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See on-line advertisements

The head lanka Internet advertising є website . Win to expand information about the comrade, servants, political leader or party, who want to improve the quality of the potential - potential purchasers or vibrators. However, the advertising campaign for the whole will not end. I’ll look at the special features of the WWW website, from one side, є the most effective form of Internet advertising, from the other - with goods, as well as consume advertising. Varto mean, what is the best view of online advertising is possible to advertise for an advertising site, and for non-stop advertising of a product, service, political leader party.

Among the percussion and simplest kinds of online advertisements, I don’t have to pay more for an advertisement on my site, and I’m trying to increase the resolution of my website in a clean system. On the be-kind website, the "add URL" button ("add address", "add URL") button, having pressed the coristuvach on the yak, I will clear the form form. After the introduction of the necessary information, the recognition of the "keywords", keywords will be used to make a site, I will describe the pages and the topic in thematic groups the site will be upgraded to the system. Oskilki of such systems is worse than bagato, the process of the website can be used to finish the trial. This procedure can be significantly simplified for the help of automatic restoration systems, if you allow you to convert thematic categories, until the website is entered, as well as process registration in skin catalosis.

Dodatkovo you can register a site on the "live side", as well as your own sites-affiliates. For this purpose, having spent the website at the virtual docker, it’s necessary to go through awkward registration, which is similar to the registered website in post-launch systems. We appreciate the moment є those who write the restoration site are great to have the site can spend up to the drunken version of the стор zhovtih storinok ’. In addition, the right to subscribe to the site’s website - a dermal day by e-mail to us bazhayuchih koristuvachiv v_dpravlyaetsya posting on the resources, like bullets unhappily entered to the catalog.

However, the site has a potential advertising post, more information about wine and wine. This is the characteristic of traditional and the most widespread type of advertisements on the Internet - banner advertising .

A banner (banner) is called an advertising nose-ringing of a straight-line graphical image, which is inserted into the website’s pages. Oskilki banner transmission є sending (link) to the song URL (Uniform Resource Locator - description, de file name of the song), for the type of advertisements you can use the shortcut for more ads for the advertiser's website. For more information, sending a banner URL to a song URL will be redirected to a graphic or animate drawing; for some reason, it’s possible to compress the website at least once more about song singing, for example, vibration.

The rosemary banner is varied, fall in the direction of the advertising campaign, however, it is traditional to become 468x60 pixels (pixel is the smallest image element on the computer). Such a banner is not up to date and allowed to adjust to informative advertising modules.

Meta advertising campaign visnozhnach y іnshі parametri banner. The banner can be more statistical (as a rule, in the JPEG format - Joint Photographic Experts Group - the format for saving the graphic image, squeezed by the JPEG algorithm, in the format of the GIF - Graphic Interchange Format - the format for saving the image, as well as a large field of one color) -animacy - a standard of interactive animation based on vector graphics). Remaining sure more respect, more often than not, opening the side of the street and, by themselves, drafting the coristuvach. If there is an interactive bath-ri - this is why there is more than one URL.

Banner can be but also floating (stroll-baneri). The stench is not inserted into the site’s website, but wait for revenge at the upper right corner of the screen. From now on, if the corridor is shifted along the side, the banner is synchronously shifted at once by scrolling (scrolling - scrolling the image, a part of which should appear behind the screen). Yakshko vin zavazhaє koristuvachu, yogo can be closed, as if by stretching the song hour koristuvachu I don’t react to the banner, vin znika.

Banner advertising maє naioptimalnіshі model of payment: for a thousand shows a banner advertising, but for a click on a banner iz by going to the site, advertise. From one side, the advertiser is not a vitrachian who has lost money, but from the other - the effectiveness of banner advertisements with a significant amount to lay down in the form of advertising.

Banners can be exchanged from affiliate sites, rozmіstiti on special advertising sites (advertising maidanchiki), but in banner advertising, but to improve bagato sites. Vibir mіstsya rozmіschennya lay down for specific tasks of the advertising campaign. For example, you’ll probably need to get a great audience, then you’ll want to overtake the advertising measure. Prior to this, advertisers will be able to access targeting, so as to allow viocracks from external auditors of potential classes.

Obirayuchi advertising measure, the need to vrahovuvati deyaki officials.

• In the first place, the main warehouse of the web-site-participants, on which advertising is being displayed. For example, if you’d like to get some vibrations, but you don’t see any, then for the site of the candidate for the presidency, I’ll do it very well, I don’t have to enter only a few politically explicit sites.

• In a different way, there are only indicators of obscure statistics of measure, which are in terms of the scale of the audited audience.

• In the third place, the ability to control and control the system, on the basis of practical measures. It is important to know who is propone to measure the frequency of the advertising contact, who is more likely to have effective advertising and focus. Nareshti, price, yak do not expect to get paid from yakistyu, and in this video - from effective advertising ( ).

Independent of the obvious overtaking of banner advertisements, the remaining hours are more extensive rich-media - a kind of online ads, a kind of multimedia technology, a module for advertising, I’m running a Java interface, software), KHTML (Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language - extended version of movi hypertext plugins, I will describe WWW documents) and Shock Wave (multimedia technology) and represent additional commercials with sound, animated video.

This view of the Internet advertising is not the transfer of obov'yazkovo manifestations site advertising. Rich-media commercials (active ads), please do not make fake fakes, you’ll get stunned instantly from the content (site) to the site and shown above. After the completion of the demonstration, the stench is automatically twisted and indebted by sending yourself a banner, but text is sent to the advertiser's website, such as this. To Yaskrave, that kind of anonymization, speak not of drama є koristuvachіv, but in front of you, with respect.

The rich-media modules can be displayed in the windows of the fixed rozmiru, like hovering over the side (pop-up windows), but look at them, but pop-under windows. Pop-up vіkna vіdkrivayutsya automatically іz zavantazhennyam side. Zazvichay tse viklika I am fond of the reaction of the coristuvachiv, especially especially such vіkon kіlka. Pop-under vіkna takozh vidkrivayutsya at once iz zavtazhennyam main page, protecitly go to the back plan and don’t bother to browse through the main site. After completing a look at the site and closed the browser window, the corridor is visible and pop-under the screen is pop-under. Identity is too low.

The rich-media’s richness can be brought to a directly overwhelming effect - obsessive advertisements. In order to optimize victoria rich-media format, a number of specific and recommended recommendations are available, which are available from special library.

An advertiser can choose advertising in this format on advertising maidan’s and in measures of systems, as well as conduct advertising campaigns in rich-media format. In the extent of such systems, a large number of advertising maidanchiks were great, and audiences were wide.

Є One significant short-lived set-point type of Internet advertising є price. As well as advertising modules, it’s fair to insure up to the highest advertising technologies, that’s why you can do the same with a significant amount.

Passing over to the Internet є those who won’t get away with less graphical advertising. The middle of Internet advertising is to identify and text ads (text blocks). The entire advertising nose is a form of text, a kind of advertising advertising and posting on a valid URL, so that an advertisement is sent to the site. Quite naturally, the text may be motherless, and the effectiveness of advertising is significantly reduced.

On the first and foremost views of the Internet advertising, text blocks блоки nabagato cheaper and simplest in vikoristannі. At the early stages, the development of the Internet was much more widespread than the text blocks in the range of text advertisements. The stinks on the standard of baner measures have annulled the great number of sites and have secured a wide audience. However, they couldn’t protect themselves from reaching the audience, and the optimal frequency of advertising contact. In addition, the effectiveness of text advertisements did not allow us to spend on some cats. Wanting to measure textual advertisements is clear and dosi, they’ve stolen a long time ago for text messaging advertisements ( ).

The principle of the principle lies in the fact that, before the text is announced, a singing list of key words should be selected, which must be kept up to goods, services, political leaders, parties, and advertise. In the course of an advertising campaign, announce yourself on the sidelines, such as the very same key words. So, the problem of the overarching audience of audiences is widening, and the effectiveness of textual advertising is significantly increasing. When there is a standard for rozmіr that form of text blocks in it is mute.

Rates for the sale of contextual textual blocks are accessible and accessible: pay for the skin group with a small transfer to the advertiser's website.

Prote warto mean, which are the main purposes of this kind of online advertising є campaign ’, aimed at the promotion of goods and services. It is difficult to cope with political advertising, but scraping through the exchange of audiences and the specificity of textual advertising is practically impossible for an effective advertising campaign.

Be-yak advertising campaign can be abolished for another hypertext. Strengthen the website at their own sites for analysis and analysis. In words, phrases, spoken, and a whole text block, there are a lot of goods, services, political leaders, parties, working hyperlink, as well as a link to the advertiser's website.

There is a need to pay for the song for the majority of the customers with a lower transfer to the advertiser’s page. Zazvichai this kind of Internet advertising is on the partner sites, I can change topics.

Hypertextual power is available on promotion page. Advertising maidanchiki are designed specifically for advertisers who want to pay attention to the design, they don’t have to design for the inter-design site. At times, the advertising site on such sites can provide information on comrades, servants, political leaders and parties.

As a matter of fact, the site is-, then on the promotion-sites at once із інінформаці розю розміщуюю банери, text ads and gіpertextovі posilannya, so as to lead to the site advertiser.

Visually see the Internet advertisements insure to passive, the fragments of a stink rozrahovanі on those scho koristuvach v_dshuka ikh them. The effectiveness of the advertising campaign on the Internet can significantly increase the visibility of active advertising.

Naiposhirenim and nayprostimim in the form of active in the UK Internet advertising є electronic post (e-mail). On the basis of the mechanism of mechanics, there are a lot of worries about the Internet, medium lists of distribution, discus lists and indi vidual postovdomlennya. The remaining type of the familiar type of Internet advertising can be used for advertising a site, and for advertising a product, service, political leader party.

In the Internet, there is a great number of lists of distributors - a group of people who are designated for the singing group. Rozsilki attributed to different topics and call to browning non-affectionate popularity.

The mechanism of this type of advertisement is simple: special services can be advertised to advertisers, they can change their website, special packages of services are regularly carried out on a regular thematic distribution - they can be sent by mail. Chergovy vipuski rosilki otrimuyut tі koristuvachі, yakі voluntarily subscribed to them. There are clear signs, signatures for yak available for ushich koristuvachіv, close, yakі zorіntovanіvy exceptionally for a song audience, free of charge, for signups for a yakichin not paid, I have not been paid for, Until then, it’s independent of the appearance of a rosilka, and a corridor can be seen at any time in a rosilka.

From now on, from one side, you can secure an oversized audience of audiences, and from the other - such an advertisement is not a wicked one.

Discussion sheets are arranged to exchange information and to discuss the nutrition of singing topics. On the list of lists, on the disc sheets, brothers can learn all the important things. Після підписіння on a sheet the advertiser will cancel the sheets of all participants. Vidovnogo leaves are available for those who are. Moreover, the leaves zberigayutsya in archiv. As a rule, before verification by the moderator is to be verified. Vіn perevіraє vіdpovіdnіst povіdomlenі subject of the sheet, as well as controlє step is presented to the material. The moderator may be but a leaf spouse, but a competent person, formed by participants.

Protein is the most efficient type of electronic rosilka є rosilka іndivіdualnih povіdomlen. As a result of the victory of this kind of Internet advertising, I’m going to spend time with people who need more respect, most of all I will need an advertiser. However, the process of collecting the address of the corridor, such as bullets would be reflected in the current state, may take a significant hour. Call on advertisers to find out the addresses of such customers for topics on their web-sites, for their more frequent topics for discussion sheets, for their more frequent sites for newsgroups and their affiliates ( .

Another type of active Internet advertising is teleconferencing - the system is distributed according to topics, which can be based on the sum of the TCP / IP protocol (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol), which is exchanged with the latest NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol). In such systems, the greatest number of discussion groups is available, allowing you to exchange information on the international level.

Teleconferences are divided into two types: vіlnі y tі, yakimy moderators. The moderator will dismiss all the business and the visitor, who want to discuss the topic of teleconferencing, who will not ruin the tradition of the meaningful teleconference (http: // ....

Similar to the mechanism of dyalnosti types of active Internet advertising є group new and doused. An advertiser has rooted on them in their own way, like being rooted in singing rods-themes. Prote for such advertisements is private information, to that of Victoria є it is worth confusing.