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Dodatok 5.3.4 Information note of a press service to the President of Ukraine L. Kravchuk


At work, on a vivchency’s day, an outrageous, explicit information about the president’s image of the Ukrainian politician, the press service was turned down before the vidomes of the fakhivtsi at the galaxy of social psychology with the wicked drive.

A number of professional psychologists O. Chernishov (Russia, Kursk), O. Rostunov (Bilorus, Minsk), G. Sereda (Kharkiv), candidates of psychological sciences Yu. Pachkovsky (Lviv), T. Ilyashenko and N. Maksimova (Kiev) .

Below you will get to write notes and texts of materials, as well as confidential character. Visnova, recommendations fakhivtsіv ambiguous, hour to navigate to one by one, but, obviously, you can do everything in virginia.

11/01/1992 p.

Press Service of the President of Ukraine

O. T. Rostunov, Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Head of Laboratory NDI, Respubliki Bіlorus (Mensk) *

Pid hour rozmovi pidkresliv, scho L. M. Kravchuk - vmіliy, the last one at dіyakh policy. The results of vibrations brought the non-abiotic hist to the price.

Vvazhaє, with negative rice, the image of the President of Ukraine є: without compromise, without that, everything, to be shy, is right. On the look of it, L. M. Kravchuk bazhano show more diplomacy and compromise in dyah. Win to reconcile, and yogo іmіdzh is guilty of buti "good, vіdkritim". Treba praciuvati over the corruption of the party member’s image, like a sprya’s colony of the president’s robot in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine.

Prof. O. Rostunov povidomiv, scho Rosyskiy Institute of Psychology, Laboratory, Yak obligovu B. Oltsin і yogo team.

All robots are carried out behind closed doors for the fate of psychologists N. Tarabrino, Є.Єpіfanova, O. Gopka and S. Roshchina.

Dovidkovo: since 1992, to the same age as S. Roshchin, a certain fakhіvtsya with political psychology, they bawled about the pranks about the work of this group, and categorically forbidding their fate from those who didn’t say that right now.

After overcoming presidential vibrations in the Republic of Belarus, O. Lukashenka of the capital Bіlorusі Bula was turned the name Minsk.

A. S. CHERNYSHOV intelligentsia from Russia about l. m. Kravchuk

I interviewed over 80 people (students, school psychologists, professional philosophers, sociologists), that is, representatives of the intelligentsia, regarding the image of L. Kravchuk according to the scheme:

what attracts (repels) in:

- the image of Kravchuk;

- personality;

- to politics?


1. The approaches of Western psychologists to assessing the image of politicians in our conditions are not comparable, because in a crisis of spirit and life, people are little interested in the image and personality of a politician and not even his politics as a whole, but a narrow tendency: hostile - friendly.

2. Apparently, a negative attitude has formed on all top officials, starting from M. Gorbachev and including leaders of sovereign republics (states). It is very important here that the opinion, which is emerging, in particular among the Russian intelligentsia, that the essence of today's chaos is not so much internal as external causes ... - "we are led in an ominous scenario to the fate of a raw semi-colonial power, deprived of military potential and of a civilized future ... ", and our presidents are pawns in this game. These thoughts of Tikhomirov and Belov excited the thinking people. Therefore, the polled group of intelligentsia has no particular interest in any politician!

I think that many people have such a state!

3. The Russian media very sparingly present the “face” of all presidents, including their own. If Bush appears “beautifully” to viewers 15-20 times during the week, then everything is random and spontaneous here.

4. Based on the foregoing, it has been previously ascertained that is empirically manifested about Kravchuk:

- a strong politician;

- one-sided: only about Ukraine;

- tendentious - "in the division of property of the USSR" is most orthodox (Crimea, Black Sea Fleet, etc.).

The latter takes the form of a comic, which is the most undesirable in the image - "who is ridiculous, he is politically helpless."

So, at the anniversary of Lev Leshchenko, the phrase “Kravchuk claims for a surname is casual, the name will remain for Russia if Israel doesn’t

il ... ", the same about the singer Rotaru - how Snegur and Kravchuk will share it ... Such a" touch "from the TV screen is effective in shaping the image:

- the insincerity of Kravchuk (in a conversation with Estonians, he said that he did not know about the famine in Ukraine ... although he had been in the highest levels of power for many years ...) and most importantly, a quick change of opinion of a former member of the Central Committee;

- biased attitude to Russia: speaks too much about the mistakes of its leaders, although he himself admits no less;

- Western Ukrainian nationalism subconsciously slips;

- appearance ... handsome, but lacking openness, directness ... And Kravchuk, and Yeltsin, and Snegur and others lose in comparison with Nazarbayev.

Of course, this is an opinion about the image of Kravchuk, a small, albeit rationally minded circle of people.

Perhaps this will tell you something.

Your Chernyshov A. S.



Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Head of the Department of Psychology of the Kursk Pedagogical University, Vice President of the Psychological Partnership



1. L. M. KRAVCHUK - special, insane, visible. It’s not enough to go through hats of pro-popular hatred until the pro-popular life does not go into dermal skin.

From now on, in the image of a war-militant partocrat, you can finish up a sensible, ale cerberus of the Communist Party of Ukraine, to the image of a viddany fighter for the independence of Ukraine, a subtle diplomat, a protective and sensible politician. An anecdote about Leonid Makarovich, a board without a parasol, is even more popular, and in the new assessment of the president with a positive sign.

2. The head of the president’s rice, which was crystallized from the whole established image, is virtual recognition before transformation.

Here є і is positive, і is negative.

a) positive: health care, peace of mind, time to care, moment and safety at the policeman, please wait a little longer;

b) negative: wait for people to revolve in the glib_vidomosti: who’s not dressed up for life, who’s not for the same mainstream role, who attend to the services and whether they’ll be utterly maturing on the surface of history. (Here bagato hto zgaduє behave L. M. pid hour putsch). Chi є in Ny, the meta is far - the nutrition of the vinikaє.

Yakshcho є, then, Nayimovіrnіshe, sho vin to be rummaged by the ideology of power of Ukraine and at the same time to serve the third big shchiro.

3. Why are presidents easily popular?

At the economic politsy. The most effective way to reform the economy. Lady’s words like this: “It’s necessary to have a bag for L. M. Kumіv and svatіv mid-party people, since you don’t pay anything, and don’t make it worse, don’t let it go. "it’s been laid down by a stretch of life, and I’m not healthy. There’s no need for radical changes."

Tse uduhe not unsafe "slack" in the image of the president. Vaughn will be the reason for losing him popularity. I’m guessing that such a waste can be repaired. Take on your prestige at the apogee, given that you will be better off with heavenly lights. Ale quietly repeating apogee. Will there be a repeat of this vipad?

As soon as the president’s prestige, then do not rush around economically dyalnost. The old extinguished "if only there was no war" may appear inappropriately.


Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Senior Science Specialist, NDI Psychology of Ukraine