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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.



As far as vibrators are concerned, it’s clear that it’s clear, then I didn’t see any progression for the hour with the appointed assignment. For preserving the procedure for the consolidation of the prime minister’s president (the president was to save the parliament), 43.3% of the population hung. A total of 33.9% of respondents spoke of the transfer of Supreme Verkhovna Rada, and 15.6% hung for the uniquely accredited Prime Minister of Ukraine by the President of Ukraine. Buli y inshi dumki, ale stinks did not bully statistically significant.

It was demonstratively that women of the big world were hung up for the most important re-election to the parliament in the assigned power supply (37.1%, as against 30.7% of the members), and those who were most of the time were elected for the first presidential election (47% of the month) against 39.4% in women).

One hundred percent of the government and goals were held, 40.6% of the citizens respected that the president was guilty of the robbery for the sub-prime minister, 29.4% of the boules were reconciled, and the main president was the supreme leader. More than 18.6% of the trophies expressed their desire to reaffirm the increase of the parliament and 3.8% of the respondents were in favor of the unanimous appointment of the President and the President of Ukraine.

The analysis of the members’s votes and their commitment to the drive is sensitive, which women have the largest number, lower number of votes, for the nominated number of votes and the number of votes of the president - 22% of the total number of votes Osib by the president - on the occasion of the premiere of the Prime Minister of Ukraine (34.8% vs 46.2%).

We suggested that the respondents think that there are many political problems of everyday political life, such as illustrating the nature of the indices in the estimation of the quietest processes and appearances. First, it’s not unreasonable, requiring reimbursement for the preparation of promotional materials for the production of spare parts.

Particularly vagi nabuvaє drukovannaya advertising for half an hour spent vibrancy campaigns on all the levels of the proper ієrarkhі.

Sokrema, it’s important and effective to fill out the list of comments, while preparing for any kind of hearing, I’m glad to see the psychologist and the sociologist.

An analysis of the texts of the front page leaflets of the year 1990, conducted by political psychologists, showing that in the next page the list of leaflets was poorly received about the candidate’s specialty. Less than 8% leaflets boules with photographs. Tilki 36% list_voz rozmіschuvali bіlsh-mensh rozgornutі abo protocol zgadanі osobistіsnі characteristics of the candidate. There is a lack of information about the candidate’s family, friendly teams and members - there are more than 18% of the candidates in the front page, who were running for the elections in Kyiv and Kyiv oblasts. Much more "spared" the children - 62% of the candidates wrote about them.

By zagalos of the special characteristics of the candidate bulo, nearly 9% of the title text of the bulletin was awarded, and as such, warehouses and programs occupied the text space area.

Ale vibortsi at that hour weakened the lowest rating of information, yakim were bothered to renounce from the front-end leaflets. For us, there are special characteristics on the basis of "democrat - bureaucrat", "new zrazka - old zrazka", "cinnamon - incorrigible", "acceptable - inapplicable" and navigate "beautiful - ugly."

Another coordinate also lay in a particular area, ale through a sprynyattya pre-selection programs. Here came such signs, such as "humming - lack of humor", "gray - non-gray", "stylish - unstable" that. The first parameter is the assessment of the factor, the biographical data of the program is the same.

From now on, I’m getting ready to change the list, it’s necessary for the first plan to bring the candidate as ludina, and then already to submit information about my future life and change program.

Rules encourage the front leaves

1. The strongest argument of leafing is to completely re-focus on the cob itself so that you read it to the end.

2. The number of socialist units is not guilty of restructuring 7 plus-minus 2 units (in the "psychological number" form).

3. The skin paragraph may add up with three phrases.

4. Bajano vikoristovuvati short, simple speech.

5. Yakomoga is more likely to live in the clergy.

6. Varto dispense with irrelevant phrases and declarative declarations.

7. Do not worry about indisputable and aggregate facts.

8. The text is more beautiful than the cut for the points: 1, 2, 3 skinny.

9. Writing is not necessary for a person, but for a group of people.

10. Unique scientific stamps, writing is simply a humor.

11. Completely vikoristovuvati vernal and dialogue mode ("So it is, like i, vi, candidate for respect ...").

12. The penitentiary oath of the leaf is not to overreach 3/4 of the crooked archus.

I wrote this one in front of the selection leaflet (poster) folded and worn, posting about the distribution of the middle vibrators.

Repair "vіynu leafіvok" bazhano 7-10 days before vibration. Do not give out leaflets for the evening - before the wound, you can take a look at the competitor’s team. The best hour for giving leaflets is a wound (up to 7 years old), if people go to the robot.

For the sake of leaflets, you need to take such a note, de vibrate to be done for an hour, on top of a lift, a postal screen, a grocery store, a zupinka. The great effect is that you can leaflets pasted onto the transport windows from the side that is in the middle with the text in the middle - it’s practically unfeasible to grasp the length of the day. (Schopravda, robiti ce bazhano for the winter water.)

Effectively organize the group of mobile groups (two or three individuals) in the "one-year period" at the most crowded groups. As a rule, participants will receive a bill for a pre-selected poster with a photograph of a candidate and a program, distribute leaflets, including those that include contact phone numbers of the candidate’s team, for which you can be turned off and write.

For example, with great letters, I ask you to fully ask for your help in choosing the candidate’s leaflet for the furthest control of your dyalnіstyu. Tse celebrate nepogan hostility to people.

There’s one way of giving out leaves - postal. As a matter of fact, the leaflet will be personally addressed, I will read it obov'yazkovo. What is necessary for you? On behalf of the mother and son, vibrators, as well as possible in the passport office, ZHEKu or vibro (dilnichnіy) komіsії. I would like to in Ukraine have a little patents to get a list of vibrators (like in the USA), to give me information about social status, information, material status, information about it, and because of the presence of such a list and computer I’m able to find a way out.

You can distribute by postal screenshots and zvichaynu leaf_vku. Pay the list of leaves, date the third pack of leaves, and stink it up to the skin apartment. From now on, the fault in the delivery of advertised advertisements is unlimited.

Water time is possible for victorious and sophisticated and technological methods of delivering leaflets to the potential electorate. Sokrema, it is possible to robiti for the help of the hitherto ordinary computer technology, so that I can actively dissolve the banks of Polish and Danish tributes.

Banks of political tributes can be of two kinds. Pershiy - all texts and design laws, programs, biographical and technical data, the results of voting and technical information. The other is lists of vibrators. Political practitioners have such lists as they are for another computer. I’ll look at the candidates for the possibility to file file cabinets about vibration, as a result of patent protection are protected by copyright. A forerunner of the weekly copy of the robotic candidate (online party) of registering a bank is not necessary, but not only the name and address of the office, but the first address, profession, nationality, hobbies.

Mayuchi is such a bank, you can send personalized messages to the vibrants based on information about their specific and interesting interests. For example, you can make a choice of animals and choose the best leaves, like vibrating, spinning in their social and professional status, let’s let it be so: those who are alone, those who are home-giving, and others.

Such "special sheets" are more beautiful than those for helping with laser printers, so I can give you the opportunity to sell the products for a year, several decades of advanced products. Lazernі zasobit druku can vikoristovuvati also for getting closer to the real copies of the vibrant newsletters iz zrazkami-recommendations on the basis of:

"Vote for the People’s Movement of Ukraine!", Otherwise, "Give Boris Tarasyuk!"

From now on, the advertisement is drunk, it’s almost all right and half-graphically on the right level, ить to finish it with an effective rush of PR. i advertisements.