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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.


They didn’t deceive the political parties of their programs and the nourishment of the sovereign Budivnitsva.

The Communist Party of Ukraine unambiguously declared the Communist Party of the most radical changes in the Constitution at the time of coming to power on parliamentary vibes, with the song riffs it pulled about the process and the Socialist Party.

If they talk about the possible constitutional rights, I can arrange for respect for the suspension of the political and political system, I will arrange for a little more (PSPU, KPU, SPU), and the first clerical re-ownership is less than the power of ownership.

Zokrem, PSPU vistupaє for liquidation plant the president in a row. For obmezhdennya overhaul of the president, the SPU, "Gromada" and PDESP hang out. At times of implementation, the form of government in Ukraine will be redirected from presidential-parliamentary to parliamentary (PSPU) or to parliamentary-presidential (SPU, Gromada, PDESP).

The problem of over-ownership between the center and the presence of regions in the programs of party parties.

In the rice paddies, they’re ready for the right to regain greater rights to PSPU, KPU, SPU-SelPU - with the transfer of complete ownership of the Radam.

For the extension of the rights of the regions, ROM, NDP, PRVU, PP-LPU, "Europe Vibir", Elephant. Please note that before you reckon with respect for increased priority of government in the economic and financial spheres.

The great number of front-end programs to redeem the power of the reorganization of the sovereign state apparatus and the speed of the video of the utriman. The power supply is present in the programs KPU, NDP, KhNS, ROM, PP-LPU, "European vibor", NRU, RHP, "National Front", UNA.

Even more important is the problem of methods of managing suspension, securing such a form of organization, as a power.

For the transition to the functional management, we hung out at our front-end programs "Gromada" and "European vibration", for the effective management - "Labor Ukraine".

It’s just that there’s a mechanism for managing Prague’s PSPU, a directive and management of the Communist Party’s leadership, and coordinating and management of the suspension of the control system.

The problems of combating corruption and the seizure of sovereign power by the state authorities should be placed at their most advanced documents PSPU, KPU, SPU-SelPU,

"Gromada", VPT, SDPU (o), NDP, KhNS, ROM, NRU, UNA, Elephant.

The power of reorganization of the so-called ranks of the power structures is transferred to the NDP (shortened service in the army up to 1.5 years and the on-going transition to the contract system), ROM, UNA and SLON (professionalism of the army) and the PDESP (robbing the vote for special reorganization). And the problems of securing the army with the new technology and the social campaign of the Russians should be put in front of their programs in front of the PSPU (security officers with rations and rations) and SPU (social zagist zagazalі).


Nutrition of the national bezpeki tiєu chi іshshuyu mіroyu rush at 47.6% of the party programs.

Zokrem, the Vyjskoy lack of security of the Communist Party of Ukraine, "Gromada", KhNS, NRU.

Nutrition of economical bezpeki є relevant for "Labor Ukraine",

SDPU (o), ROM, PDESP, NRU, and energy security in the ROM ROM, PDESP, NRU "" National Front ".

Ц Information without security is guessed in the party documents of the NRU, the security of people is SDPU (o), and the environmentally friendly is ROM and NRU.

I declare the official request to Europe and Latvia to declare my goods with my programs of the NRU and RHP, and the organization to SND and Russia - PSPU, KPU, SPU, Trudova Ukraina, Sloan. A special vote on the meeting with the Russian Federation in an economical galaxy is to shake the same SDPU (o) and PRVU.

As NATO stands, then for the implementation of the Partnership for Peace program, the Gromada, the NDP, the ROM and the NRU were hung up, and categorically against the KPU and Trudova Ukraina.

Resolutions of political parties and blocs have been provided for at its most recent documents.


It’s unlikely that you can predict the underlying political behavior of the Ukrainian parties and the block of the basic parameters of the most advanced programs, which may have caused a lot of problems. With singing peace, you can talk less about the main ideological part of this national segment of the national politics, party banners (programs) and standards (propaganda materials). But in the whole context, it’s not possible to forget that in Ukraine, Ukraine’s dominance is lost on the cob, the party’s political system is becoming more democratic, and the membership is more political, but it’s more important. Psychological sympathies and muzhosobistіsnimi zv'azykami mіzh okremim sub'єkty of politics.

29 booties 1997 roku

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