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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

Dodatok 6.2.4 Analysis of the pres-service of the President of Ukraine robots of the creative and viral education "Ukrainian Television News"

National Television Company of Ukraine from January 24 to February 2, 1996

Creative and viral companion about the Ukrainian Television News (TVO UTN) enter the warehouse of the National Television Company and video company for the first and second television channel of the Ukrainian state Creative creativity is next to the materials, technical technology and knowledge, where you can spend hours on air, and it’s fair to be dissatisfied with the glances.

UTN. Poglyad zzovnі

Carrying out the analysis of the UTN program for the period from January 24 to 02.02.9b. I can help you to find the latest trends to encourage informational experiences, and to them and demonstrations in the world.

More than half (44.14%) of the essential hour in UTN is presented in the official office chronicle. For this reason, most of the time now I’m storing plots for the untimely fate of your other towns (11.88% - the president, 7, b4% - the Head of the Supreme Radi, 4.08% - the prime minister).

32% of the essential hour is the price of new life and cultural life. Ale in the main - the whole video report from Kyiv and the announcer about the events in the regions. There’s not much to see in the video about the region (1-2 per VIP). Vinyatok to become a period from January 31 to 02.02.9b., If I had a tie with a strike of a miner, I had to pay attention to the movie (reporting from Donetsk and Lugansk).

I will decide the hour to extend between myself and the financial and international views (11% and 13%), prompted by a viglyad okremikh block.

Shchodo zmіstu. 78% of the information is negative in nature (“crisis camp”, “defaults”, “borgs”, “protestation of the government’s rule”, etc.). Such is the presentation of material to the goal of the view that there is no result and, as a result, a negative formation before the presidential policy of reforms. I’ll look at those who are skinny who want to get a new report on information about the representative side of the president’s dignity (handing over letters of honor, receiving letters of honor), an irrelevant “negative” and distributing the population of the president. Do not wait for the authors to get involved in the main meta plot.

Creative aspect. Dictatorial texts often have an іmproper character, and ryven mesternost ikonavtsіv don’t wait for permission to work robustly on a regular rivnі. Acts last 40-50 seconds, but we don’t want to be right from the point of view. Bazhannya oznayomiti gliachach with the greatest oath of information to lead to an accelerated pace of mobilization and that ignoring signs. But as it is, the text is oversized by folding-forward speeches, then it’s very difficult to get it right.

Technological gear. Technical marriage in the form of new products in the presence of the present in leather gear. Vin zdebіlshogo not critical to the character, іnkoly remember less than the fakhіvtsyam, ale visnaznak і іven the mayorsnostі pracіvnikіv TVO "UTN". You can characterize the word as middle, which is unacceptable on the head National channel. In fairness, for the sake of asking for more information, there must be more and more low gear on UT-1. Є narikannya on the technology of the plot. Especially worth the attention to the plot in the region.

It’s possible to tell with a zagal, what on today’s day is the information and technology days of the UTN is not present, we’ll take part in vimogs. Do not vidvuvatsya those scho call "the form of the image of the state."

The live situation around TVO "UTN" made it possible to clarify the number of problems that could be caused by the fact that there are information releases on the first national channel, as well as on television screens. Intentionally, problems can be divided into three groups - organization, technical and financial. Creativity problems є in a forensic school and organically worm them.

І. Organizational problems

1. Bagatolantsyugova control scheme TVO "UTN". Looking at the power of the Kintsev’s result, take an inevitable fate in the form of new news: take the head of the State Television, the president of the National Television Company, the senior defender of the president of the National Television Company, the curator of the TVO UTN TVO, the director of TVO UTN TVO, the TVO UTO TVO. Do not wait for the order to pass “on command”. Є vipadki, if vkazіvki appear vypusyadno vipuskayuyuschim editors, and help me and the authors of the plot. Do not wait for a chime in these falls as well, as a result, as a result, you have to understand the plots of plots anyway because of inconvenience with the ignorant programs.

2. Visibility in the TVO "UTN" of the closed cycle of the program. On-year teleoperators, lighting, video engineers and water cars, as well as more technical services for the best services of the National TV Company and the State Television. Administrative and territorial roses, lack of materiality, indefinitely affecting the result will make me more creative than ever.

3. The lack of personnel policies. Zgіdno z dіyuchym staff list the number of TVO "UTN" is guilty of becoming 268 chol. Really pratsuєє 188. On a daily basis, editorial information, indescribable pratsuyut in a weakened view. I’m selling food, and why should I work with robots? If you look at the process until the deceased world is more active and more reportable, you’ll be in full view of the financial problems. I’m drowning the personnel problem of actually announcing the national TV company moratorium on receiving a job. In the minds of the vocabulary frame, there is an acumulation of a ballast. According to estimates of the TVO “UTN” TV core, up to 10% of the number of people will need a deputy.

4. Unreliable work of correspondence measure. Infection with 24 correspondent points (in the ukrainian regions of Ukraine, Crimea Chernivtsi and Kirovogradsko). The shortage of stories in the information programs is due to the low technical level. Rivine of technical equipment is inadequate. Zyomochna technology - in the field of profiled format. Often there’s a television viewer and a video recorder with the necessary brightness. Transport vіdpratsyuvav svіy resource. Viklikє zakonopokєnnya those, what a great part of the plots є small creative creativity rivie that unencumbered signs of "remoteness". The problem of "flooded" plots is related to the accumulation of water and other structures, which can be used to solve the problems of financial housing (apartments, telephones, ownership, gasoline and fuel.).

5. Organizational non-designation. In practice, the process was not completed for the distribution of national television companies to the national television and radio companies. TVO "UTN" was infected at a time and hour in the viral area of ​​the National Radio Company, which is not a whistle for normal function. Residual food has not been accepted.

II. Technical Issues

Oblaznannya, as a Victorist in TVO "UTN", a perfect friend and morally old. Є small number of hi-tech spare and installation equipment, aly and won a unique resource for the most intensive exploitation. The infection of the TVO "UTN" for the racket of money, the ransom of all kinds of advertisements in their programs, the purchase of possessions (4 different packages, installation and hardware.). Ale tselki is a small part of the business, because I will need to re-select the leather element, since I will protect the technological cycle of the new products - see the camera to the front desk (like before speaking, use it) from 1968.

ІІІ. Financial problems

Silently consume, talk about those that do not need budgetary benefits to navigate the insolent consumptions of UTN TVO. But I’ll need TV support to earn money for advertising in their programs. In breast 1995. Vid of such activities TVO "UTN" made 12 billion krb. As a result, the advertising agency ІР "Київ" on TVO programs (8 billion krb) has scooped up. Behind the payrolls of TVO "UTN" during normal organization process, you can wipe off monthly up to 25 billion kb with the latest advertising prices. The process of taking away the accumulated pennies is such a big picture: by sending back the fee 50% of the total amount of money will be transferred to the order of the National Television Company. Rashtu koshtіv TVO "UTN" vikoristovє for dowry possession (60%), fees and premiums spivrobіtnikіv. With this varied distribution of money, TVO "UTN" is not able to go to the required level of technical security and competition with commercial television companies in terms of material intelligence. Це і є the main ob'ktivnoy reason for the source of health and talent.

Okremo said about one important official, a kind of structure, a creative program and a new one. Tse so zvane phone right. Call us - the pres-service of the sovereign attitudes of the Supreme For the sake of ministry and government, political parties and rukhi, okremі kerivniki and people's deputies. Moreover, sub' впkty vlivu є all without a vignette of a lanka scheme management TVO "UTN", hover. As a result, we’ll be given a permanent review of the need to add a single concept of supply of materials, direct political ties (44.14% of the official chronicle rate). The problem is superimposed on the same, as indicated in paragraph 1 of this document. Now, there is only one chance to get the most out of the water for the program "on the side" - author stories to help you know how to solve your problems and what problems your stories are over your head, victorious goodwill with planting people. So, don’t argue that I don’t have enough creativity and creative material. Butt: as the administrator of the President of Ukraine, a bulletin of journal and operator was filed, and it was recommended that the president of Ukraine pay the hour of the first visit. The recommendation was issued in vogel for the first order of the first protector of the president of the National Company. On the list for the president’s commitment, there were individuals whose creative and technical ryven is not a wiki є sumniva (V. Meterchuk and Yu. Zhukov). Ale, at once with this, that, having prepared the document, included in one of the most recent ones, until some of the TVO "UTN" є serious claims. The result is a mildly unfavorable story (the president’s trip to Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky on January 31, 1996, and that.).