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Basics of personnel management - V.O. Khramov

Chapter 1. Organizational system

Personnel management is within the boundaries of organizational structures, through the implementation of a plan and systematic commitment to the team members who are among them. The number of structures can be taken into account for the efficient and effective management of personnel and the entire organization through the mechanism of mutual principles and management. The vibrator of the management style and methods of management zoom in on the singing organisation structures and the form, and the organisation form, in its own way, merges into the form of the organizational behavior of the member to the team.

There is no need for organisation to reduce the cost of managing the process and personnel. However, the organization is not an end in itself, but a desire to manage the personnel and personnel.

1.1. Organization: daily, element

Understanding Organizations

Organizations - the whole system, which is stored from the top of ordering, interoperability, interdependent parts of the whole. Understanding the organization’s significance. From one side, it’s more understandable to understand the institute of the most forms of moisture - private and suspension, so that it’s possible to use the organization. From the side, with the understanding of the instrumental character and I will describe the system of formal rules and attribution, so as to be a kind of company, company, establish Mayu song organization.

Let us understand the understanding of the organization as a universal tool. Organizational rosum yak dyalnist (structural structure) and yak result (structure). The structure of the organisation transfer є роз нув та та та роз роз роз роз зав зав,,,,,,, нос х х (людей людей людей людей людей людей людей я (((((((((((((сф сф сф сф сф сф сф нос нос нос нос нос нос нос нос нос нос нос Струк є є є є Струк Струк structure structure

The result of the structure is the organisation structure, the structure is stored in the organisation structure and the organization robot.

The organizational structure of the rozumyut rozpіdil virobnichnogo process on the element for the principle of rozpodіlu pracі і coordination of their vertical and horizontal. The organization of robots is rozumіyut structure in the process of practice and at the boundaries of the song system management. In practice, the organization of the structure and the organization of the robot is clearly interconnected, the fragments of the robot are within the boundaries of the song control system, and the control system will be implemented through the structure of the process.

Organizational management

Entry of the organization of the company зав of the institution of the virology, which are in the possession of the singing goods and the service.

All the results of the virology can be reached on the basis of the practical principles. This is due to the fact that there is an organization pole in the separate organization structures on the vertical and horizontal vertical coordination. Necessarily rozmezhovuvati tsilovі complexes, transport and communal measures.

The virological process is implemented through the docile combination of viral factors and the systematization of the same types of personnel, in order to ensure that the organization is organized. Effectiveness of the task of filling the organization’s significant world with all kinds of organizational structures, so that I can effectively manage the personnel and optimally adapt to the mind’s market.

Elementi Organizational

Head of coordination and personnel management in the organization to realize for the help of such organization elements:

• zavdan і їх nose іїїв;

• posad i form;

• organizatsionnoi behavior;

• reassurance and vіdpovіdalnostі;

• Instance and form;

• auxiliary services;

• vіddіlіv;

• transport and communication measures.

Virobnicheskie zavdannya staff classify for singing criteria:

• for types of activities (functional distribution) of the type typical for the organization (function) of the functional series: dandy of syrovini and materials, virology, protection, financial management and management;

• for products there is a fall of products, which are viral, commodity groups, servants, as well as group (ix group) and district zbutu;

• for the phases of the process, take the decision, transfer the plan, realize the control; in general, for the skin phase, the characteristic specific nature of envy;

• for the distribution of virology, because it is irrelevant to the minds of the world (internal divisions), the distribution of virology files (the most important): the loss of interest;

• after an hour - periodic and one-time design.

The smallest organizational units є plant, form, fallow, fall in the spectrum of occupations and health, okremich osremich. Pratsivniks, who like to sing in a song, have to pay more attention and water time for them to pay for taking the time and the rest of the day.

Surround in the boundaries of the organizational structure to unite at the group, and that is the main reason for such an initiative:

• group (ob'єdnannya kіlkoh posad);

• vіddіl (kіlka group);

• head vіddіl (кілька відділів);

• sector (a headache of headaches).

Organizational structure is characterized by the same understanding of "Instance". Instance - with the right to take the decision and see the order, at the boundaries there are some visions. Institutions но water time by the Vikonavtsev zavdan, that is due to the staffing and professional careers.

I call auxiliary services plant assistants (referents), otherwise they are called headquarters, like to prepare training for instalations, but do not have disciplinary authority.

The results of the establishment of the organization of the recruitment of the hierarchical structure in this order are the following: the core organization, the sector currencies, the head currencies, the chief executives. In the organization, there are, as a rule, three management districts: higher, middle and lower. The instancing may be personified by one special chi klkoma with the same camp.

It is important for tsoyu to establish such a range of personnel management, while if such management is effective, it will be effective. Pid range control rozumіyut kіlkіst posad, pіdprikorovannyh singing іnstancії. Protezatsiya for the whole time is unlikely to be possible, as the effective range of personnel management is to lay the head on the rozmiru organization, mindfulness, complexity, staging the skinny.

An important element of organizing hats is that you can be more efficient and more short. From one side, there are transport hats for syrovini, materials and products, and from the other - utility measures for controlling vertical and horizontal information flows.

Heads-up and coordination of elements of organization Organizational system of management.

Social and Cultural Phenomenon of Organizational Personnel Management

Heads of organization management personnel as a sociocultural phenomenon вед Setting up a sub-building in a single complex and transmitting them in the form of a secondary and secondary education. Sistemi upravlіnnya personnel podіlyayutsya on osnovі chotiroh alternative segmentіv upravlіnskoї (organіzatsіynoї) povedіnki staff: rigoristichnogo (pіdporyadkovanіst Act reasonably sluzhbovomu obov'yazku), autonomous (freedom organіzatsіynogo manevruvannya) mobіlіzatsіynogo (psihologіchna gotovnіst to robots) that presingovogo (pіdporyadkovanіst robochem operatsіyam in chasі that prostorі ) [5, p. 17]. Graphically filed personnel management systems for the segments shown in Fig. 1.

Segments of organizational behavior for staff

Fig. 1. Segments of organizational behavior for staff

The principle of segmentation to the faithfulness of a particular stereotype among the clerical organizations. For example, if I’m a kirivnik firmi viddaє to overtake the psychological stereotype, then in the organization we can dominate the manpulative personnel management system. As a result, in the organization, we re-arrange technological and ethical stereotypes, then a techno-bureaucratic personnel management system will manifest itself in a significant way; Yakshko korivnik zorіntovaniya on economic and psychological stereotypes, dіyatima system manipulyatsії with vikoristannyam method of "batog i gingerbread". In order to identify the personnel management system in the autonomous segment, the delegated system is more important, for which the innovation management system is formed. The main principle in all times is the idea of ​​justice. Allowed, scho reserve of abilities pracіvnikіv shout at the form of high self-esteem.

Organizational day personnel management

The internal basis, and even the daily management of the personnel to become the management of the business community. Cursors of be-it-yourself organization of constant and increased awareness of one and the same problem: how to formulate a management system, so that you can keep them safe and comfortable.

The problem of "conflict - privacy" is the main super-specificity of the organisation's behavior, as it is, if it is rosy, it is hard to get too angry. A step in the development of superfluous є the main indicator of how effectively to manage personnel.

In addition, in the organization requiring the implementation of such a personnel management system, I would have been better off in balancing the organization management behavior, the corporate services, as well as the holding company. It is imperative to know the "middle ground", the song balance, that is, the organisation order, a kind of biometric organization, the middle managment. Іnshimi words organіzatsіynu sutnіst upravlіnnya personnel becoming organіzatsіyny order scho stvoryuєtsya on osnovі uzgodzhenostі subordinatsіynih (vіdnosini pіdporyadkuvannya pratsіvnikіv "zverhu to bottom") i koordinatsіynih (uzgodzhennya rіznorіdnih for encampments lanok i rіvnіv upravlіnnya and takozh Malih upravlіnskih іnteresіv) zv'yazkіv.