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Addendum 6.2.3 Information ratings of candidates from the President of Ukraine

Information ratings of candidates from the President of Ukraine (for the materials of the magazine Politics and Culture No. 22 issue 11 of 11 of 2004)

Promoting campaigns with a negative campaign of huge numbers to the facts of the biography of Viktor Yanukovych. The last week was marked by the appearance of positive positive materials at the presidency (Today, 01.06; Komsomolskaya Pravda, 05.06) and on television (Epitsentr, 1 + 1, 29.05). In the middle of the long run of V. Yanukovych’s visits, clearly ahead of time, from journalist vidan’s wiklik





informational presence

Positive Information Rating

Sukupniy one-time invoice vidan-simpatikіv

+ / 0



Viktor Yanukovych






2.3 million approx.

Volodimir Litvin





18 %

2.2 million approx.

Viktor Yushchenko




fifteen %

14 %

0.9 million approx.

Oleksandr Moroz




9 %


0.8 million approx.

Yuliya Timoshenko






0.5 million approx.

Petro Simonenko




5 %

b, 5%

0.2 million approx.

Viktor Medvedchuk




5 %

5 %

1 million approx.

positive resonance in the middle of the newspaper newspapers, the fate of the holy Trinity Day and I will save children.

The head drive for attacks on the prem'єr-minіstra, naturally, was the unstable situation on the gasoline market. The most readable "Facts", "AiF", "Today", "Kiev Vedomosti" readings in general led to unbalanced visits to the order from the second half of the year. At the same hour, “Facts” and “Komsomolskaya Pravda” (3-4 June) hung skeptically of the shutter to the long anticrisis mechanisms, which were reserved by the Cabinet of Ministers. The newspaper "Day" (04.06) allowances є povyazane zim neodmіnne more expensive products х kharchuvannya. The whole opposition of the Pres has been critical of the crisis. Zokrem, negatively evaluating the situation of O. Moroz ("Tovarish", "Sіlskі vіstі"). To get a good read, go ahead and try to hold parallels between the first and the last grain and now the petrol price cuts on the second most efficient robot.

Volodymyr Lytvyn, having taken another row of information rating and not having denied the negative (!) Negative message about his dyalnost at pres_. First notice of interest to the person of the speaker buv exclamations in the words of K. Vashchuk, like in the “Gromadskiy radio” efiry about the employment of V. Lytvyn, the leader of the APU.

Porvivnano z frontnimym, Viktor Yushchenko zberig part of their presence in the presence of the mass media. However, the result of traditional persuasion against people’s attempts to a number of nationally democratic (Ukrainska Slovo, Ukrainskaya Gazeta, Narodnaya Gazeta, Ukraina Moloda, Pravda Ukrainy) and Soyuznitskih NU (Evening News, Freedom) ) vidan. I already didn’t have information drives, on the one of the team Viktor Andriyovich bullet vskray stingy avariciously. The only one is the fate of Yushchenko’s homeland at the presentation of audio recordings by V. Stus.

Apart from critics of KM, Oleksandr Moroz has repeatedly sworn to the Western European Social Democracy. Obviously, the brand "roku social-democrats" vikoristovatsya at the vibration campaign O. Moroz "on a different stake" after the birch tree of 2002. Not only moral ethics and infamous reputation, but also delicate lyrics before the readers of the socialist press O. Moroz at the reports of two presentation of their poetic zbіrok.

Reaching for singing goals ("separation" of BYuT and OU), the trochs felt the campaign of discrediting Yulia Tymoshenko. So, apart from the front, the number of negative messages at the third address changed completely. Protein, more than one word on the side of the marginal "Ukrainian Newspapers", most news, "Today", "Kiev Vedomosti" and "Metropolitan News" have informed about the fact that the GPU has been turned around until the very first time. at the end of the war against a new criminal crime.

Grandfather is declared by ZMI Petro Simonenko, who is a good prod. To change his name lower in the information rating. In total, there’s a clear view of the chief editor’s interview, with a certain Petro Mikolajovic, having handed down the honor to the hypothetical union of all the strength for the part of V. Medvedchuk and the unanimous Social Democratic Party.

Viktor Medvedchuk himself has contextualized activism of public relations of his own party of the magazines "Korespondent", surround yourself with such a bullet instantly re-circulated by electronic ЗМІ. They have a lot to do with them, and the SDPU (o) and win don’t particularly confront the correctness of the forward bet on Viktor Yanukovych.

Anton Krut