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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,


Establishment of the market system of state donations in Ukraine will require fundamentally new approaches to organizing management of all public relations at all times. the practical implementation of a commercial project will significantly accelerate the process of becoming unhelpful without a fragmented business plan. There is a written document є not less than a major factor in managing the company (business), and a room for the necessary financial support for storing a new or expanded business.

The procedure itself is explained in order to complete the introduction to the main plans of the master programs of the main programs of direct discipline of the business plan: the technology of the development and the commissioning. The main implications of the discipline є: 1)'yasuvannya sutnostі, purposes, logically accepted logics and methodology for the development of the business plan; 2) a detailed description of the structure and the business plan; 3) the visibility of the practice of the state donation methodology of folding the distribution plan of the business plan; 4) Improvement of the social and business needs of the business plan as well as the financial and economic development tool for all areas of the current business.

Achieve your attention to the task of developing the head course for the logic of the second type program. One of the typical programs for the Business Plan: Development and Saving Technology course is a first-time comprehension compilation for students of the most comprehensive technical programs of the university and the university.

Persha part of the office of the rozglyadє zagalni characteristics of the business plan; I have a good day, the role of the state system in granting money, the preparation stage of the development plan, the structural basis, the logic of folding and design. Particular respect is attached to the creation of an information field for a business plan, a traditional methodological form of a viral resolution and a second folding.

Another part was awarded a report to the public and specific technological development plans, the business plan, the view: 1) a galaxy, a company and products; 2) up to the market; 3) marketing plan; 4) virobic plan; 5) organization plan; 6) assessment of rizikiv; 7) financial plan. Niglibsche has tested the supply of marketing and financial plans.

The third part is to become a food complex, which is called for by presenting a business plan (whole, regular, free, busy, and efficient). in the fourth parts, practical tips have been imposed on business plans, prepared by the students of the Department of Economics of KNEU and those who are working for one of the authors of the main post.

On the cob of the skin distributor of the primary guide, one has designated the first keys, as well as the keys of the understanding and understanding of the extent to which one is accustomed to the first one. In order to bring the main material closer to the specific details of the business process at the stores (from the fourth to the fourth day included), an original supply chain has been filed; I have brought a short summary of the topic to you. I can help you to get more information and learn more about the keys to feeding your important and important course.