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Ukrainian truth

Right about plugin. Litvin, rik 1991. Dalі bude?

We can’t say that they’ve already decided to block the topic of plug-in from the side of the head of the presidential administration - all one is German. The fact of knowing the fact was informed about the Internet-enormousness and the unlimited number of flashes, and I’ve seen the passage “Dzerkalu Tizhnya”. A wide audience is so big and I don’t know about those who pan Litvin permits to write off foreign material.

Yogo verity was given to us, seemingly mildly unserious. Tim more often than not, the stench appeared for the number of days before the fact of the plug-in.

Over the course of an hour, the UE denied finishing a bagato to go on a topic, while the more thoughtful readers read one more message, "zlochin." One of our critical readers, at a time vidomy journalist, having guessed about those, one article, was published in one of the Moscow political zbіrnikіv, bulla just like that, without referring to the more authorship, paragraphs are quoted in Kiev magazine. Pidpis - Volodimir Litvin. It’s a pity, I’ve been afraid to finish the drink a long time ago, so that I could spend more than one day off Jerel’s, and I had the opportunity to spend more than one day at the room.

Our last reader, having pointed out a divine zbig okremich fragment in the article of the Ukrainian polystologist Oleksiya Garanya "To the will: through the National Congress" at the newspaper "Youth of the Guard " for 1990, 12 years ago, it is written in China The article of the small-house and wide colts of Lytvyn appeared in the journal "Politics and Chas" in 1991, No. 4.

Garan himself will describe a neurological fact in front of his book "Kill the Dragon: 3 History of the Ruhu and the New Parts of Ukraine" (1993).

We turned into a doctor of historical sciences, a professor, a political scientist, Garan, and clarify the situation to the wretched. Axis schin vin to us having told.

Guarantee: Yes, I’ve been swaying, right now, a number of passages and articles of Litvin may repeat without repetition my power lines. I have made a great deal of writing and writing a sheet to the current associate professor Litvin.

Tse buv did not persevere at my practical viaduct, if my material vikoristovuvali without messing with me. Before Tim, one of the most famous Ukrainian citizens has also been killed. Ale at list_vidpovіdі vіn a familiarity with the fact, that I vibrated, explaining the editor’s disrespect. Vіdpovіdі and Lytvyn didn’t have such a break in life, although I want to see some inaccuracies in the reader, the text is taken. From now on, if in a book I gave a look around history, then I, madly, guessed about the princes of Lytvyn, however, the suggestions of the persuasion of the Bolsheviks were hidden. I, appear, not prematurely.

It’s a pity, as it’s bachimo, visnovkіv wasn’t blown away, and it was repeated in the most scandalous form, but not in the case of the international image of Ukrainian government dyyachiv.

It’s weird, but there’s more and more factual evidence, it’s seemingly unacceptable behavior of the politician. It’s a pity, to have such a situation it’s unreasonable for me to feel that I would like to learn more about Ukrainian science and I would like to fine my own wheels and get a fine. As far as Litvin’s behavior is concerned, you can sprimati for the butt - even now there’s nothing terrible! Varto, however, is a shame for all, we don’t have to stink at before morality and suspense. Є rіvnіshі.

Our comment: Sound in plug-in - on the right is gray. It’s a pity that the Internet-newspaper isn’t calling the name of the "journalist" and the specific facts, more than "had the opportunity to spend more than one day in the library." In the designated vipad, it is obvious that there is a need for bulbo zrobiti, fragments of the first half of the given article є non-stop.