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The members of the Ukrainian government delegation were out of touch with each other, as they held a 18-year-old visnalizhny match with the team of the Russian right-wing establishment. Betting even better than the old ones - the Chornomorsk fleet and the legendary place of Sevastopol, the military service list of those who are independent of heroism and the number of victims of the most dangerous families, and the possibility of more significant long-distance achievements. Independently numerically (according to the words of the secretary For the sake of national security V. Gorbulina, tenfold) overpower for the rosiyan, the team of L. Kuchmi went on to say hello to the negotiations about the May Fleet status of the Russian fleet in Sevastopol. Say it honestly, the results of spa diplomacy are not so unequivocally unambiguous; our (and then, Moscow's) press.

If you want to make a red note, you can take advantage of it, you can only negotiate with the opponent, like you’re behind your head for a certain literary character on the nickname Dowel and wait for the ready to turn off the tap with sour (and it’s kind of gas, like that) simply th.

Vlasne, about the course of the course briefing in the administration of the President of Ukraine, as well as the head of the government and presidency of the President M. Doroshenko, boulevard V. Gorbulin and the personnel diplomat at the beginning of the intercessor of the Foreign Ministers B. Tarasyuk.

Having stopped speaking, he made his debut in Banking, Ії, and when the new team came to power, they were rewarded with "Wiklikati" at the political races and not only high-ranking officials, but only professional people who were in vertical order. B. Ta-rasiuk wicked in the chimal ceremony (I wouldn’t say a celebration to Yiddish) at the hall, since he was seriose, vibrating in front of the Ukraine’s new press, re-saying his words to the Russians - “especially for the Sevastopol guests”, they asked again for it, rosijskoy. It was completed that they had smeared the incorrect logical design quietly, having energized it, by polishing the surface of the table, a certain memory of V. Shcherbitsky, and standing right there, at the hall, at least the plenums of the Ukrainian mind, honor and conscience were awakened explaining in a tolerant manner, what’s the question not one day about the transfer of Sevastopol to Russia. Who thought about the "two big Odessa differences", the idea of ​​how to transfer the zone equipment for rent to the Russian fleet, and nothing more. "The rent itself," confirmed V. Gorbulin, of which one can be praised for picking up Ukrainian and some kind of need to give mathematics (nevertheless a doctor of technical sciences) razrachunki and vivazhensty polichichnyh applications.

Nagada, at the early early days on Bankovyi 11, you need to declare your statement by declaring that Ukraine is willing to join NATO, without having to declare that there are no territorial accidents before.

All the local policies were broken for the significance of driving the ex-Duke Ferdinand in 1914 ... that they stated that there were no territorial claims before Ukraine - at the latest, the hour was over.

Au, analytics-warehouses of political ratings! De vie? Hope, at the briefings in the Presidential Administration, it’s not possible to remember the response with diplomatic notes. Each time, 4 billion dollars have been foreseen for yaky and yidi have seen Turechchina to reconstruct their own sea and marine forces, to be active in the whole plan to speak in a different way. I want, having respect for V. Gorbulin, the problem is "you need to be amazed at the philosophical: you need to be interested in it, and tomorrow - no ..." Win - "for taking into account all the options."

Pidssumovuychi, zauvazhimo, scho "resort football" L. Kuchmi and B. Yeltsin’s soloists, all the same, singing peace and knowing both Russia and Ukraine, adjusting your mind for the rest of the way that you need to do so stretching a month ponad 40 projects in economic lands. Tilki one of them, for the surnames of V. Gorbulin, to give the robot 250 thousand high-tech specialists. So what, nichiya ... on the back of the grass? ..

Valery BEBIK, Vice-President of the Association of Political Psychologists of Ukraine