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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,

Rozdil 1. Business plan in the market system of state donations

Navalny tsilі

Having read Tsey rozdil, Vi:

• z'yasuєte, such as a business plan and functional functions in the system of state donations,

• zrozumієte, for which the good deed is a business plan,

• dizna, yak іnformatsіya is necessary for the development of the business plan,

• Dear, in the last post, we’ll develop a business plan.

Keys of thermal understanding

Business Plan

Opportunity Functional Business Plan

Internal Functional Business Plan

Information field for business plan

Pochatkova stage development plan business plan

Preparing stage of development plan for business plan

The main stage of business plan development

1.1. Сутнісна characteristic of the business plan

In the minds of the market system, the state donation cannot be achieved without a ready-made plan. More information on organizing activities, including planning and organizing activities is all the more important in the minds of quick payments at the middle of functions. What is more dynamic and underestimated is one middle way of dyalnosti, is more orderly than at the very best, and more than respect should be given more strategic strategies and operational actions for them. Visibility of a clear plan є non-transcendent information about uncontrolled management of business. Success in a project, irrespective of its scope, sphere of activity, organization of business, lack of knowledge about the prospects of business, without the need for real state plan.

Viniknennya whether yakoї pіdpriєmnitskoї іdeї (chi bude Tse stvorennya new bіznesu, chi vdoskonalennya dіyalnostі vzhe nayavnogo) put bagato rіznomanіtnih zapitan: hto vistupaє yak konkretnі spozhivachі Yakimov Je rinok product pіdpriєmstva, SSMSC Costa neobhіdnі for realіzatsії project chi vipravdovuє yourself project ekonomіchno toscho . Zadlya otrimannya vіdpovіdey on the basis of nutrition and warehouse business plan.

Business plan - a written document, which contains the standard information about the business, the hats and the hardships, the realizatsii that are characterized by the risks, the problems, the organization of the financial aspects of the issue.

The business plan has the following perspectives:

Business plan in the market system of state donations for the visitor; two functions:

1) foreign business - knowledge of the representatives of the business community and the main aspects of the implementation of specific business practices;

2) internal (it’s important for me to do the business myself) - to measure the mechanism of self-organization, to ensure that I have a comprehensive management system for realizing my project.

A traditional business plan is looked at as a tool for obtaining the necessary financial resources project. Foreign investors and creditors don’t invest a penny in business, but don’t be aware of your business plan. Such a plan for reconfiguring potential investors is that a well-known project is well-defined strategy and success and merit for financial goal.

No less important є і internal function of the business plan, between the two, you can see two strands of yoy zososuvannya:

1) as an instrument of strategic planning and operational management of the industrial enterprise. Saving the business plan of the agreement is not only the strategic and first steps, but the operative days for such. Tobos business plan є the basis of the flow plan all aspects of the business, the principle of understanding the best practices of the people who come to them for their business;

2) as the mechanism of analysis, control of the evaluation of the business process. A business plan can help you analyze, control and evaluate success in the process of realizing your project, and you can see your plan and you can simultaneously correct your progress.

From now on, in the minds of the market system of state granting, a business plan is an active working tool for management, a central point for planning and working out of business; There is a document that is a good way to know how to optimally follow an hour and find out what to do in realizing a project.

The specifics of the business plan for the project are in a complex document, which is a comprehensive image of all the main aspects of the project. Nyu has a wide range of problems to look at; on the other hand, one can understand how to solve these problems. The water hour should be taken into account, the principle of managing for an auxiliary business plan is to transfer the necessary urachuvannya in the process of developing a specific business plan for specific problems for a given project factor. Vіdtak z'yavlyaєtsya mozhlivіst klasifіkuvati BIZNES plan for Pevnyi Find our:

1) for the sphere of business (virobnitstvo, budvnitsvto, distribution and wholesale of trade, nadannya servants, in the middle dyalnist lean);

2) beyond the scale of business (great, medium, mali);

3) for the characteristics of the business product (traditional, fundamentally new, virobiotic-technical chi living designation).

In addition, it is possible to fall into the type of investment situation in the range of skin and skin signs:

a) an up-to-date business plan for a commercial project and an investment project — a work cycle for a potential partner of an investment investor, marketing results, a broader strategic entry into the market, and outlined financial results;

b) business plan of firmi - a cycle of prospects for developing a firmi for a planned period for the sake of directors and employees; there are no need to commit any undue obligations; investment resources;

c) a business plan for structural education - a cycle for a different company plan for developing state support for education, availability of resources, centralization, and availability.

Okremo is possible to see the regional business plan , which will allow you to take into account the prospect of socially-economic development of the region and the obligations of financial programs for organizations with budgetary goals.

In addition, there are also special (generally, shortened) options for business plans for contacts with contacts that are of interest to them. The form is that of such plans on the basis of such interests.