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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

7.5. Internet advertising

Advertising on the Internet with the development of the All-Holy Pavutini nabuva є all the most popular і, відповідно, efficiency.

On the basis of traditional mass media and popular advertisements online advertising is the most important features, the most basic characteristics of the most recent types of advertisements.

From one side, there’s a traditional tradition for outdoor advertising and visual advertisements (a number of graphical signs), from the other - multimedia authority, typical for television, video, audio and video communications.

Because of the information technology and advertising technology and PR, I’m getting in the form of music, scraps with rocks have become more and more difficult to reconcile purchasers in order to transfer the singing goods to the servants, the vibrators - to vote for the singer. Ninіvіdkrivayutsya fundamentally new hats to pour on the suspension of light, one of them є Internet.

We’ve even brought some data on the pace of growth in the number of corridors on the Internet. Not є Vignette and Ukraine. For 2003 p. The number of corridors by the Internet in Ukraine increased 1.5 times. On the cob 2004 r. won 3.8 million - 8% of the population. The website’s reach reached 28.8 thousand. About 300 providers provided access to the Internet, 10 of them took up 80% of the total market segment. The number of domain names in the zone ua has grown to 109 thousand (for materials www. Km. Dn. Ukrtelecom. Ua).

Specifics to the Internet of allowing victorious change for a political and economic PR. The Internet is up-to-date in co6i at the same time there are a few views of the ZMK: drunking (you can read the information on the sites), radio (you can listen to the video on-line), you can listen to it and you can watch the video bagatorazovoy vikoristannya.

Internet є with a lush and operative: with ease, I’m very grateful for the great news, information will be extended to a numerical audience for a slight delay of an hour. Moreover, on the other side of the tradition of mass media, the Internet transmission and interactive: registration, commentary on the drive of singing, voting, discussion, discussion of the forum, online conference, online discussion by e-mail, you can allow the visitor to have a small warehouse of auditorium, psychology and special features, as well as provide that level of satisfaction.

The Internet де ideal for ч private PR ’, which is unique in virtual reality is especially fine-tuned: for example, mass distribution (spam), as long as the main parliament is on the Internet The resonance of the political scandal I roused respect to the fact of the traditional mas-media.

The Internet is great for rewarding and advertising.

In the first place, the site is not subject to mass information infringements, which is therefore npo ЗМІ for the sake of the Internet and the Internet. A special law, which regulates the biotics of information in this sphere, is also not good. This is due to the fact that it is so special on the Internet, since globalism is impotent to all information society, the basis is obliterated by national (local) legislation and left behind with a whole democratic country.

With his own butt є Bilorus, a de monopoly provider can block the addresses of opposition Internet resources. Н Our butt є China, de с є є є ценз license for the right to claim on the Internet, which automatically controls the availability of reliable information. Violation of the rules of registration is more drastic for itself, transmitted by law.

However, in virtual reality, it’s easier to circumvent the law. For example, site registration in an advanced state. That is why the Internet is widely victorious in terms of advertising, as well as anti-advertising. Internet є an ideal way і for compromising. Ninі on the sites you can rozmіstiti maje all: see the official biographical politician to record informal conversations with tights. Until then, I’m too tired to finish the careless: setting up the reference dzherelo information is important. This kind of novelty can be easily expanded on the basis of the ZMK - posting on the site of the seizure of the sanctioned advertising legislation.

In a different way, the Internet is an uninviting Jerel who has acquired a new candidate’s adherents to find members of the party. In Europe and the United States, a vocal procedure was scored for joining a political party through the Internet.

It is also the prospect of voting for an additional virtual reality. The on-line voting system is the same as the vibro-drilled on vibrating vibrators 2002 r. Great Britain, and now are actively discussing the prospect of conducting all-zagalnyh vibrators on-line 2006 p. Голос Internet voting allows you to unravel the bugs of tradition for vibration problems, save vitrati on the organization process of voting, singing my speech, activity of the electorate.

However, the сут є сут є є ол ол ол,,,, в в в, і і в в рог рог в, ок і в в в по по по по закон закон закон закон виб виб виб виб виб виб виб виб виб виб виб виб виб виб виб виб виб виб виб виб виб виб виб виб виб. It is unfeasible to translate, chi є voting is anonymous and voluntary, chi є authorizations are vibrant, who they are for themselves є. It’s necessary to incur that particularity, which is similar to the vibrators - the Internet On the Internet, we can see the electorate, but you can make a note for on-line voting. By appendix є rating of political leaders in the middle of the Internet, downloads on the website - Yulia Tymoshenko wrote an hourly book with a permanent leader voting. For ratings and not Internet social studies, indispensable leader Buv V. Yushchenko, and Y. Tymoshenko sat down more often than not (for materials www. Uv.
To clarify this sacrifice, we will need to redistribute it to respect the specifics of the corridors on the Internet in Ukraine: young re-distribution is overgrown; (for materials ).

In the third place, for political leaders, there is a viable reality for the future. There are no draws on the front side of the website, but the "hour of the hour": theoretically, the political leader can be without the site, while in the country there can be a lot of information for any hour. The site can be filled up with more information, the fragments of the wart sign do not appear to be information. Frequency of site updates - popovnennya іnformatsієyu abo zmіna design - to lay down more low v_d valsnik. Especially on the Internet є th those who are advertising the candidate can be carried out constantly, and not more often in front of vibrators.

The prototype is far from being the whole Ukrainian leader of such a move: activating robots of sites to get started with a cob of front-end campaigns. From the other side, there’s a lot more ways to outperform a supernik: see the anti-advertisements of the opponent itself to the anti-advertisements of your site, as well as can be carried out continuously. With the whole attraction of the wrydler, the range is significantly more important. Butt є Bush anti-advertising, conducted by the Kemocratic Nation al Committee. According to the laws of the USA, advertising on television ads is politically grasped by the candidate himself, however, there is no such rule on the Internet, however, robbing virtual reality is an ideal field for anti-advertising events.

There is a website on which yoga accommodation is available for those who have survived 3a payment of the work of the a6o newspaper, a canal for television. In addition, for the Internet there is no cordon, but ить to finish it with an important official in the minds of globalization. By a significant overthrow, those who do not need to be clearly identified with my site: one and the same information can be used by the accessible group of people - the button is better to press the button. Otzhe, the Internet є is necessary for the election of the electorate, a kind of intermission є behind the cordon for an hour of vibration. For such a vibrant website, one of them is not the best information about political life.

Prote is rejected and information is not a guarantee of appearance on vibra. The practice of communicating that shorter vibrations is insignificant is respect for the programs and the platform of the parties, and they rely on sub-active hostility and stereotypes. On the sites themselves, it’s not the only official documents that are being sold, but the analitical materials: statistics, comments, and also see if they can be viewed on-line.

We appreciate the fact that information on the site is possible for the whole region. Depends on the geographical location of the corridor, as soon as you automatically sign up when you enter the mail index, on the site you can see the same ones as if you are on the corridor of the singing region. From now on, as an advertisement, so much anti-advertising on the Internet є is more effective from the point of view to a better audience, fragments of the very same amount are all the same traditional patterns of the population. Vidomo, look at the ideal candidate, the president should take a look, for example, at Sunset and Descent of Ukraine.

From now on, the Internet has an informative hitch at the end of the information, a kind of ancestors, anonymous, anonymous interchange. WWW ma ustatno dowgy lines zaberezhennya іnformatsії that the optimal form її podannya. The Internet transmission є the most effective horn sound, which allows you to express the necessary information about the audience. An hour of interruption of information on sites that are not published in public is not to be spent on price, but to shave your first choice in the best possible way. Bagatomіnnost and ekonomіchnіst advertisements of the sites themselves in addition to the visibility of overtaking the Internet.