Ukraine, 95.12, the provision of robots, 81.25 - services without special sanitation, 84.62 - ITP, 72.06 - humanities. 88.46 - student and student, 83.33 - student service, 80.25 pensioner and home gift, 75 - student and student, 80 - representative of the student group.

In the meantime, be quiet, if you want to have more independence, more than one year in high school and one in science - 25 times out (total number of respondents), 23.53 out of 16 people.

It’s good, but it’s in the middle, without having identified yourself with your position, you’ve found the best services without special support - 12.5 hours. At the decision category "dance" along with the control indicators for vibration.

friendship, ale without a center ...

In all cases, provocative acquisitions of active political dues of the largest number of Soviet Socialist Republics, as well as their ability to maintain, generally, to relate to the people of Ukraine, "to indefinitely more than once, - people і 2.54 - women).

Having arrived at the political union, which, by the day, signifies bi reanimation of the old of total structures, has sprung up 10.97 people (especially people are forty people and especially - 60 - 18.52 people). Vdvichich more respondents - 22,77 відсотка - є with the hangers ’signature of the document about the economic union (zdelshlogo, all people 40 40 rock і older).

And most of them - 60.66 in total - hung on the policy of establishing two-sided and one-sided agreements between the republics.

By the receivers of bilateral land є 79.17 respondents to 19

rokiv, 43.86 - 20-29 rokiv, 46.39 - 30—39 rokiv, 29.79 - 40—49 rokiv, 30.69 - 50-59 rokiv and 29.63 - ponad 60 rokiv. As a whole, for the policy of two-way sounds, 37.68 of the total number of business calls were quiet, taking part in the event.
Bagatornogo ugody pidtrimuyut 22.98 respondents, less than all - individuals older than 60 - 15.74 reviews, all countries of the world categories of vibration.

Well, to the nationality of kiyans, then such a picture has been deified. As far as the political union is concerned, everything is practical: everything is less than 10.42 Ukrainian and 12.5 thousand rubles, then with the economic union it’s more complicated. For this form of sound, 19.15 of the Ukrainian hats and 34.38 of the Russian hats were hung (at 22.77 of the average). Zovsim is a picture that protects oneself from the middle of the churchyard (on the territory is 41.13 national banks and 27.08 national banks at 37.68 national average). According to bagatogradnyh pleasures of retail outlets may dumb.

Help with the henchmen of the political union of the collegiate republic of the SRSR found the most representative representatives of the ITP (24.53 students), humanities (22.64), pensioners and home grants (18.87), and the majority of students. A whole group of zooms, but the very same category of respondents and votes, to overwhelm the independence of Ukraine.

Ukraine and Russia Pislya Raduchennya (test forecast)

Judging from our tribute (and not ours), we’ll be clear about the results of the All-Ukrainian referendum of the 1st breast — it’s impossible to occupy the train of independence.

The water clock is far from widespread relevance to feed meals in response to the republics of the colossal Union and to the Union of the Rosies. About those who think about our drive, we can learn from the tables.

What can I say? Before us, let’s take a look at Rosіyan and Ukrainіs all the same.


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grew up.

Razvivimitsya civilization vidnosini

among friendly sovereign powers




Russia is living in an economic sanction,

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Spirits Territorial Food

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The Ukrainian report on the statement of the great Russian national democracies about the cordon and the possible exchange of nuclear strikes means significantly less altogether new altar protection in the Altruism of the White House. Russian-Ukrainian, mabut, a big world live bazhanimi declarations about schіdnoslov'yansku solіdarnіst. Our rosiyani, it’s great, amused by the great-power, chauvinist nahiliv. It’s stinky to live here hundreds of cities, like national and ethnic groups. All our land is land, the land of Ukraine, and there is nothing much here.

Valery BEBIK, candidate of psychological sciences, consultant

Oleksandr KIRICHUK, professor of KDU, doctor of pedagogical sciences

Mikola KORNЄV, associate professor of KDU, candidate of philosophical sciences