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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.


The President’s psychologist’s Presidential Counselor has a cardinal commitment, repairing the list from 1991 onwards in writing about the approval of Friendship. They took it as well as riches in direct affirmation of the independence, sovereignty of Ukraine, so it’s ambiguous, extraordinary, contrasting speciality of the president. There are so many warehouses and special features:

1. Zvnіshnіy viglyad, unreasonable photogenicity, yak to improve at the same time to be trimmed before the audience, fashionable clothes, pedantic, pіdtyagnut, scho form the image of ordinary people, "young" politician.

2. Mova - logical, reconfiguring, smooth, rozmiren, ntonatsiyami, added slav-parasitism, russism, emotionally barren, especially for national color (especially the liveliness of the staff). The president’s Mova is the most mature, revised politician’s most important job.

3. The behavior. In the president’s behavior, there were two different songs: to be characterized by stability, stability, predictions, what’s possible in the future, you can explain the folding of the social and psychological adaptation, and also have a higher status. In general, the positive moment is that those who behave the president’s attitude are completely numb.

4. Special features - extrovert bends, a defroster for classifying M. M. O. In addition, very intricately - such as draws, as well as ease, communality, and a solid style are more compatible with each other. IV), knowledge, intelligence, high potential. Before the negative manifestations, in my view, it is possible to introduce one or another unsatisfactory drama (especially during the period I changed my desire to sit on the Head of the Supreme Radi); contagion is contagious, trendy, yak can be cleverly labeled yak "emotion lock, close", - hellow with a wide stake of glance, the huge number of my inner emotion. Madly, remaining є positive trend, as if to beat the president tolerant. At my glance, the key picture of the president’s particularities in the current political situation is that the spheres are taking a moment to accept the decision. It’s possible to take a look at rice in detail in a complex with such a parameter, as an option, for an hour it’s necessary to take this chic food solution (div. Scheme).

Vihodyachi iz charts, richuzhsti as a warehouse component of the most clearly manifested in the person of the president as politician (to respect the power to take advantage of powers, important reasons for such problems, since there is no need for more problems).

Neriness is in the person of the president-economist, because nerity is dominated by economic reforms and the policies of socialist zashist. The very same aspect negatively absorbing and navigating the song of the world re-popped "won" the president’s popularity among the middle of the wider population.

Energy of the loan scheme is promoted. Energy is special. If you are positive, if you are good at it, you can be well prepared, and if you are negative, if you are willing to react to the situation, it’s economical. Tobto Energy - the most important, regulatory officer of the system is "rushuch-nerishuch". I vіn maє buti zadіyaniy yaknaishvidsha for obdnannya names of spheres in the Unified system.

I can take a look at it, you can come to such a conclusion, as it is done with a wide, rozgalozhenny measure of evaluation services to the President’s popularity rating; bazhano bulo b (to concur with the need for mass information) see the song year (hour) for meeting with the president, supervising juvenile announcements, comments; do not robust transmissions occupied by politicized ones; don’t stink to take revenge often unofficial, “lively” character; the leather edition is guilty of carrying (propaganda) information of the positive social movement, especially especially in the economic and social spheres.

Dovіdka: PACHKOVSKY Yu. F.,

Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Assistant of the Department of Sociology of the Lviv Sovereign University im. І. Franka