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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.


Psychological support is needed to give the right message: the president’s image is not worse than the first step (naturally, the foundation), as well as adequate propaganda, I need to give you more support. In the minds of the past, I’ve got the hassle of pouring on the specifics of the bachennia to the populations of my president є the television tower, in a robot, I’m sorry, I’m sorry for the need for significant shortcomings. In addition to the psychological recommendations of the mind, the president’s rating must be fully distributed to the robot itself.

1. First of all, the confidence of the President of the Republic of Moldova is valid in the first half of the country. Yak vidomo, siogodny mi miєmo krizu mayzhe in the іstі spheres of life, and the television tower show є wait for the smiled, pleased with the lives of the president. 3rozumіlo, schiko vikonuyuchi zvonіshny politicu dyal'nіst, a politician of the most attractive rynnya є maє buti will sing along with our own country. Alya, demonstrating to the powerful people of self-satisfaction and well-being with the help of the most important part of the word, can see the emotion of dissonance. Tom Persha is psychologic vimoga shodo virazu revealing, facial expressions, gestures - they have little to feel the need for stanzovaniya camp in Ukraine. 3a ikh minds to viduditsya іdentifіkatsіya population with the president, and from now on, we will become "rіdnіshim" for us.

2. A friend of the psychology of the vimogue to squeeze the telegencies of the president. 3ovnin vin maє nagaduvati standard leader in discontinued krai - and then it’s overwhelmingly the people of the string, ruble, without borrowing power and that extra vagi. Ozhe, president of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs "hours of televised debates with Drachem."

3. Having pretended to be ignorant, the president’s stereotype in the eyes of the population is like nonsense people. Understanding "dyavivuvavsya" є walking characteristic dyalnostі president. In addition to the food of the correspondents, there are several readings, shortly, unequivocally, without a whiff of grammatical sounds, I want to make you feel better (it’s okay, quietly, because the president has the good word to say so).

4. Negatively pouring in the same way as the president’s image ман the manner (or rather, the style of all the leaders of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union) speak upward, try to make it so that you can all around - unreasonable dity. Zrozumіlo, scho position of importance is important, because it’s more important. However, without having a good deal of price, the president is unlikely to have enough fun to finish a wide shutter to a yak to a communist nomenklaturnik, who’s suddenly "overfilled".

5. Using the method of “democratization” in the image of the president, bulo b coriso systematically (1-2 times per month) robotic televised debates, representatives of the most prominent political groups, representatives of Dumi, deputies of the Supreme Rada, and the president himself were asked for yak buli.

6. It is imperative to capture the systematic speech of the president by telebacion to the people with a concrete, suppressing analysis I will become right in Ukraine and the most powerful baclis of the nobility.

7. Radio of the President’s Telecom News and Communications May be sovereign with a pluralistic trend towards developing mass media information. Pardon є tendencies in one and the same way less positive ones, blocking critical assessments, more than all shortcomings. As a result, people have negativism in sprymanny, fragments of actualism "Brezhnevschiny syndrome".

8. I appeal to those who have a lack of information before official interest in information, radio and television propaganda is updated with a specially organized system of extensive informal propaganda (so called a bit, anecdotes).

Dovіdka: MAKSIMOVA N. Yu., Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Senior Science Specialist, NDI Psychology of Ukraine

G.K.SEREDA, Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Head of the Department of Psychology of Kharkiv State University

In the case of rozma, I have negatively expressed the manifestation of harshness and malice, which is not the nature of Ukrainian national character - "people є kind."

Having respected the president, it’s necessary to have more visuati on the first roles of his radniks. Enemy was at odds with the president, having honored his lovers with people from another row, wanting the "king I am shut up."

Vin too, having made an incentive to psychologically service the president’s service for work over the image, I’m in charge and possess.

Draw the character іmіdzhu, yakі, yogo dumka, demanding prosuvat through the spasms of mass information: kindness, loyalty, m'yakіst, wisdom.

In addition, at InterVin, he was pleased with the presidency not at the working table, but on the couch, but on the other side of the newsroom (journalist).

I can take it for granted, as if hanging up, "bureaucratic bar'єr".

Our comment: Yak can be beaten by the guidance of the anal davidok, the team of L. M. Kravchuk is not satisfied with the unsatisfactory material for the more comfortable image of the president.

It’s a pity, on an equal number of recommendations I’ve blocked the blocks, and on the other hand, I’ll program one of the reasons for the first-generation vibrators of 1994, the same way I couldn’t tell the rest of the parliament and the situation in Donetsk.