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Dodatok 5.3.4 Іnformatsіyna note Press service of the President of Ukraine schodo іmіdzhu L Kravchuk


In hodі robot vivchennyu that uzagalnennyu nayavnoї Informácie schodo іmіdzhu President of Ukraine is the yogo polіtiki press-service zvernulasya to vіdomih fahіvtsіv at the Branch sotsіalnoї psihologії s Prokhanov vislovitisya s tsogo drive.

Sered opitanih professor psychologists O. Chernysh (OOO Russian Federation, Kursk), O. Rostunov (Bіlorus, Mіnsk), Mr. Sereda (Kharkiv), Candidate of Sciences Yu psihologіchnih Pachkovsky (Lviv), T. Іllyashenko that N. Maksimov (Kiev) .

Nizhche podayutsya recording ROZMA that texts of materіalіv, SSMSC toil konfіdentsіyny character. Visnovki, rekomendatsії fahіvtsіv neodnoznachnі, hour navіt superechat odnі one, ale, vochevid, tієyu іnshoyu mіroyu chi shaping can Buti vikoristanі.

11/01/1992 p.

Press service of the President of Ukraine

OT Rostunov, psihologіchnih Doctor of Science, professor, zavlaboratorієyu NDІ osvіti Respublіki Bіlorus (Mensk) *

Pid hour Rozmova pіdkresliv scho Leonid Kravchuk - vmіly, poslіdovny in dіyah polіtik. Result viborіv brought yogo neabiyaky Hist tsієї to the right.

Vvazhaє, scho negatively risami іmіdzhu President of Ukraine Je: bezkompromіsnіst, vіdchuttya of all scho scho robit - correctly. In yogo look, Leonid Kravchuk Bajan viyavlyati bіlshe diplomatichnostі that kompromіsnostі in dіyah. Vіn dosit unreconciled, and Yogo іmіdzh guilty Buti "Good, vіdkritim". Treba pratsyuvati over koriguvannyam іmіdzhu partocracy, Money Does spriyaє kolishnya robot president of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

Prof. O. Rostunov povіdomiv scho Rosіysky іnstitut psihologії Got tsіlu laboratorіyu, yak obslugovuє B. Єltsina i yogo command.

OAO All robots for Closed-conductive doorsWe for participation psihologіv N. Tarabrinoї, Є.Єpіfanova, O. CSAC that S. Roshchin.

Dovіdkovo: if in 1992 travnі rock to S. Roshchin, vіdomogo fahіvtsya s polіtichnoї psihologії, zvernulisya s Prokhanov rozpovіsti about robot danoї groupies, vіn categorically zaperechiv their fate in tsіy spravі, saying scho chuє about TAKE Vpershe.

Pіslya Peremohy on prezidentskih Vibor in Respublіtsі Bіlorus A. Lukashenka stolyci Bіlorusі Bula Turn Hosting Project Mіnsk.

A. Chernyshov of the Russian intelligentsia of the l. m. Kravchuk

I interviewed more than 80 people (students, school psychologists, professional philosophers, sociologists), ie, intellectuals - with respect to the image of Leonid Kravchuk scheme..:

what attracts (repels) to:

- Kravchuk image;

- Identity;

- Politics?

Bottom line.

1. Approaches to Western psychologists assessing the image of politicians in our conditions can not be compared, ie, to a crisis of the spirit and life of the people have little interest in the image and personality of a politician, and not even the whole of his policy, and narrow tendency hostile - friendly...

2. Apparently, formed negative installation on all of the first persons from MS Gorbachev and including the leaders of sovereign republics (states). It is very important to an emerging, particularly among the Russian intelligentsia of the opinion that the essence of today's chaos - not so much in the internal as in external causes ... - "we are led by sinister scenario to the fate of semi-raw power devoid of military capabilities and civilized future ... ", and our presidents -" pawn "in the game. These thoughts Tikhomirov and Belov stirred the thinking people. So much interest to any politician in the group interviewed intellectuals there!

I think that such a state of many!

3. The Russian mass media is very sparsely impose the "face" of all the presidents, including his own. If Bush during the week of 15-20 times appears "a wonderful way" to viewers, then we are all randomly and spontaneously.

4. On the basis of the above, the pre-found that empirically shown to Kravchuk:

- Stronger policies;

- One-sided: only on Ukraine;

- Biased - "in the USSR, the property division of the" most orthodox (Crimea, the Black Sea Fleet, and others.).

The latter takes the form of the comic, which is most undesirable in the image - "who is ridiculous, the politically powerless."

So, on the anniversary of Lev Leshchenko was casually thrown phrase - "in the name claims Kravchuk, the name will remain in Russia, unless there Izra-

il ... "singer of the same Rotaru - how to share it Kravchuk and Snegur ... This" bar "on television is effective in the formation of an image:

- Insincerity Kravchuk (in an interview with the Estonians said he did not know about the famine in Ukraine ... even though he was in the higher levels of power for years to come ...), and most importantly - fast change of attitudes of the former Central Committee member;

- Prejudice against Russia: too much talk about mistakes of its leaders, although he admits not less;

- Unconsciously slips western Ukrainian nationalism;

-. ... Looks beautiful, but lacks openness, directness ... and Kravchuk and Yeltsin and Snegur, and others at a disadvantage in comparison with Nazarbayev.

Of course, this opinion is about the image of a small Kravchuk, although rationally-minded group of people.

Perhaps this is something you will tell.

Your Chernyshov A.

06.06.92 Mr.

Dovіdka: Chernysh OS,

psihologіchnih Doctor of Sciences, professor, department head psihologії Kurskogo pedagogіchnogo unіversitetu, vіtse president Psihologіchnogo tovaristva kolishnogo CPCP


ABM OSOBISTІST Leonid Kravchuk

1. Leonid Kravchuk - osobistіst, bezumovno, vidatna. Go Way a little not od zagalnonarodnoї nenavistі to zagalnonarodnogo viznannya not cutaneous vdaєtsya.

Otzhe, od image voyovnichogo partocracy, Mauger, D dosit Rozumny, ale vіrnogo Cerberus CPU, up to the image of a fighter for vіddanogo Square up Ukraine, subtle diplomat oberezhnogo i Rozumny polіtika. Anecdote about Leonіda Makarovicha pid doschem without Parasolka duzhe popular, i in nomu otsіnka President s a positive sign.

2. Golovna rice President yak vikristalіzuvalas at tsomu stanovlennі Yogo image - vіrtuozna zdatnіst to transformatsії.

Here Yea i positively, negatively i.

a) Positive: zdatnіst rozvivatisya, gnuchkіst Rozum, vmіnnya vrahuvati moment pomіrkovanіst i have oberezhnіst polіtitsі scho zavzhdi duzhe Visoko tsіnuvalosya;

b) negative: zavzhdi in glibinі svіdomostі people spinning: Chi no Nadto spritny, chi s not odnakovoyu maysternіstyu vikonuє role prisluzhuyuchis obstavinam i bazhayuchi whether yakoyu tsіnoyu utrimatisya on poverhnі іstorії. (Here bagato hto zgaduє povedіnku LM pid hour coup). Chi Je far from Demba Meta - Tse power mimovolі vinikaє.

Yakscho Yea, what nayіmovіrnіshe scho vіn zahopivsya іdeєyu derzhavnostі Ukraine serve at once i їy bіlsh-Mensch schiro.

3. chomu prezidentovі easily vtratiti populyarnіst?

On ekonomіchnіy polіtitsі. Naybіlshe sumnіvіv schodo yogo vіddanostі ekonomіchnіy reformі. Lady mіrkuyut so: "Nadto bagato at LM kumіv i svatіv Sered partokratіv against svoїh not pіdesh, and that i do not spіshit nіchogo i Robit not Zroby, Pokey is not dogoda usіm svoїm A Mauger, i daєtsya vznaki komunіstichna basis osobistostі,. scho sklalasya protyagom Zhittya, i vіn not zdat bachiti neobhіdnіst of radical changes ".

Tse Duzhe nebezpechna "slabinka" in obrazі president. Won bude cause of vtrati populyarnostі him. I am wondering scho taka vzhe vtrata pochinaєtsya. Prinaymnі sogodnі yogo prestige apogeї, Dali bude those scho s buvaє usіma Heavenly svіtilami. Ale in quiet povtoryuєtsya apogee. Chi bude TAKE repetitions in danomu vipadku?

Yakscho ryatuvati President prestige, it is not torkatisya ekonomіchnoї dіyalnostі nemozhlivo. Old faded away "if only there was no war," Mauger viyavitisya nedostatno.


Candidate psihologіchnih Sciences, Senior Naukova spіvrobіtnik NDІ psihologії Ukraine