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Basics of personnel management - V.O. Khramov

1.2. Management system as an organization

Organizational management systems, such as practicing, realizing an additional combination of organizational segments for personnel. The main form of control systems is clearly visible, collapsing from simple to folding.

Organizational organization and organization for types of activities

As a rule, in the process of analyzing the mysterious virological zavdannya for the basis of the brother’s view of duty, then he sent it to the warehouses and health for the areas of duty. Such a form of organization is called functional (Fig. 2).

Functional Organization

Fig. 2. Functional organization

As a result of the processing of one object, one sees and sees the other, then the organization is organized (Fig. 3).

Organizationally organized

Fig. 3. Organizational organization

One and the same system of control

Understanding the identity of the employees for the designation of the management system and the order of the organization, the structure of the organization. For one-line system of managing the food of the village, one will get one with the lower one, as the leather one will deny the case of one head (Fig. 4).

Fig. 4. Odnolіnіyna control system

Outrages of such a form ор enlightenment and readability, com-petitioned order. Until a few days have passed, the bureaucratization and the rigidity of the system.

For bagatolіynіynoї systems and governing the skin of the Posad, you can take orders to look for them (just a yard) (Fig. 5). The order of Vlad Razpodilyaetsya mіzh kіlkoma posadami with the right to take the rishennya. Relocation of the baggage system is controlled by the special system and the smaller one is controlled by the bureaucratic system.

Bagatolіnіyna management system

Fig. 5. Bagatolіnіyna management system

Line-staff management system

By way of a system of overturning one and the same bagatolіnііnіії control systems (Fig. 6).

There is one-on-one, ale to the new victorious movement of specialization through the organization of headquarters (subsidiary staff, who need to be familiar, but do not have disciplinary power).

Line-staff management system

Fig. 6. Lines and staff management system

Wanting to complete such a system, the system is extended to practical, prote maє okremі nedoliki. Through a little separation, a higher priority can be achieved. The headquarters and institutes can at the same time block one and only one, only one competency in the professional plan, and in general may be more important. That is why there is no reason for lack of knowledge (especially in the subsidiary buildings), as well as for greater knowledge, but not for more important ones, you can’t really realize it. Efficiency of the linear-headquarters system is to keep a clear view of the constructiveness of the modalities of the construction projects - the Vikonavtsy.

Section of the organization

Section organization є object-based organization system, distributed for products, living groups and regions. Such an organization vinika є overwhelmingly for high diversification virobnitzva. Surrounding the section often organize functional and centralized activities: financial, staffing, posting and business. (fig. 7).

Section organizations with central viddily

Fig. 7. Section organizations with central viddlamy

Efficiency of sectional organizations to lay down an oath to take an overestimate of the size of the sector. To ensure that you don’t allow the view to be secured, to coordinate the control and the control mechanism with the help of budget budgeting, the value of the step for acquisitions for a little extra normal turn over.

Relocation of sectional organisation - nullity and visibility. Prior to adaptation, simple mechanism of control, stimulation of motivation of motivation. Until the short notice, competitive struggle between the sections, the bottom line for the work and the cost of information.

Matrix organization

The matrix organization is the one-time principle of functional and object-oriented systems. Here the vertical, functional-oriented structure is “permeated” horizontally, object-oriented, so that two systems can be overturned and more important: “what” and “if” - horizontally and “yak” - vertically (Fig. 8). All of the shortcomings of the matrix system, fragments of authority and reassurance over two of the most important curvatures. Competition among them can be carried out by the process. Matrix organization visuva temple vimogi to discipline and health and safety to integrate. The water hour there can be buty adapted to a specific situation, which is especially important for bagoprofile virobnitsvy.

Matrix organization

Fig. 8. Matrix organization

Organization for the principle of "command"

For such a reorganization organization, they are transferred to groups, so as to cite pluralistic instances. Organize the team for the polishennogo mіzhosobistіsnih vіdnosin, fіdvyshennya creative potential and secure effective communication.

There are two hats for building the organization according to the principle of the command: because the whole organization is looking for the future, the structure of the command is taken, but the team is working for realizing the part of the project.

At present, science and literature on the theory of organization of bagato ideas on topics [5; 8; thirteen; 14; 20].