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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.


6.1. Head and function of fresh services

Democratic suspension of transmission and promotion of the mass of people on the behavior of the center and adopted the decision (the president, the government, parliament, the court skinny). And the majority of the members of the suspension, at one’s own side, is formed in full of information, in order to go in for various structures: about the effectiveness of these structures, take advantage of them, efficiency and efficiency.

In addition, seemingly, robbing on the basis of democratic procedures of a legitimate power structure, the people have the right to know about the dyalnost of their bailiffs, so they stole the power (the only Dzherel of power in a democratic rule is the people themselves). Above all, I will look at the non-trivial hour, put the ballot on the parliament, leave the room to actively engage in powerful video, the fragments on the upcoming vibrations in front of them, so that you can relate to the wider audience.

First and foremost, everything is important, so now you will have a big idea: a press conference leader, briefings for the first secretary and team members, have a look at the traditional and audiovisual mass media, press releases reliably. The leather team (adminstration) functions zv'yazkіv with a huge number (via the ZMK) to visually understand the service. As a rule, all the best service. However, the structures that functioned as the main bullets for the essence of the pres-service services were designated as the main ones for the information policy. For example, in the administration of the President of the United States of America, R. Reagan, these services were taken up by the service provider of the White House, some control of the duty of the presidential service, as well as the services of the large number of other (similar) services. і television service.

Successful dvokh two terms of the presidency of R. Reagan reconfigured: єdina іnformatsіyna politics є positive results. Victory Day of Political and Technological Advantages of Informing and Informing in an Effective Way of Managing Folding Processes of Formation of the European Political Image of Special Features, State or Suspension Institution.

The first and foremost informational command of the administrator is the working plan of the leader. To make the rest itself new. Ale calendar is the most convenient store for you, so that you can have one gift at a time, the house is in the news of the day.

Press Secretary

Dosvіd svіdchit, scho fallow vid stosunkіv pres-secretary with the patron of the first can vidіgravati іznі for rivnem self-role. Yakshcho vin is quite close to the president (governor, the measure is skinny), then he should be reassessed on the interpretation of the president for journalism. In-press pres-secretary will redefine on the Bloc dzerkalne vіdobrazhennya feververkіv іdey і vchinkіv, conceived and organized by the people.

The meeting of the presidential secretary є one of the most unprincipled ones will take a look at the political self-care, osklki tsya lyudina perebuvaє at the front of the security forces and the informative poliv leader, the first command and the journalist corps. From one side, we can see the dissatisfaction of the chief “over the house” with one’s position, and from the other side, you can helper my colleague officials, since it’s possible not so often to ask the president more and less. The first and foremost hundredths of an all-in-one device will be multiplied and multiplied by looking at the duel from the journalist, a kind of “smazheni” fact.

The presidential secretary’s robot will require not only wide knowledge, it’s practical to use internal power and high-tech politics, but a high level of artistic training, a great deal of peace and competence. Say, as a pres-secretary, I’ll be pleased to inform the singer of a reporter, but look at the interviewer and I’m in my own way, I don’t have any competence. Yakshcho znin zverstitsya to the cost of an apartment with the wretched you to inform with especially special nourishment, you can’t wait for you to give such information.

The main forms of work of the presidential secretary are the pres-conference of the president, the briefing, letters for the press, informal meetings with the representatives of the mass media, the organization of the center with journalists, the news for the ZMK. In addition, the pres-secretary can himself write a article from the "hot topic" for the newspaper and magazine. It’s left, though, it’s not true, I’m hanging around infrequently, the fragments for the total demand are not only a journalist, but the first, say, a fakhiv at the galuz politologii, economics, rights, so to speak. And the big secretary for the preservation of journalism is aborted, but philologists.

In the administrators of the White House of the United States an unavailable warehouse robot of the pres-secretary од schodennі briefings. For example, presidential secretary R. Kennedy spent 1332 briefings per hour of presidency of the patron, 1515 brief presidents, L. Johnson, nearly 2000, J. Ford - 583 (for the discontinued term of the presidential presidency), J. Carter - 1245 , R. Reagan - 2167.

And from, for example, the pres-secretary of the first Ukrainian President L. Kravchuk, they didn’t get involved in such a robotic form, disengaging themselves with thousands of (sometimes irregular!) Presidential conferences and written letters of presidential service from quietly serving people. We want to know that L. Kravchuk himself, having his chances in his honor, won’t lose sight of other roles and didn’t go awry to initiation and encouragement (they didn’t show any motivation and insult). Later, L Kravchuk, in fact, having amused himself with the ability to maneuver and launch a trial

(probing) thoughts and ideas for suspension so that we can have a good idea (at times I have a great deal), but at least (at times I’m unpopular).

In general, having prompted a vidnosini with the press through the pres-secretary, President L. Kuchma, who didn’t interfere with his pres-secretaries at the briefings (but also the lower ones) by representatives of the media. This very freedom of Mali and the President’s Admin Presidential Administration is the head of the Administration, Radniks, Fathers-in-law, and warders of the structural president’s office.

Having become aware of the main strains of dyalnost іz zazpechenenny zv'yazkіv with a huge number, we consider the functions of the pres-service :

• monitoring of the deterioration of ZMK and prompt response to negative competitive incidents;

• organizing the entry of the leader (party, administration, government, business structure) with the participation of presenters and control over them;

• catalog of positive news for fake victorious people through advertising;

• preparation of the leader and the member of the team before the meeting before the journalists;

• Organizing regularly appear as a leader and a member of the team in the audiovisual and instrumental ZMK;

• regularly posting ZMK information, related to the leader (party, admin, etc.) to the skinny.

For realizatsii their functions at the warehouse of pres-service, bazhan mother and sociologists and politologists (monitoring and analysis of ZMK), psychologist (imaging), television, radio journal, and also text (write).

Secure implementation of the pres-service function will require manifestations:

• Bank of ZMK;

• a bank of business journals;

• material, designated for the broader middle of the ZMK: biography, photography (politics, homeland, members of the team); Texts of political and economic programs of the candidate, party and that; blanks, which can be vikoristovuvati in the robot, video, audio, and audio.

At his robot pres-service vikoristovє such genres of journalism, as:

press release (the main relevant materials for the editorial office of ZMK about the causes, the fact that it is.);

• program vistup leder (ob'єmna statty chi vistup on TV tower);

reportage (a different kind of informational update, supplemented by special hostility of the reporter);

• information (small about the situation, fact (3040 rows aka 1-2 hvilini);

nterv'yu (dialogue of a journalist with a leader);

• Naris (publicity is artfully framed, television broadcasts);

• problematic article (relevant for the region, galuz, region and in.);

• a sheet to the editorial board (for reference of people, bazhanom of their professional profession, or of a huge dyalnistyu);

feyleton (one day at a time by those and I will form the presentation of the material);

photo art (portrait and genre photography). Robot Day Leader in Mas-Media

Yakshko with the head of the priest’s declaration of the political leader, then in the ideal won’s more than 30-40 seconds. I have a chance to enter efir without editorial notes.

Another technical priyom - " photoexpromt ": nadanny journalists can take photos of the leader in a private office or a residence at once with your guests. I want to try and take pictures of all kinds of videos, call the whole work "a good deal with the house," and be sure to carefully evaluate the editors of the main week of preparation, especially if there is no need to wait until the end of the week. for nothing).

Administrazhda even zagaduvannogo president R. Reagan has procured yet another option manipulyatsіyno technology, promptings on the subtle psychological nuances. If the president straightened up to his helicopter, but if he appeared to be close to the White House, the whole city of Vista rose. The defense didn’t let reporters go close to the president’s route. Dviguni helikoptera navmisno zamyshali uninvited. I if R. Reagan passed through the journalist, they were tempted to shout down the turbine and power the president about the pride, the yakih tsikavili. Ale vіn lishe charіvno posmіhavsya і waving hand, not vіdpovіdayayuchi abo throwayuchi short replica.

Tsey method contrast_v "grave" on the brow of the American president.

As a heir, in everlasting news, the populace bobbed the president, some laughed loudly, if the yurba of "aggressive and unhealthy" reporters attacked him.

Surround the Persian specimen, demanding an active victorious and “retinue” (completely separate), a yak, as it were, “targeting the king”. Practically the whole team (adminstrate) victorious (who’s big, what’s the smallest world) see the members of the team for the on-line cartridge of your patron. Ale here is a great deal of temper before the song rules.

Organizational rules for mass-media team members

1. Have a look at the first member of the team to stir up the co-ordinated press service after the hour and thematic, strategic line.

2. The representative of the command may appear on the television screen alone, and not in the context of the discussion of any super superachki.

3. The members of the team bazhano press the word for all critical messages at the address of the Russian Federation (the remaining word is memorized more).

Another aspect of the robots of the new service is the preparation of the best press releases and the audio and video, so that you can broadcast without any presence at these visits of the journal. Yakshcho є the necessary technical capabilities of the transmission of such materials in the newspaper and on the television, radio (especially business), significantly increase the need for propaganda campaigns (I want to know nothing)

Zrozumіlo, in general, more environment-friendly organization-technical aspects of the work of the mass-media of the public relations team (adminstratsii). The sound arsenal of interests is broader, ale and hover. Give an announcement about the importance and complexity of robots with public relations; in the key role, the role is to play pres-secretary.